The dog Gos d´Atura – Complete information about the breed

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gos d atura dog

Among the many breeds that we recommend due to their ease of adaptation, the Catalan Shepherd stands out, or, as a pure Catalan would say, a Gos d´atura Catalá. Medium in size and friendly in character, this breed is ideal for family environments.

If you want to know all the details of the breed, its characteristics, qualities, weak points and essential care, do not miss the complete information that Dogsis offers you.

Index of contents

  • 1 Physical characteristics of the Gos d´Atura Catalá
  • 2 Behavior and character of the Catalan Shepherd
  • 3 Basic care for Catalan Shepherd dogs
  • 4 How to educate a Gos d´Atura Catalá

Physical characteristics of the Gos d´Atura Catalá

This breed of dog is medium in size, reaching a height at the withers of about fifty centimeters in adulthood and about twenty kilos in weight. Slightly less in females.

Its body is strong and athletic although not exaggerated, well proportioned with strong legs that give it great agility. Its tail is medium in size and well balanced, although some specimens carry a short tail.

The size of its head is wide and robust, with a not very long snout that narrows until it reaches the truffle. Ears of medium size and always drooping, although they give the impression of being much larger due to the large amount of hair they have.

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The Catalan Shepherd has a large coat of medium-long hair, thin and slightly wavy, somewhat rough to the touch. The color of her hair is grayish with a mixture of lighter and darker shades, even reaching black. Although there are also light brown or bone white specimens.

It is generally a strong and resistant dog, which can withstand great weather due to its multiple layers of fur. All a sheepdog with a big heart.

Catalan shepherd

Behavior and character of the Catalan Shepherd

The Gos d´Atura Catalá has a friendly, social, loyal and very affectionate character with its owners. Although as a good sheepdog, he is somewhat suspicious of strangers and will not hesitate to bark to let us know if he appreciates something strange.

It is a very calm breed inside the house, it adapts perfectly to coexistence on the floor or at home, but nevertheless it transforms when it goes out for a walk, giving free rein to all its energy.

The Catalan Shepherd is careful and docile with the children, he will take care of them as if his own puppies were. Although we always recommend educating both the dog and the children so that there is good harmony between them (especially, educating the children …).

The behavior of the Gos d´Atura is very good at general levels, it is very social with other dogs and it is always ready to play and play dumb to have fun. An excellent dog as a companion.

Basic care for Catalan Shepherd dogs

Due to its large coat of hair we must pay special attention to its care, brushing it several times a week and bathing it at least once a month. There is no Catalan Shepherd with short hair, although we can cut his hair in summer to make it more comfortable.

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And precisely because of its abundant hair, we must also pay attention to its ears and eyes, to avoid the accumulation of dirt and therefore possible infections. Clean the ears Our Catalan Shepherd must be mandatory at least once a week.

His health is generally very good, routine veterinary check-ups and keeping his vaccinations up to date will be enough to keep him healthy and strong.

On a physical level, it is a dog that needs to release energy on a daily basis, that is, it is not a carpet dog despite being very calm indoors. It needs great walks and games for it to run and blow off steam.

Although if you have a dog park nearby, there is nothing better than making him play with other dogs so that he releases all his energy and feels happy.

gos d atura in the garden

How to educate a Gos d´Atura Catalá

It is not a dog that needs a special education since its herding genes and its great intelligence make it a dog that is born practically educated. However, we must socialize it from puppy so you learn to interact with other dogs and people.

At general levels, it will be enough to teach him to answer the call to prevent him from escaping in dangerous situations (road crossings) and the tricks we want to teach him, how to screw up, lie down, roll, play dead….

Within the different training methods that exist, positive education is the most recommended for its great advantages and results. We should never be excessively angry with him because he is very humble, he would never do anything wrong wanting.