Whippet Dog – Temperament, care, health and nutrition

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The Whippet is considered one of the lightest greyhounds in existence. It stands out for its slender and elegant bearing, with a size smaller than other sighthounds.

If you are interested in this breed you are in luck because from Dogsis we have prepared all the information you need to know about it, from the necessary care to advice on education and / or training.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Whippet History
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Whippet breed
  • 3 Whippet Dog Character and Education
  • 4 What care does a Whippet breed need?

Whippet history

This breed has a British origin and is the result of crossing the Greyhound with Terrier-type dogs, such as the Yorkshire terrier or the English terrier.

In the past, the Whippet was a dog widely used for hunting hares and rabbits; It was also common to see them in races, being one of the fastest dogs in the world.

To give you an idea, it is capable of reaching 60 kilometers per hour in seconds, thanks to its great acceleration capacity. At top speed, it exceeds greyhounds, although its resistance is somewhat less.

Due to its playful and sociable character, similar to the English Whippet, it soon became a very popular dog. Today, the Whippet has adapted well to a more family environment.

Whippet hunting

Physical characteristics of the Whippet breed

The Whippet, far from what may seem at first glance, is a strong and resistant dog, predisposed to physical activity.

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The height at the withers of the males ranges between 47 and 51 centimeters, while the females are somewhat smaller (between 44 and 47 centimeters).

Their average weight ranges from 10 to 15 kilos, so they are light and agile dogs.

As the FCI standard indicates, specimens of this breed have a long, thin head, flattened at the top. Its muzzle is quite long and its eyes are oval and shiny. These give the Whippet a very lively expression.

The ears that it has are small and of fine texture, standing out for its rose shape. The neck is long, arched and leads to a broad and firm back, with a strong and slightly curved back.

It also has a low parapet and a retracted abdomen, with long and thin legs. Its tail is long and with a sharp tip.

Regarding his coat, say that he has fine, short and tight hair, which can be of a wide range of colors and combinations.

Whippet Dog Character and Education

The Whippet stands out for being a gentle, sweet and quite sensitive dog, so the style of dog training that works best with it is positive reinforcement; specifically clicker training.

In this way, like any other dog, the Whippet can learn basic commands and develop well in relationships.

With strangers it can be initially reserved, so it must be socialized from its puppy stage to avoid any shyness problem as an adult.

Although it usually gets along well with children, it is not the best option if there are young children at home, since this dog does not have much patience for rough games.

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It is also not recommended to adopt a Whippet if you must live with other small animals, due to its strong hunting instinct.

Please note that this breed tends to chase and capture small, fast-moving animals such as cats or rabbits. However, it does get along well with other dogs.

In general, the Whippet is a brave, faithful and affectionate dog with its human families, docile and easy to treat, although it also has its character.


What care does a Whippet breed need?

Something you should especially take into account when adopting a Whippet breed is that it is a very sensitive dog to the cold, due to its short hair and thin skin, especially puppies, they are especially sensitive.

Therefore, it does not resist low temperatures well. In the colder months it is recommended to protect them with warm clothes for dogs and avoid sleeping in the open.

A Whippet usually lives between 12 and 15 years, in which it could more easily develop certain ailments such as cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, heart or thyroid problems. Despite this, it is considered a fairly healthy breed.

The advantage of its coat is that it is very easy to maintain with regular brushing to remove hair that falls out regularly. You can also bathe it every few months.

Although the Whippet can live in an apartment, it needs to get plenty of exercise, so make sure that it can go for walks and play outside on a daily basis.

Like every greyhound, he must run to release energy. It is recommended that you live in a house with a garden. If this is not the case, you should be able to take it to a fenced enclosure or a pip-can where it can run freely.