Complete guide to the German Shepherd With photos and video!

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german sheepdog

Possibly one of the smartest dog breeds on the planet, the German Shepherd also known as the Alsatian Shepherd or German Sheepdog.

Since they are puppies they constantly observe and learn from everything around them, just two or three months old they are already able to start memorizing orders basic, learning with incredible ease.

From Dogsis we offer you all the information about the German Shepherd, what his behavior is like, his character, what his education should be like and of course, what care he needs.

Index of contents

  • 1 German Shepherd breed technical sheet
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the German Shepherd dog
    • 2.1 How to Care for German Shepherd Dog Hair
  • 3 German Shepherd Dog Breed Temperament
  • 4 Care for a German Shepherd breed dog
  • 5 How to train a German Shepherd dog
  • 6 How to Care for a German Shepherd to Make Him Happy
  • 7 German Shepherd Dog Breed History
  • 8 Tips for those who want to have a German Shepherd breed dog

German Shepherd breed technical sheet


Height approx 65cm in males and 60 cm approx. in females


Weight of between 30 and 40 kg for males and between 25 and 30 kg for females


Short and fine hair or long and fine hair (two types). Brown, fire, black or stained


Active, energetic, very intelligent, loyal and vigilant character


Strong health although prone to dysplasia


Estimated life expectancy between 10 and 13 years

german shepherds

Physical characteristics of the German Shepherd dog

In the characteristics of the German Shepherd we can find that it is a plus size dog, provided with a robust head with strong jaws. Its height at a cross is 65 centimeters in males and 60 centimeters in females, weighing approximately 32 kilos, according to the prestigious Wikipedia.

Their hair is usually tan brown and black, sometimes tawny or tabby, with a two-layer thick and tight fur coat, a short and fine one that fulfills the function of shelter and a longer one, which we can see at first sight.

You can find black German Shepherd specimens, however it is not the breed standard so it is not allowed for work or competition dogs. We can even find specimens with white hair, known as Albinos.

Notably only German Shorthaired Shepherds are considered pure for presentation in work, beauty or obedience competitions. Long-haired German Shepherds are not admitted to the competition.

Their life expectancy is about thirteen years, although well cared for they can live longer.

How to Care for German Shepherd Dog Hair

German Shepherd dogs with short hair require one or two brushings per week, in addition to a monthly bath to maintain their coat well.

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The long-haired German shepherd, however, requires more care than three to five brushings a week to remove dead hair and avoid knots and dirt, plus a bath every three weeks.

Long-haired specimens are more likely to contract parasites such as fleas or ticks, so we must check our dog manually at least once a week.

German shepherd dog

German Shepherd Dog Breed Temperament

The character of the German Shepherd is strong but dominable, that is, he can easily be socialized. If we start to socialize our puppy German Shepherd with three months of life, we will have practically no behavioral problems in society in the future.

Will get along well with other dogs, people and animals, even with pets like cats. However, if we isolate the dog and do not socialize it, we will get a potentially unstable and dangerous dog, just as it would happen with any other medium-large breed without socializing.

That said, it is clear that much of a dog’s character comes from the care provided by its owner. The German Shepherd is generally a dog with a canine lineage that contributes a friendly and social character, a good companion in life with his family and even with small children.

He is passionate about sports so he is an active dog who always likes to do things or learn, he is also brave and very intelligent. Excellent as a life partner, as a watchman, or as a helper.

His developed sense of smell makes him an excellent candidate for customs surveillance, as well as a police dog, without forgetting rescue or surveillance tasks. Since it is also an excellent watchdog.

Given his size, strength, energy and intelligence, it is essential to train the German Shepherd correctly. It also requires daily exercise, sometimes it is recommended that it be intense, you like to work and exert yourself. He is not a walking dog, he needs to run to be happy, he needs to let off s
team and be useful.

german shepherd puppy

Care for a German Shepherd breed dog

Given its vitality and energy, it is not recommended to have it in a flat. It requires a large space where you can satisfy your needs, run, play and keep fit. He loves to do agility and obedience exercises, accompany his human to run and perform any type of physical exercise. It is a dog very close to its owner, faithful and sensitive that needs to be active.

Try to make him feel useful, so you will make him very happy. He likes to know that he is part of the family and that he has his functions; feeling fulfilled is part of his life. It does not require special care, it is generally a dog in good health although due to the purity of the breed, as it happens to many other breeds, it is possible that it suffers from hip dysplasia, so we must do the appropriate tests when the vet recommends it.

