Tapping in dogs What is it and what benefits does this EFT technique provide?

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calm dog

Like people, dogs can also have emotional blocks that lead them to behave improperly or feel sick. In these cases, can we help our furry to regain inner peace? You should know yes. There are various techniques to achieve this and one of the best known is tapping.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is canine tapping?
  • 2 Benefits of tapping
  • 3 Main points of tapping in dogs
    • 3.1 Other options: remote tapping or general tapping
  • 4 Conclusions

What is canine tapping?

Tapping is a procedure that allows, naturally and without the need for any medication, to release the blockages that make your adventure partner not feel well.

This technique can be applied individually or, in some cases, combined with other medical treatments.

Many associate tapping with acupuncture, since in both cases pressure is applied to certain points. The difference is that in tapping, needles are not used.

You just have to channel your energy and press with your fingers on certain parts of the dog’s body. What benefits can you get with this method? Let’s see.

calm dog

Benefits of tapping

One of the main goals of tapping is to strengthen the bond that exists between the dog and its handler.

In this way, it is easier for the dog to release all its accumulated stress, that which leads to problematic attitudes.

It is also helpful in reducing your pain and relaxing you. This treatment is recommended, especially in dogs that:

  • They have been through a traumatic situation and need to release blocked emotions. For example, after the loss of a human or canine companion, a situation of abandonment or a change of residence.
  • They need to recover from an operation or an illness, with the lowest possible level of stress.
  • Have a phobia that prevents them from behaving normally in all kinds of situations.
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Tapping, in fact, is usually very useful for treating dogs’ fear of fireworksIt helps them face it more serenely.

Main points of tapping in dogs

The basis for this treatment to work is to know the specific body points that must be pressed.

Specifically in this therapy they are distinguished up to 14 locations, although the most used are the following:

  1. Over the head, at the highest part
  2. In the center of the forehead
  3. Where the eyebrows start, in their innermost part
  4. The outermost side of the eyes
  5. Under the eyes, in line with the pupils (great caution)
  6. Above the muzzle, just where it begins to form
  7. Under the mouth.
  8. Under the ear
  9. At the junctions between trunk and front legs

To start tapping the first thing you should do is tune in to your furry and his block. In other words, focus on the dog problem you want to solve and connect with it.

Keep in mind that intention and focus are key in energy work, so it is recommended define the goal with a clear phrase like “Pancho feels depressed”.

Next, locate the meridian points on the dog and start applying a series of light touches with one or two fingers to them.

Note that are light taps They do not have to cause any kind of pain or discomfort.

Ideally, begin the tapping sequence at point 0, in the center of the heart, and average 5 to 7 taps at each location with a fast cadence.

Other options: remote tapping or general tapping

Don’t worry if the dog is reluctant at first or can’t fully relax. It is normal. If you are constant, you will see that his attitude changes, while the benefits of tapping become more evident.

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Do not be surprised if in the end they are the ones who lie next to you so that you continue to carry out the treatment! In the most complicated cases, remote tapping or prox tapping Consisting of pressing the dots on yourself while the dog watches and energy flows, is also an option.

Another valid alternative for the first sessions is to do a general tapping, where this type of tapping is applied all over the body and not only in specific areas.

In order to know all the basic aspects of tapping and how to apply it to your furry, there are various training courses and there are also professionals who are dedicated to teaching newcomers.


Tapping is therefore an emotional release technique that operates on the dog’s energy system, rather than on the body itself.

In English this method is called Emotional Freedom Technica. Hence the acronyms EFT that many use to refer to this therapy as well.

Thanks to this natural treatment, which allows the energy to be channeled between the handler and the dog, our furry can overcome some of his problems and achieve a higher level of well-being.

You don’t lose anything by trying it, so you know: if your furry friend needs to get rid of or overcome a mental block, get down to work to help him. You will tell us how it went after the first sessions! Surely you can transmit all your love, strength and health in each tap.