Dog Education

Guides and tips on different dog training techniques based on positive reinforcement. Information to educate and socialize your dog correctly, prevent it from biting, make it come to your call or sit or lie down at your command.Teaching your dog to relieve himself in one place or start the education of your puppy will be a lot. easier if you get help. In addition, you can leave us your doubts in the comments so that we can solve them.

The best breeds of hound dogs

The breeds of hounds stand out for their great physical resistance to spend long hours chasing their prey and for their great sense of smell. Another of their main characteristics is their obedience, something that allows them to coordinate well with humans during hunting. Precisely this quality makes them great companions in the domestic sphere. …

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Tips before having a Pitbull

There are many people who want to adopt a Pitbull dog but are unaware of the enormous responsibility that this entails. So it is important to read these tips before having a Pit Bull. We know it, they are beautiful and really wonderful dogs, sure they are ideal for you but are you ready to …

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Pitbull Dogs Temperament

We all know the famous Pitbull dogs which can go from the American Pitbull Terrier to the Staffordshire bull terrier or Chamucos Mexicana, they are all dogs procreated from the same origin, a blood line called Pitbull. Since I’m a dog We are going to explain what the character of this breed is, the temperament …

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How to tire a dog easily

The mental balance of a dog depends to a great extent on the exercise he performs daily, dogs need to expend their excess energy to feel fulfilled and be able to rest peacefully. However, tiring a dog is not always an easy task, many people do not do physical exercise where the dog can accompany …

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