Dog Education

Guides and tips on different dog training techniques based on positive reinforcement. Information to educate and socialize your dog correctly, prevent it from biting, make it come to your call or sit or lie down at your command.Teaching your dog to relieve himself in one place or start the education of your puppy will be a lot. easier if you get help. In addition, you can leave us your doubts in the comments so that we can solve them.

12 Great Dog Breeds Discover them!

The next step to medium-sized dogs are large dog breeds, which have a special charm that makes them adorable. Although there are dozens and dozens of races of this size, these are the most popular and widespread on our planet. We show you the twelve large-sized breeds you should know, with their characteristics, temperament, family …

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10 Giant Dog Breeds

Very large or giant size dogs have a special charm that makes them irresistible. His way of walking, looking at us, playing and his aspect of great stuffed animal, makes us show our most loving side. The giant breeds are ideal for living in family environments since they generally get along well with the smallest …

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7 Breeds of endangered dog

It is not just the wild world that is suffering from the relentless threat of extinction. Although it sounds hard to believe, some pets, such as certain breeds of dogs, are also on the verge of disappearance. Whether due to the low birth rate of the breed, the consequences of crossbreeding with other dogs, or …

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Top Japanese dog breeds

Dog breeds from Japan often contain the word inu in their name, which means dog in Japanese. They are the best known, but there are others, without inu, that have also emerged in this country. Japanese dogs are usually large in size and powerful in appearance, but there are also very small breeds that are …

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The best breed of guard dogs

Although any dog, be it a breed or a mongrel, can be an excellent guardian, we can highlight certain breeds and their crossbreeds as especially capable of performing guard duties. That a dog fulfills this task effectively is not synonymous with the fact that it must live isolated from the family or that it can …

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