What are the best breeds of police dogs? Complete guide

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If dogs stand out for something compared to humans, it is for their olfactory capacity. So much so, that many dogs have served as allies for the rescue and security forces thanks to their impressive nose.

When we talk about police dogs, the breed of German Shepherd almost always comes to mind, but the truth is that there are many other breeds trained for this important task for society. Do you want to know them? Let’s see what are the best breeds of police dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Police dogs, allies of society
  • 2 Features of police dogs
  • 3 Types of police dogs
  • 4 Breeds better trained to exercise as police dogs
    • 4.1 German shepherd
    • 4.2 Rottweiler
    • 4.3 Labrador Retriever
    • 4.4 Bloodhound
    • 4.5 Belgian Shepherd
    • 4.6 Dutch shepherd
    • 4.7 More breeds of police dogs


Police dogs, allies of society

In addition to being the most faithful friends to people, dogs have many other admirable talents, such as their ability to become assistance dogs for the disabled or in therapy, herding dogs, disease detection dogs, etc..

On this occasion, we will focus on knowing the work that a dog performs to help maintain order and rules in the city, police dogs.

As in the rest of the cases, this work requires long periods of dedication and training. In addition, depending on the work area that the dog is going to fulfill, the training will focus in a different way.

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Although the branches vary within the fields of public security, citizen protection and police investigation, the subdivisions of tasks are very extensive. Thus, the dogs become, in the hands of their trainers, experts in a specific police field.

After finishing their work period due to getting older and / or losing faculties, the dogs withdraw. In Spain, their adoption is promoted through NGOs, and in other countries, such as the United States, dogs receive a life pension to meet the needs of the dog and the adoptive family.

Features of police dogs

In addition to training, these dogs must have own characteristics that enable them to achieve police objectives, such as a strong character and great motivation for the game. This must be basic for any police dog.

The taste for the game will be linked to their hunting instinct, very important in these cases, since they will often need to track, chase and attack. Also, physically, these dogs must be strong and very active.

However, if there is something with which the human being cannot compete it is against the quintessential traits of dogs, smell and instinct. For this reason, dogs have become an extremely important irreplaceable ally in this labor sector.


Types of police dogs

There is a specific classification to organize the different breeds of police dogs according to the work they carry out within the police force. There are four main areas of police dogs:

  • Intervention: Dogs in this category focus on citizen protection, the search for criminals and explosives, hostage rescue, riots, etc.
  • Rescue: very useful in situations such as natural catastrophes, building collapses, avalanches, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.
  • Detectors: Thanks to their sense of smell, these dogs are specialists in detecting explosives, chemical or narcotic substances, mines, controlling customs, etc.
  • Scientific police: In this last classification, the dogs focus on the search for corpses or possible indications, recognition wheels, etc.
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Breeds better trained to exercise as police dogs

Next, we offer you a list with the best breeds of police dogs according to the character and ability of each breed. This classification is based on the opinion of veterinary experts, ethologists and canine trainers who know the characteristics of each breed.

German shepherd

The German Shepherd is the clear example that immediately comes to mind when we think of police dogs. And is that, both his intelligence and great learning ability, as well as his bravery, make him one of the most worthy animals in police work as rescue.

In addition to these aspects, the German shepherds are persistent with their tasks, so they do not stop until they fulfill their mandate. They are also versatile dogs capable of learning any job, although they are usually intended for rescue and search purposes.

The German Shepherd dog, loyal and very active


Another of the races that fulfills the fundamental characteristics for the police work is the Rottweiler. In addition to being loyal, alert, obedient, and action-loving, these dogs are recognized as some of the fiercest and most aggressive.

If trained for these purposes, these dogs with robust bodies and powerful bites can become fearsome beasts for those who corrupt the law. They often carry out investigative tasks, such as solving crimes and serious crimes.


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever has a highly developed sense of smell, making him the perfect candidate to become a detection dog, where olfactory ability prevails over athletic ability.

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In addition, they are very intelligent, balanced dogs and lovers of cooperative work, which is also very useful in tasks such as detecting explosives and drugs in airports and vehicles.

How is a Labrador Retriever?


The Hound, Bloodhound or St. Hubert’s dog It also stands out, among many other characteristics, for its great olfactory capacity. In fact, thanks to this ability, this breed is categorized as the tracker par excellence.

Its tracking capacity is so effective that it can perceive traces of up to two weeks old. Thus, this dog has become a great ally for the scientific police.

Raza San Huberto (BloodHound)

Belgian Shepherd

One of the best dogs today to carry out police rescue and intervention tasks is the
Belgian Shepherd. This can It stands out both for its mental capacity, given its great intelligence, and for its physical form, especially powerful, imposing and athletic.

The 4 types of Belgian Shepherd – Features and photos

Dutch shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is also included in this list since it is very common to observe this breed in police units, in a wide variety of departments. It stands out for its dynamism, muscularity, flexibility and imposing bite.

More breeds of police dogs

  • Beagle
  • Boxer
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Bullmastiff
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Foxhound
  • Golden retriever
  • Spanish water dog
  • Schnauzer
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Weimaraner