Is it good to have two dogs or better one?

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two dogs

When we share our life with a dog, we often wonder if it might be better to find a four-legged companion to play with when, for example, we are not home to keep him company.

The answer is very simple, of course it is. Two dogs can keep each other company, play games, and even learn from each other. It is a super wise decision although we must take some aspects into account, since incompatibilities may arise.

From we will explain the reasons why it is better to have two dogs and what aspects we should take into account before adopting our second puppy. We will also explain how we should make the presentations and add it to the family.

Index of contents

  • 1 Benefits of having two dogs or more
  • 2 Important precautions to keep in mind before having two dogs
  • 3 How to properly insert a new dog into the family

Benefits of having two dogs or more

As much as our dog is happy next to us, we cannot deny the evidence that he is a dog and we are human. There are many things we do not understand about dogs and many moments when a furry companion would be much better than a human, for him.

Dogs can interact with each other by understanding their body language at all times, something that most humans cannot interpret. In addition, there are many occasions when for reasons of work, restaurant meals or medical visits we must leave our dog only at home.

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puppy and adult dog

Having two dogs means that our dog will not feel alone again when we are not there, he will be able to play with his companion or simply enjoy the peace of the moment and a good nap, but in company.

Dogs create a very special bond between them, you will notice that over time they even protect each other if an unknown dog growls at them in the street. They quickly form a herd, obviously led by us.

Important precautions to keep in mind before having two dogs

Having two dogs is not always a good idea, we must be aware of several very important aspects such as spending on food and veterinaryns will multiply by two. That the walks will be a little more complicated if they decide to pull the strap, etc …

We must also take into account the age and character of our dog, before looking for a companion. If our dog is old, we should not incorporate a puppy home, because he simply will not have energy or patience for the puppy.

If our dog is very territorial, aggressive or has a dominant character … it will not be a good idea to look for a partner either, since if the partner is submissive our dog will dominate him constantly and if he is strong-willed there will be constant confrontations.

Don’t take it the wrong way, but if you haven’t been able to socialize a single dog correctly, why should you have two? You will have twice as many behavioral problems and the danger that this poses to you and the environment.

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If you have a dog classified as a dangerous breed, remember that you cannot have another PPP dog since the license to obtain a PPP It is only valid for one dog, never for two. Also PPP dogs how Pit bull for example they are usually territorial and strong in character, not very compatible with other dogs.

Size can also be a problem, it is not advisable to have a dog weighing fifty kilos and to incorporate a mini size dog, weighing less than ten kilos … since it is more than likely that simply playing will have an accident.

two dogs walking

How to properly insert a new dog into the family

This step is essential for dogs to get along well from the beginning, as improper presentation can create a great conflict between the two that will end in fights. It is extremely important that dogs get to know each other outside the home before living together.

Ideally, we are walking with our dog and have a friend or family member accompany us on the walk with the new dog. In this way the two dogs will meet outside the house in a neutral environment, where territoriality is not a problem.

To be more precise, the ideal is that we take several walks over several days before incorporating the new dog home. In this way they will get to know each other much better and create a bond of friendship before beginning to live together.

Once we know each other and see that there are no conflicts between them, we can ask our friend or family member to come visit us at home with the new dog. We must let our dog go out to greet the new dog, to smell it, etc …

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It is important that the new dog has its own space, so that our dog maintains his bed, his feeding trough, drinking trough and toys. In this way we will avoid envy and common conflicts. If there is a good vibe between them we can begin to leave them alone in short periods of time (and under supervision).

But if they do not get along, we must begin to treat the behavior of both for a correct socilization. If it gets out of hand, we can ask a professional trainer for help, who will give us guidelines to follow depending on the type of behavior.