Guide to breeds of prey dogs

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prey breeds

Since dogs were bred and selected based on their qualities to carry out different tasks, there are prey dogs. In ancient times they were used as surveillance and defense dogs, in addition to hunting dogs.

However, nowadays they have also become companion dogs, showing their friendliest and most affectionate facets but maintaining their vigilance and protection qualities.

From Dogsis we are going to talk about the existing breeds of prey dogs and their different qualities. You will be surprised to know many of the breeds that fall into this classified in this category.

Index of contents

  • 1 Are Prey Dog Breeds Dangerous?
  • 2 How should I train a bulldog?
  • 3 All breeds of prey dogs
    • 3.1 English bull terrier
    • 3.2 American Pitbull Terrier
    • 3.3 American Staffordshire Terrier
    • 3.4 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    • 3.5 Presa Canario
    • 3.6 Doberman
    • 3.7 Rottweiler
    • 3.8 Akita Inu
    • 3.9 Neapolitan mastiff
    • 3.10 Tosa Inu
    • 3.11 Brazilian Row
    • 3.12 Dogue de Bordeaux
    • 3.13 Bullmastiff
    • 3.14 Argentine Dogo

Are Prey Dog Breeds Dangerous?

Prey dogs are dogs that, as the name suggests, hold their prey tightly in the bite, which is why they were used for big game. This means that during the breeding selection, specimens that stood out for their robust jaw and strong bite have been searched and used.

So the dogs of prey are indeed potentially dangerous dogs, due to their characteristic strength in the bite and development of the jaw. Most of them require a PPP license to have them.

But make no mistake, that a dog is classified as potentially dangerous does not mean that it is a killer or antisocial dog. Many of the breeds of prey dogs are listed as potentially dangerous dogs, but there are also prey dogs that do not fall within this classification.

educate a dog of prey

The difference between a dangerous and aggressive dog and a friendly and social dog is not in its breed, but in the education it has received from its owner. If you are thinking of adopting a prey dog, you must bear in mind that you will need to train it correctly.

How should I train a bulldog?

Educating a dog of prey is a task that will take time since it will not be enough to teach him the basic orders such as “sit down” or “give me the paw”. A bulldog must blindly obey us at all times, due to its potential.

The first thing we must teach a puppy dog ​​is to inhibit its bite, so that it understands that it cannot use its jaw with humans or other animals. You can learn more about this simple process from: How to teach a puppy to inhibit bite.

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The second thing we should do with our puppy of the prey dog ​​is to socialize it correctly. Something we must do on a daily basis taking him to a dog park to interact with dogs of all breeds and ages, as well as other humans.

Following these steps we are left to teach him to blindly obey the order of the call, so that he always comes when we call him, no matter what happens. This will help us out of more than one predicament, if we are involved in a situation of tension. For this we will always use positive reinforcement.

It goes without saying that we should never teach our dog to be aggressive or bite, because most likely it will end up hurting someone and be denounced and sacrificed because of us.

All breeds of prey dogs

This is a complete guide with all the breeds defined as prey dogs, depending on the country where they reside, they may or may not also be classified as dangerous, requiring a special license for their possession.

And although it is a universal guide, it is possible that in some countries there is a breed not included here, which is also called a prey. Let’s not forget that with the number of existing breeders new breeds appear practically daily.

english bull terrier dog

English bull terrier

We all know this small long-nosed Terrier that although in many countries is not classified as dangerous, it is still a great dog of prey. The English bull terrier It is native to England, medium size reaches about thirty kilos of weight in adulthood.

The character of the English Bull Terrier is calm and friendly, something clown at times since he loves to thank you. However it is a little rough with other races, sometimes not sociable.

APBT dog

American Pitbull Terrier

Continuing with the line of Terriers we arrive at the well-known APTB, a dog that not only stands out for its powerful jaws but is also an excellent companion. In addition, he has earned a reputation for taking care of the little ones in the house, and has been baptized as the nanny dog.

The Pitbull Terrier It is a strong and powerful dog, of medium-large size that reaches thirty-five kilos in weight as an adult. With a friendly and loving character, he is also an excellent guard dog, brave and fierce.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

And we continue with the Terrier line that seems to house the majority of breeds of prey dogs. The American Staffordshire Terrier, better known as American Staffordshire It is a medium-large dog with a very muscular understanding.

