7 Breeds of endangered dog

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It is not just the wild world that is suffering from the relentless threat of extinction. Although it sounds hard to believe, some pets, such as certain breeds of dogs, are also on the verge of disappearance.

Whether due to the low birth rate of the breed, the consequences of crossbreeding with other dogs, or the simple effect of fashions, these animals are destined to become extinct if we do nothing to prevent it.

In fact, there are many dog ​​breeds that we can only see in images, such as the Techichi, the Paisley terrier or the Braco de puy. Since I’m a dogWe want to introduce you to 7 endangered dog breeds for you to meet before it is too late.

Index of contents

  • 1 Catalburun
  • 2 Puli
  • 3 Rhodesian crested
  • 4 Lundehund
  • 5 Affenpinscher
  • 6 Black and tan coonhound
  • 7 Spanish Alano
  • 8 More endangered dog breeds



Catalburun or Turkish pointer is a breed of dog originating in Turkey, almost non-existent anywhere else in the world, and with a very particular trait, a heart shaped nose match resulting from genetic deformation by crossing between members of the same family (a characteristic that it shares with the Pachón Navarro).

They have short hair and tails and large, long ears. They are strong, agile, fast, crawling and large dogs, with approximately 25 kilos. These characteristics make these dogs good hunters.

Finally, the Catalburun are also obedient, faithful and independent, although they are not very sociable with children or other pets. However, if they are socialized from an early age they are excellent pets.

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Puli, Pulik or Hungarian Puli is a grazing breed endemic to Hungary, where it is a national symbol. Its size is small-medium and highlights his long cloak of dreadlocks or laces, which begins to appear from 6 months of age and requires a lot of attention.

On the other hand, his character is affectionate, friendly and gentle with children and he is an extraordinary watchdog. In addition, this dog is especially skilled for learning and can adapt to living in both towns and cities, although it requires a lot of daily activity.

  • Complete information on the Puli breed

chinese crested

Rhodesian crested

Another of the endangered dogs is the Rhodesian Crested or Rhodesian Ridgeback. Originally from South Africa, this dog weighing approximately 36 kilos is especially fast and agile, making it a very good hunter and guardian, although it is also common as a companion dog.

In addition to being strong and muscular, this breed is very athletic and active. His reddish brown hair is short, straight, shiny and dense and on his back he has a comb of hairs that grow against the rest of the fur, something not to be confused with hair bristling with tension or anger.

Finally, they are loyal, stable, intelligent animals, patient with children, protectors of their family, and distant with strangers. The latter should not be confused with aggressive, as this will depend on the education and socialization they receive.

  • Characteristics and temperament of the Rhodesian Crested dog



This breed of Norwegian origin was bred as a hunting dog, its main prey being the typical Norwegian bird, the Atlantic Puffin. In fact, the Lundehund is so associated with puffins that even in the etymology of its name it is written: “Lund” – “puffin”; “Hund” – “dog”.

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The Lundehund is a small, rectangular Spitz-type dog with thick, dense fur and a twisted tail to the back. In addition, they are very flexible, fast and have great climbing capabilities.

In addition to hunting birds and their eggs, this dog is also famous for two very unique physical characteristics, its six toes on each leg and its joints at the nape of the neck, which allow it to move its head much more than the rest of the dogs.




The affenpinscher is a small and robust dog of about 3 to 4 kilos and familiar to the pinschers. He has a large, shaggy, round head and short, bristly black hair, characteristics that have earned him his German name, affenpinscher, in Spanish “mono pinscher”.

From his physique, his pointed and erect ears and his prominent lower jaw also stand out. Also, this special dog he’s a good watchdog, always alert, and likes to hunt rabbits. Finally, it is a very good pet, since it has a loving, active and family character.


Black and tan coonhound

The black and tan coonhound is a hunting dog with a very strong instinct for tracking prey through smell. Like the rest of the five coonhound varieties, this breed belonging to the hounds was developed in the United States for hunting raccoons.

The black and tan coonhound, in Spanish “black and tan dog for hunting raccoon”, is a large dog, strong complexion, prominent muzzle, dense, short and essentially black coat. In addition, it is active, gentle, independent and agile, although not very fast.

Alano Spanish

Spanish Alano

In the particular case of our country, the Spanish Alano is a very vulnerable breed. She is recognized for her robust bones, her strong jaw, her bravery and her obedient character. In addition, this dog of approximately 40 kilos is a exceptional guard and big game dog.

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The breed, introduced in the Iberian peninsula around the 5th century, began to notice a decline in the number of specimens from the end of the 19th century, due to the introduction of new breeds, the disuse of their attendance at work and their exclusion in bullfights.

The situation became so critical that during the following years the species was considered extinct. However, there were still specimens that continued to be useful as sheep or prey dogs.

Fortunately, today, the population is growing gradually, but now its greatest threat is inbreeding due to the small number of specimens that persist and the ease of reproduction with a dog wi
th a certain degree of relationship.

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More endangered dog breeds

Unlike the chihuahua or husky breed, so fashionable today, many breeds of dogs go unnoticed or are unknown to most of us. Added to this are other problems associated with low birth rates or crossbreeding between dogs.

All these problems threaten the persistence of some races. Therefore, although our list consists of 7 breeds of dog, there are many others that unfortunately are currently also in danger of extinction or in a vulnerable state:

  • Chinese crested
  • Xoloitzcuintle
  • Catahoula leopard
  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Otterhounds
  • Thai Ridgeback
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Mudi
  • Peruvian hairless dog