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Isaac - owner of Dogsis.comMy name is Isaac Abraham and I am the founder of Dogsis.com, a free portal where we can learn a little more about our dear furry four-legged companions.

Good friends, collaborators and those who write to you, we have dedicated a lot of work and love to reflect our knowledge and experiences on this blog. So that other people, such as yourself, can consult them when they have any questions or simply want to expand their knowledge on certain topics or races.

So we sincerely hope that you enjoy this website as much as we do.

A little more about me…

Canine educator and computer scientist by profession, I am very lucky to be able to combine my two passions on this website. My dream has always been to be able to create a portal where everyone can learn new things about their dogs.

Like many, in the past I have also had to run after other dogs from time to time because they ignored me or ran away playing. I have also suffered shoulder pain from constant jerking while walking and wondering what was going wrong.

My great love for dogs, my experience with them from childhood and my desire to learn to communicate with them was what pushed me to become a Trainer. That added to my other passion, computing, have led me to be the person I am today.

Currently my most precious treasure is my family, which in addition to being made up of humans also includes Iosif and Abel, my two adorable little dogs that you will see in more than one article on this website.

Together with an extraordinary team of friends and collaborators, we have created this free website for those who want it, can expand their knowledge in the canine field. Here we will never sell you a course, nor will we ask you for anything, you will always find all the information totally free.

Enjoy the web,
Isaac Abraham

Benjamin Caplan (writer)

Benjamin dogsisSince I was a child, my interests revolved around animals, reading and writing, so I trained to practice as a Veterinary Technical Assistant and I got a PhD in Galician Philology. Furthermore, I am linked to animal protection through protectors. Currently I am a shelter for seven dogs and five cats. Writing about dogs is a way to share the knowledge that I have acquired about them over the years, while allowing me to unite my professions.

Barbaras Belman (veterinarian)

Barbaras Belman dogsis

I am a veterinarian and I have oriented my professional career to the world of animal rehabilitation specializing in physiotherapy, chiropractic and veterinary acupuncture. I strive every day to try to improve the quality of life of my patients, and I love the idea of ​​being able to share my knowledge with the readers of Dogsis.com so that you too can help your pets.

Jonathan Bichler (writer)

Jonathan dogsis
I have been dedicated to digital journalism for more than a decade. Since then, not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. I like to share everything I know through words and so it is a pleasure to write here about our adorable dog companions.