How to Care for a Yorkshire Terrier

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yorkshire terrier adult

If a toy or mini Yorkshire terrier puppy has come to us, we should follow this complete but simple care manual. Knowing how to care for a Yorkshire terrier is very simple by following these steps.

Even if we have adopted an adult, these tips are applicable since in reality, the care is more or less the same as with a puppy of one month or two months of life.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Puppy feeding
      • 1.0.1 How to feed a one month old puppy
      • 1.0.2 How to Feed a Two-Month-Old Puppy
      • 1.0.3 The feeding of the adult Yorkshire
  • 2 Vaccines and veterinary care
  • 3 Your space at home
  • 4 Walks and games
  • 5 Precautions to consider

Puppy feeding

A Yorkshire terrier puppy should be fed specific feed for puppies of small breeds. The size of the croquettes must be very small to avoid choking, so we should never use feed for medium or large breeds.

If we choose natural food as the BARF diet, we must wait at least until our Yorkshire toy has the definitive teeth, that is, at least until seven or eight months of life.

Because this breed is very small in size, if we opt for natural food, it is advisable to grind it until obtaining a kind of porridge. This way we will avoid scares due to possible choking.

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Yorkshire terrier toy

How to feed a one month old puppy

We cannot feed a puppy of mini Yorkshire with commercial feed or natural food because it is still very small. For them there is only one viable option, specific milk for dogs.

Ideally, they should nurse from the mother until they are weaned, but if this is not possible, we should buy a month-old special milk for puppies from the veterinary clinic. The milk we humans drink does not work, because it contains lactose, very harmful for Yorkshire babies.

How to Feed a Two-Month-Old Puppy

From two months of life and up to three months or three and a half months, our Yorkshire puppy will be weaned, which means that we can gradually implement commercial feed into his diet.

In these cases, it is advisable to mix special milk for dogs and feed for small breed puppies, making a kind of puree. So that it is easier for the puppy to eat.

The feeding of the adult Yorkshire

Adult Yorkshire terrier mini or toy specimens can eat any type of commercial feed as long as it is specific to small breeds.

We must administer the amounts recommended by the manufacturer, even if they seem small to us. Remember that our dog does not really need much more due to its small size.

Yorkshire mini

Vaccines and veterinary care

Among the care that a Yorkshire terrier needs, it should be noted that it is absolutely mandatory to give him all the vaccinations recommended by our veterinaryn, both as a puppy and as an adult.

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In this way we will protect our dog from diseases as harmful and deadly as the distemper wave canine rabies.

In addition to vaccines, we must internally deworm our Yorkshire every three months. Once a month externally, to avoid parasites such as fleas or ticks.

Some vaccines, like the new leishmaniasis vaccine, are not recommended in small breeds because they have a history. So we must stick to what our leave recommends.

Your space at home

You don’t know how to take care of a Yorkshire mini but you want to do it well? Follow these steps and your dog will be the happiest in the world.

Prepare a warm and comfortable bed at home for your Yorkshire, you can even prepare two, one in the living room or kitchen, where you spend more time and another in the bedroom, next to your bed.

Always have clean, fresh water available to your dog so he can drink when he is thirsty. It is something very important that is not always fulfilled.

Buy some toys for your Yorkshire, so that he can bite and entertain himself with them. Avoid soft rubber or rubber toys that break easily, also avoid cloth / rag toys.

Yorkshire sleeping

Walks and games

Yorkshire Terrier puppies do not require daily walks, although some outings to enjoy the outdoors are highly recommended, once we have vaccinated them.

However, even if we do not take walks with our puppy, we must let it get together with other small breed dogs and interact with them. In this way you will be socializing and adapting to your environment.

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From the age of six months, we can start taking small walks with our Yorkshire, remember that due to its small size, we should not abuse. It is not a breed to walk a lot or exercise.

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Apart from walks, playing with our Yorkshire at home is also highly recommended, since we will strengthen emotional ties and make it eliminate its excess energy.

Precautions to consider

Be very careful when walking or playing with other dogs, Yorkshire terriers are very small but that does not seem to be a problem when barking and facing other dogs.

However, large dogs can harm our little Yorkshire simply by playing, as their strength is very large compared to the small size of our Yorkshire.

If it is very cold outside, it may be advisable to dress our Yorkshire mini with special clothing for him or a cape, so that he is protected. This breed catches a cold very easily.

In hot months, avoid exposing your Yorkshire toy for a long time, because they are very prone to heatstroke.

And there is little else to recommend about this adorable breed, if you have any questions you can always leave it in the comments and we will try to help you solve it.