Benefits of walking with your dog

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to walk a dog

All the people who fortunately have been able to share many years of our life with our puppies and who still continue to share years with them, know how important it is to walk with our dog.

There are many benefits that both our dog and we will obtain from the routine of the daily walk. For those who have had a dog for a short time or for those who have not yet had it but plan to do so, these are just some of the benefits of walking with a dog.

Why is it important to walk our dog daily?

It is usual to take the dog for a walk four or five times a day, most of them are very short walks for our dog to relieve himself. But we must choose between all those outings and once a day, take a longer walk with our dog. The usual thing is to go for a ride of at least an hour.

There are many reasons to walk with a puppy on a daily basis and all of them are highly beneficial, so let’s go through them one by one and explain why each one of them.

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Walking our dog helps him release his energy

When we walk with our puppy, in addition to having a pleasant time, we are also exercising it, making it move all its muscles and stay in shape. With this we will not only ensure that you maintain your weight, but also that you use up some of your energy so that when you get home you are calm and relaxed.

Walking for about an hour a day will make our dog’s mental and physical health strong, exercise and take fresh air. What more could you ask for?

A dog’s walk is the basis of socialization

We must remember that socializing a dog is the most important part of his education. It is necessary to let the dog relate to its surroundings, to know the parks close to home, to smell the neighbors, to interact with other puppies, to get used to the noises in the area, etc…

A socialized dog is a calm, friendly and respectful dog with other dogs and people. A poorly socialized or un-socialized dog is just the opposite.

dog enjoying the park

Walking with our dog will create a bond

All dogs create a special bond with their humans, a bond that must be reinforced by doing things together, such as walking and playing. Our dog will create a much closer bond with us if we take him out for a walk every day, he will know that we are the closest part of his pack.

Walking with a dog on a daily basis is also beneficial for us

More and more doctors recommend adopting a puppy or becoming a foster home, since dogs only contribute positive things. Passing with our dog forces us to walk, avoiding a sedentary life. So it exercises us and is highly beneficial for health.

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It also helps us to relate to our neighbors, it is very common to meet the owners of all the dogs in the neighborhood, greet each other, tell experiences about the puppies, etc….

It will free our mind, the human being is somewhat stressed and oppressed by society … You have to work, study or both, you have to take on family responsibilities, take care of bills, etc … Walking with a dog is the excuse perfect to disconnect from everything and have a quiet time, release stress and get fresh air. Even on days with bad weather, it is advisable to walk with our dog.

walking dog

What do i need to walk with a dog?

Actually there is not much to say but it never hurts to remember some practical tips when going for a walk:

  • Take a walk when the temperature is pleasant Remember that too much sun can seriously harm a dog if it suffers a heatstroke. Use your common sense and never go for a walk during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Always carry bags with you to collect your droppings, It is totally normal for our dog to take advantage to pee and poop, so we must be prepared.
  • Try to keep a routine in the schedules, the puppies are very smart and know exactly what time it is even if they don’t have a watch. If you get used to taking a long walk every morning or afternoon, they will know exactly when it is time to walk and when it is time to go out just to relieve yourself.
  • Leave your problems at home, our dogs can detect if we are nervous, angry or in a hurry. That can annoy the walk and it is not fair, they have been waiting all day for their moment, so enjoy them and leave the problems for another time.
  • If necessary, bring fresh water, in some places there are no fountains, rivers or reservoirs where dogs can drink fresh water during their walks. That is why it is important to carry with us in a backpack, fanny pack or bag, a bottle with fresh water for our dog.