Everything about the Doberman breed Discover it!

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Only those who have been lucky enough to enjoy the company of a Doberman know what we mean when we say that it is possibly one of the best dog breeds in the world.

It is an exemplary breed very attached to its family, a great friend of the elderly and children, as well as being an excellent watchdog. With children we must be somewhat cautious since it is a very energetic dog and inadvertently, it could hurt them.

If you are thinking of sharing your life with a Doberman, learn how to make him happy with these good tips!

Index of contents

  • 1 Characteristics of the Doberman dog breed
  • 2 The curious history of the Doberman dog
  • 3 What is the character of the Doberman breed?
  • 4 Care for a Doberman breed dog
  • 5 Frequent health problems in Doberman dogs
  • 6 How to train a dog of Doberman breed
  • 7 Practical tips

Characteristics of the Doberman dog breed

We all know that they are large dogs with short black and tan hair but … do you know how many years they live on average? How much can they weigh? How is your character Let’s see in detail all these interesting data.


Height between 65 and 70 cm in males and between 60 and 65 cm in females


Weight of between 40 and 45 kg for males and between 30 and 35 kg for females


Short, fine and silky hair. Black and fire color


Loyal, obedient, intelligent, active and guardian character


Strong health, somewhat delicate stomach and prone to heart problems


Estimated life expectancy between 10 and 14 years
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Did you know……? Some people cut off their tails and ears to make them appear more aggressive, but is this practice penalized by law? Don’t mutilate your dog, he doesn’t deserve it.

Doberman dog playing ball

The curious history of the Doberman dog

The Doberman is a fairly recent breed of dog, within the canine history. It first appeared around 1885 in the small town of Apolda in Germany. His ancestors are said to include the Pinscher, the Bulldog, the Shepherd of Beauce, and even the Rottweiler… He is an imposing guardian who with his presence alone will deter many possible “thieves”.

Among the large dog breeds, the “Dob” as the Dobermans were affectionately known, is one of the choicest. The German army had almost 6,000 of these dogs in the war during 1914 – 1918 and it is that these dogs, they are not only great guardians They are strong and resilient as well as fearless. His fame is not unwarranted, he is always on the alert.

What is the character of the Doberman breed?

How in most breeds the character is strongly marked to the education he receives as a puppy, so it cannot be said that the Doberman is an aggressive or dangerous dog, unless it is poorly educated.

They are actually very playful and active dogs, who love to exercise with their owner. Very affectionate even with the smallest of the house (children) and above all, patients.

In short, it is a breed with a big heart that will win you over from day one. However, you must remember that they are also very intelligent dogs and that they are almost always alert, that is, they are excellent guard dogs.

So you should make sure that no stranger enters your home without your permission, as it could interpret it as an intrusion and create a situation of great tension.

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Dog of the Doberman breed lying on the grass

Care for a Doberman breed dog

Never condemn him to being tied and / or isolated from the world, he is not a dog for it, in fact, no dog deserves that punishment. You need the company of your family and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis, with long walks.

Although it is not a very heavy or giant-sized dog, his appetite is voracious so you need a large portion of daily food. This appetite stems from their great physical activity.

Walking it daily to release its excess energy is mandatory, otherwise it could adopt inappropriate behaviors and even suffer stress. It is not a dog to walk quietly, as it loves exercise.

A monthly bath is more than enough to keep you clean, her short fine hair does not get dirty easily. Although one or two brushings per week are highly recommended.

Frequent health problems in Doberman dogs

It is a fairly healthy dog ​​that will hardly present health problems if we keep its vaccinations and veterinary check-ups up to date. However, by mere genetics this breed is quite prone to being delicate in the stomach.

If this is the case, you will need a highly digestible natural diet such as BARF food, avoiding commercial feeds that make it difficult to digest.

Another possible problem that can present this breed are heart murm
, so despite being a dog that requires exercise, it is not memorable to take it to the limit (ideally, it should mark our limits).

How to train a dog of Doberman breed

The best way to educate this breed is from a very young age, Doberman puppies they learn quickly thanks to their great intelligence. From just three or four months old, we can start teaching them basic orders.

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Given that in adulthood they can be dangerous due to their strength and size, we must focus on fundamental orders such as “No!”, “Here!” or “Sitting”, very simple orders but capable of getting us out of a lot of trouble in the event of a tense situation.

Due to the loving nature of this breed we must completely avoid any physical punishment, promoting education with positive reinforcement techniques.

For the rest we should simply educate him like a normal puppy, giving him the education and affection he deserves. Letting him play, socializing with other dogs and people, learning to discover the world around him.

In summary, we must focus on some very simple but fundamental steps To train a Doberman:

  • Teach him basic orders and respect them in any situation.
  • Socialize it with other dogs and people from puppy.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Never, under any circumstances, be aggressive towards a Doberman or teach aggressive or attacking behaviors / orders.

Practical tips

Years ago it was said that the Doberman was the most dangerous dog in the world, or at least one of the most dangerous … then it was the turn of the Pit bull. Ignore those urban legends, a Doberman is a fantastic dog that will captivate you as a puppy.

His brain is said to grow a lot, so there comes a time when it doesn’t fit in his skull, making him go crazy. Another urban legend without foundation that we should not pay attention to, as it is totally false.

Enjoy your Doberman and have great moments with it, if you are active and you like sports, both of you will enjoy great jogging or bikering sessions. Forget the false rumors and remember that you are a dog like any other, a good dog.