Feeding Your Dog

Complete information on different ways to feed a dog based on its size, age, characteristics and health. Guides on the best dog food, suitable ingredients and percentages. Recommended daily amounts and natural alternatives such as the BARF diet. Each dog is different and therefore needs a specific diet for it. Thanks to the numerous published articles you will be able to learn how to properly feed your dog, either with commercial feed or fresh food, including fruits and vegetables.

Yarrah Dog Food – Interview

You may not have heard of this organic food company for dogs and cats, as it is little known among Spanish consumers. But we have received some questions about its quality, so we have decided to get straight to the point and talk to the manufacturer itself. What better way to get to know a …

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Nutritional needs of a dog

There are many queries about what is the best diet for a dog and what type of feed is most recommended. The truth is that there is no correct answer for such queries since everything is variable depending on the dog, its age, its state of health and its behavior / daily physical wear. Each …

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