What is the best feed for senior dogs?

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We all know that food is one of the fundamental pillars of our dog’s health, which translated into Christian means that the better its diet, the better its health.

Older dogs are more prone to suffer health problems due to the natural deterioration of their body, therefore, now more than ever it is necessary to bet on a high quality and specific diet for older dogs.

Index of contents

  • 1 When is a dog considered to be older or older?
  • 2 Why do senior dogs need a different diet?
  • 3 Top best feed for senior dogs
    • 3.1 NFNatcane Beef & Vegetables
    • 3.2 Naku Ocean
    • 3.3 Orijen Senior
    • 3.4 Black Angus Senior
  • 4 Quantity is also important

When is a dog considered to be older or older?

It all depends on the type of dog that is, in fact, its size. Small dogs have a much higher lifespan than large dogs Therefore, the age at which they are considered elderly or elderly is higher.

In this simple table you can see when an older or older dog should be considered, based on its size and regardless of breed.

Size Higher Old man
Giant size 7 years 9 years
Big size 8 years 10 years
Medium size 10 – 12 years 12 – 14 years
Small size 12 – 14 years 14 – 16 years
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Why do senior dogs need a different diet?

At older age, less physical activity and less caloric expenditure. Feeding an older or older dog with a diet for younger dogs is totally counterproductive.

Being overweight, kidney or even digestive problems are just some of the serious consequences of feeding an elderly dog ​​with feed that is not appropriate for its age.

Older dogs require a less calorie and protein diet, with an extra in chondroprotectors and adapted to your lifestyle. In short, a moderate calorie or senior feed.

Top best feed for senior dogs

Based on our extensive experience in dog food, on the ingredients and manufacturing processes and of course on the results we have obtained with these products, we can affirm that these are the best feed for older and / or elderly dogs.

NFNatcane Beef & Vegetables

It is a range made in Spain with top quality ingredients, so much so that its protein digestibility index exceeds 95%, something that very few companies can affirm.

NFNatcane Beef & Vegetables

It is a monoproteic product (ideal to prevent intolerances), moderate in calories (to avoid being overweight), made without cereals and with an extra addition of chondroprotectors (to take care of your joints). In addition, it contains fruits and vegetables, for a complete vitamin supply and to cover the fiber needs. With 3,750 Kcal / kg.

Naku Ocean

We continue with another range also made in Spain, made with top quality ingredients suitable for human consumption and without any coloring or preservative.

This product is made with white fish as a protein source, thus reducing the possibility of food intolerances. It does not contain cereals and is moderate in calories to avoid being overweight. Contains fruits and vegetables to meet vitamin and fiber needs. With 3,580 Kcal / kg.

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Orijen Senior

We turn to a product made in Canada, also made with high quality ingredients and formulated for adult dogs with low energy wear.


Among its ingredients we can find meats and fish such as chicken, herring, turkey or walleye. It is made without cereals and also contains fruits and vegetables to cover the vitamin intake. With 3,710 Kcal / Kg.

Black Angus Senior

It is the turn of another great product but this time made in Germany. Made with various high quality ingredients and chondroprotectors for the care of your joints.


Reviewing its ingredients we can find Black Angus meat, duck meat, herring, mussels, diversity of clays (for food use, beneficial), brown rice and fruits and vegetables. In addition to a wide variety of herbs and roots beneficial to the health of our dogs and their maintenance. With 3,445 Kcal / Kg.

  • Complete Black Angus file of Markus-Mühle

Quantity is also important

Remember that even if you correctly choose a feed for senior dogs, you must supply your dog with a correct daily amount. Choosing a specific moderate calorie feed for older dogs, but not respecting the amounts, is like doing nothing.

  • How to calculate a dog’s daily ration

Although at times it may seem that your portion is small, the feed contains in a concentrated form all the proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals that it needs. Giving it a higher amount can lead to being overweight and other associated illnesses.