Dog Breeds

Are you thinking of adopting a dog and don’t know which one to decide on? Each breed is different and according to its characteristics it is more or less recommended for family environments, houses with a lot or little space, people who exercise or who are more sedentary, etc.

Choosing the most appropriate breed correctly is not easy, so we have created a list with all the dog breeds in the world. Including their main characteristics, needs, temperament and behavior at home. And of course, with many photos and videos so you don’t miss any detail.

Giant Dog Breeds

Are you passionate about large or giant dog breeds? Due to their characteristics, this class of dogs is not recommended for any family. They need a large space where they can live happily, preferably with a large garden or a free environment in nature.

If you are thinking of adopting a giant, we have compiled for you all large breeds in this comprehensive guide. We show you their characteristics, the care they need to live healthy and happy, what their temperament and behavior are at home and all the secrets of each of the listed races. Are you ready to change your life in a big way?

Large Dog Breeds

If you love large breeds and are considering adopting one, you can find out which one is right for you thanks to this comprehensive guide we’ve compiled. Where we indicate its main characteristics, character, necessary care, advice for your education and many photos so that you do not miss any detail.

Large breed dogs have a special charm which makes them adorable, but some of them need special conditions to live happily, precisely because of their large size. Find out which is your ideal breed and enjoy it.

Medium Dog Breeds

Medium-sized dogs are ideal for almost all families. They adapt easily to family environments, small and large houses, sedentary or active people, etc. If you are thinking of adopting a medium dog, check the guide with all medium breeds that we have prepared for you.

Discover what are its main characteristics, its temperament and behavior at home, if they need a lot of daily or little exercise, what care we recommend and of course, many photos and videos so that you do not miss any detail. What is your ideal medium dog?

Asian dog breeds do you know them?

Asian dog breeds are varied and today are distributed worldwide. The appearance and personality of these canine specimens are multiple, some of them could become the dog you are looking for! Discover here the main dogs from Asia and their characteristics. Index of contents 1 Shar pei 2 Tibet Bulldog 3 Japanese terrier 4 Chow …

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Types of German Shepherd and their characteristics With photos and video!

There is much controversy about the different types of German Shepherd and their characteristics. While some people are inclined to differentiate varieties according to coat color, others catalog these dogs with respect to where they were raised. Both forms can be considered correct, as they typify existing and recognized varieties of the German shepherd throughout …

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Intelligence games for dogs

Playing is a key verb for all those who live with a dog. They exhibit playful behaviors throughout their lives, so it is important that we regularly spend a little time for play every day. In addition, being very intelligent, for their physical and emotional well-being they need us to provide them with stimuli. The …

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Benefits of having a small dog

Sharing life with a dog is always an experience full of satisfactions, whatever its size, characteristics or age. But if the dog that comes to our home also belongs to a small breed, we will have a series of added advantages. Food, transport or even veterinary care are essential aspects of our dog’s routine that …

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