Dog Health

Knowing the main diseases and health problems that our dog may have, will help us identify the symptoms in the event that it suffers from them and carry out early treatment with the help of your veterinaryn. Thus preventing your illness or problem from being more serious. Here you will find many informative articles where you can see everything related to the health and care of a dog.

But remember, in case of illness, it should always be your vet who makes a diagnosis and prescribes appropriate treatment, since each dog is different.

Common Diseases in Doberman Dogs

There are some very common diseases in dogs of the Doberman breed, a breed of pinscher type originating in Germany. It appeared during the 19th century from the hand of Friederich Louis Dobermann, its first breeder. The Doberman is a medium, strong and very brave dog. Knowing the diseases you could suffer will help you …

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