  • Providing him daily exercise is essential, he is a working dog.
  • Make him feel useful and congratulate him on his work.
  • Caring and cuddling, it is a dog very attached to its owner.
  • He doesn’t like bathing very much … although one bath a month won’t hurt.
  • Doing sports with it is highly recommended, going for a jog or cycling together.
  • It is a very calm dog by car, it can accompany you on your trips.
  • The vet should perform dysplasia tests once he is an adult.
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How to train a German Shepherd dog

The most famous German Shepherd in the world may be REX, known for his police series, or Rin Tin Tin, known for his great adventures. In both cases we can see that they are very clever dogs that help their owners to work.

Well, those are undoubtedly the guidelines for educating a German Shepherd, make you feel accomplished by doing your homework. The German Shepherd is not a carpet dog, it needs to work and perform, the German Shepherd is a very active working dog.

That said, it is essential to socialize it as a puppy, from the two or three months of life we ​​must start with the socialization work, making him spend several hours a day with other dogs and humans, playing and being caressed by everyone.

From three or four months we can begin to teach him basic orders, how to sit or lie down, rewarding him when he does it well. With his great intelligence he will immediately understand that doing it well is synonymous with getting an award, a dog treat and pampering from its owner. That will prompt you to learn any order much faster..

Using positive reinforcement is essential to train a German Shepherd correctly, since this way he will learn all the positive things without developing aggressiveness.

  • Canine education methods

german shepherd puppy on boardwalk

How to Care for a German Shepherd to Make Him Happy

The ideal for this breed is that it lives in an open environment surrounded by nature and animals, but the truth is that few people have a house with these characteristics. So these are the best tips to properly care for your German Shepherd:

  • Take him for a walk at least three times a day, four or five if it is a puppy.
  • Get daily exercise With at least one hour a day, he must expend his excess energy.
  • Give him pampering and caresses but not free Give him orders and follow them so he will feel much better when you congratulate him.
  • Spend time teaching / training, loves to learn and feel useful.
  • Invest in your diet, a high quality diet will make your health always strong.
  • If your German Shepherd is long-haired you should brush him two to four times a week to avoid knots. If the German Shepherd is short-haired, once a week will suffice.
  • Vaccinate and pass veterinary check-ups Recommended will help you avoid getting sick. Thus maintaining good health and increasing their quality and life expectancy.
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German Shepherd Dog Breed History

The German Shepherd dog is possibly the most famous dog breed in the world, although it has not always been that way since its existence dates back to only 1898. It was then that it became a star acquiring great world fame in just one hundred years. That its existence was known in 1898 does not mean that it did not previously exist, in Germany it was known in the 7th century, always used as a sheepdog.

German Shepherd breeders from Germany devoted their efforts to constantly improving the breed, making it purer. The least suitable specimens were not used for breeding, while they continued to select the best specimens for breeding.

It was his great capacity for work, his tranquility and his great obedience that made the German Shepherd grow into a highly admired breed of dog. In 1871 captain of cavalry Max Emile Fréderic von Stephanitz decreed in a text: “A German shepherd is every dog ​​that lives in Germany and that thanks to its constant exercise and qualities reaches absolute perfection, seen from its usefulness”.

long haired german sheepdog

Tips for those who want to have a German Shepherd breed dog

Before opting to buy a German Shepherd, it is recommended that you consult the protectors and kennels in your town or even in other nearby towns. There are many German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs for adoption looking for a home.

You must decide whether you want a short-haired or long-haired German Shepherd puppy, since although physically they are similar on an aesthetic level they vary quite a lot. Long-haired German Shepherds require more care.

To know if a German Shepherd is pure, you simply have to ask for the pedigree certificate, the reproductive line of your puppy / dog and its purity will come out. Although the purity of a German Shepherd should not be something important since neither you nor I are pure either.

German Shepherds have between four and eight puppies per litter, some even nine. With this you should know, that if you choose a female German Shepherd and decide to cross it, you must be prepared and have space and means.

If you go for a female German Shepherd you will appreciate that they are somewhat more cuddly, submissive and attached than males, something that happens with most dog breeds. The male German Shepherd is somewhat more autonomous.

Here you have a few photos of German Shepherd puppies both short-haired and long-haired and some photos of adult German Shepherds, so you can better appreciate them and admire their qualities.

With these images and information about the German Shepherd, you will already be an expert in the breed and you will know how to take care of it and make it feel happy easily. We recommend that you play intelligence games for dogs with your German Shepherd, he will love it.