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With a weight in his adulthood of up to forty kilos, he becomes one of the largest in the line of Pitbull dogs. His character is very balanced, being a loyal and affectionate dog with his family, very attentive in tasks and surveillance.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This cross between an English Bulldog and a Terrier is also one of the most internationally known prey breeds, originating in England and noted for being smaller in size than the rest of its fellow Terriers.

At seventeen kilos in adulthood, he is a brave, loyal and fearless dog. However, it does not usually get along well with other dog breeds, being not sociable and sometimes temperamental.

canary presa dog

Presa Canario

Originally from the Canary archipelago, in southern Spain, this breed of dog simply imposes with its presence. The Presa Canario It is a large prey dog, which reaches almost sixty kilos of weight in adulthood.

His character is calm and courteous, yet he is suspicious and quite dominant, requiring a strict and intense education. In its origins it was used as a guard dog, although currently it is also being implemented as a companion dog.

doberman female


The Doberman also belongs to dogs classified as prey dogs, despite not being currently classified as a dangerous dog in most countries. It is a large and muscular breed that reaches up to forty-five kilos in adulthood.

The Doberman character He is very friendly and caring, extremely intelligent and an excellent watchdog. Those who know this breed already know that it is faithful and loyal to the family but attentive and vigilant with strangers.



It is the prey dog ​​with the most powerful bite known, reaching up to 150 kilos of pressure per square centimeter. Without a doubt, the strongest dog in the world.

Large in size it can weigh up to sixty kilos in adulthood. His character is friendly, kind and extremely loving and playful are his family. However the Rottweiler It is also an excellent watchdog, very suspicious of strangers.

Akita Inu dog

Akita Inu

It is a large-sized Japanese-born prey dog, which reaches a weight of sixty kilos in adulthood. Originally used as a hunting dog for large pieces, today it has also become a companion dog.

World famous thanks to the Hachikó movie based on real events, the Akita Inu It has a character very attached to its owner, although it is somewhat unstable with other breeds, so it is advisable to educate and socialize it a lot as a puppy.

Neapolitan Mastiff breed

Neapolitan mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the largest prey dogs that exist, with its almost seventy kilos in adulthood. It is a very loving and playful breed with its family but very suspicious and jealous of strangers.

It is not convenient to leave the Neapolitan Mastiff at ease because it tends to become the Alpha male, so it requires an intense education since it is a puppy. Socializing him with other breeds is also necessary to prevent him from becoming a wild dog.

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cough inu

Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is possibly one of the most powerful dogs of prey that exists, due to its great bulk and musculature. The specimens originating in Japan reach sixty kilos of weight in their adulthood, while the crossed specimens reach even one hundred kilos.

The character of the Tosa Inu is friendly and playful but only with his family, loving even in excess. However, with people he does not know he is dominant and fierce, so it can be really dangerous.

dog breed row

Brazilian Row

Among the prey breeds, the Brazilian Fila is considered one of the largest and potentially dangerous specimens that exist. With his eighty kilos of weight in his adulthood and his powerful jaw, he can be a great danger in inexperienced hands.

His character is temperamental and somewhat dominant, so he needs a good education from puppy. He is not a friend of the strangers for what is considered one of the best existing guard dogs.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux It is a large prey dog ​​that reaches sixty-six kilos in adulthood. Despite its friendly appearance, it is not playful with strangers, since one of its main qualities is that of a guard dog.

Loyal and gentle, he is very protective of his family. If something gets in your way it is better to get away because it becomes a real beast. It is not recommended for people with a weak character or without experience in the canine field.



The race Bullmastiff It is native to the United Kingdom, a dog of prey originally created to watch over livestock, protecting it from wolves and other dangers. It is a large breed that reaches sixty kilos in weight.

His character is friendly, loving and calm but also brave, powerful and vigilant. It is an excellent watchdog and also a great companion to the family environment. In many countries a PPP license is required to have it.

dogs of prey dogo argentino

Argentine Dogo

The Dogo Argentino is a medium-large sized prey dog ​​that reaches fifty kilos in weight as an adult. With a muscular and powerful understanding, he has one of the most powerful jaws on the planet.

His character is social and friendly with his family, very happy and fun on most occasions. But it is also a great protector and watchdog, capable of deterring any danger.

These are all the breeds of prey dogs in the world, which stand out for the bite power and strength of their jaws. Remember that prisoners of prey are not bad if they do not receive a bad education, so never blame the dog, but the owner.