10 Giant Dog Breeds

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large dog with long brown hair

Very large or giant size dogs have a special charm that makes them irresistible. His way of walking, looking at us, playing and his aspect of great stuffed animal, makes us show our most loving side.

The giant breeds are ideal for living in family environments since they generally get along well with the smallest of the home. However, they require special care due to their large size, such as a large garden or living in freedom. Let’s see which are the best known and most expanded giant races on our planet.

Index of contents

  • 1 The largest breeds in the world and their characteristics
  • 2 Irish Wolfhound
  • 3 German Bulldog or Great Dane
  • 4 Saint Bernard
  • 5 Tibetan Mastiff or Tibet Bulldog
  • 6 Leonberger
  • 7 Tosa Inu
  • 8 Newfoundland
  • 9 Dogue de Bordeaux
  • 10 Brazilian Row
  • 11 Kuvasz

The largest breeds in the world and their characteristics

Although they have diverse histories and backgrounds, all these races have a common denominator: their large size. Our TOP 10 largest dogs on the planet, includes the following names.

Irish Wolfhound on a meadow

Irish Wolfhound

It is known as the tallest dog in the world, competing with the Great Dane. To give you an idea: an adult male has an average size of more than 80 centimeters at the withers, weighing 60 kilos.

These “kind giants”, as they are popularly called, tend to adapt well to living with children, making them ideal for living with the family.

What is essential is that they have enough space to play and exercise. Another of their characteristics is that they are dogs with a natural instinct for crawling and grazing.

Great Dane in the forest

German Bulldog or Great Dane

It can grow to be 2.10 meters on two legs, making it a truly impressive dog. His usual weight is around 70 kilos and lives an average of 11 years.

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The Great dane He is very loyal and affectionate with the family, with a balanced and calm temperament.

Although you can adapt to city life, you need to stroll frequently. It is a good guard dog, which has become popular thanks to a cartoon character as endearing as Scooby Doo.

Saint Bernard dog of white and brown color

Saint Bernard

We have also seen it on TV, in mythical series like Heidi. Who does not remember Niebla? In real life, the Saint Bernard He is just as calm and good-natured, as well as sweet, intelligent and friendly with the little ones.

A male can measure between 70 and 90 cm in height and weigh up to 90 kilos. This furry needs large areas to move and be happy.

With a life expectancy of around 10 years, it is a resistant dog. Despite this, due to its large size, it is prone to suffering from some joint problems and hip dysplasias.

His corpulence and his good sense of direction make him have good rescue skills.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff or Tibet Bulldog

With his imposing mane, broad chest, and vigorous body, he looks like a lion. This breed is one of the oldest in existence, with specimens that can weigh up to 80 kilos.

We find them above all, in eastern lands. There they have traditionally dedicated themselves to guarding flocks and watching over monasteries, since they have a very protective character.

Although the Tibetan Mastiff They can be somewhat reserved with strangers, they are faithful and kind dogs. The monks and nomadic herders of Central Asia value them highly, as do the Chinese upper class.

And it is that for this culture they are a symbol of wealth and social status. Other variants such as the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Pyrenean Mastiff or the Spanish Mastiff also reach enormous height and weight.

Leonberger breed dog


With its characteristic brown color, this mountain dog can reach 80 centimeters at the withers and exceed 70 kilos of weight. He is muscular and elegant, while balanced and loyal.

Despite its size, it does not lack agility. In fact, it often participates in search and rescue in the water. He loves to swim! The Leonberger It is another breed of molossi, the category that brings together the largest dogs in the world.

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It is not a suitable dog to live in an apartment, because it needs to exercise enough to stay in shape.

tosa inu lying on the grass

Tosa Inu

The Japanese adore this breed and it is not surprising. They are dogs that impact the eye, very vigorous and with a height at the withers of between 60 and 80 centimeters.

These fortachones also stand out for their audacity and their value, being good guard dogs. It is very important that Tosa Inu have a good socialization, because they tend to distrust strangers.

It is not a dog as delicate in health as other large breeds, but it does demand a lot of company and affection.

Ideally, your caregiver should be experienced in dog training and can live in a place with enough space, where you can feel free.

newfoundland sitting on a country road


Affable, noble, loyal, sweet … With his more than 70 centimeters at the withers and 70 kilos of weight, the dogs of this breed are as huge as they are good. For this reason they are known as “gentle giants”.

They have webbed feet, great body strength and water resistant fur, which is why many are trained for rescue.

The Newfoundland They can suffer some health problems such as dysplasias or bladder stones, but it is normal for them to reach 9 or 10 years of age.

Ah! And they don’t lack their own fictional character either. Do you remember Nana, the guard dog from the Peter Pan story? Yes, it is a Newfoundland.

two burgundy bulldogs posing in the forest

Dogue de Bordeaux

Although he has the face of few friends, the reality is that this giant loves to be with humans. The Dogue de Bordeaux He is very patient and sensitive, with a balanced and calm character, although he is also somewhat stubborn and with a strong sense of property.

This makes it a good watchdog. The height at the withers males exceed 60 centimeters and 50 kilos of weight.

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These furry grow very fast, which can lead to bone and tendon problems in adulthood. To prevent it, it is important that they have adequate diet and exercise routines.

Due to their bulk, these dogs need a lot of running space. A famous dogue de Bordeaux is Hulk, one of the best doggy friends of Argentine soccer player Leo Messi.

Brazilian Row

Brazilian Row

Brave and determined, this dog originally from Brazil is calm and very sure of himself. He loves to eat and be with the family, as well as playing and exercising.

We can see him as a property watchdog or herding cattle. Its height is about 70 cm at the withers, weighing about 50 kilos and a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years.

With these dimensions it is not a suitable dog for a small house without a garden. The Fila Brasileiro You also need to be well marked limits and a good socialization, because by nature it is usually something reserved with people you do not know.

Kuvasz dog bathing in the sea


This breed of boy dog ​​comes from Hungary. He is good at watching over flocks of sheep. With its 70 cm height at the withers, it is strong and with an elegant and noble appearance.

The Kuvasz it has harmonious proportions and powerful musculature, with nimble legs and light-colored fur. Although his instinct for protection is strong and is considered a territorial dog, his character is calm and familiar.

Mind you, patience is not your forte. They are generally in good health and their life expectancy is about 12 years.

Surely you’re already thinking about adopting a big guy, right?

Giant dogs, in short, coincide in many aspects and needs. The highlight is that, after their intimidating appearance, these big guys just want to be cared for and loved.

If you live in the country, you can support them financially and have enough experience to give them a good education, do not hesitate: letting a molossian enter your life will be – literally – a great choice.