Is the German Shepherd a suitable dog for me?

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Surely you are in love with this breed and that is more than enough reason to adopt a German Shepherd dog, but is it the most suitable breed for you? Can you cover all his needs to make him happy?

In addition to being extremely intelligent dogs, they need very specific care to feel fulfilled. So this breed is not the most suitable for any type of person. Let’s see in detail, if it can be a good dog for you.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is a German Shepherd really like?
    • 1.1 The right home for a German Shepherd
    • 1.2 Is it a suitable breed for sedentary people?
    • 1.3 Do I need dog experience to have a German Shepherd?
    • 1.4 Are German Shepherds dangerous?
  • 2 Necessary care for a German Shepherd
    • 2.1 How much does a German Shepherd eat?
    • 2.2 Obligatory veterinary expenses
    • 2.3 Other possible expenses
    • 2.4 Straps, harnesses and beds
  • 3 Benefits and drawbacks of having a German Shepherd
    • 3.1 Pros of having a German Shepherd
    • 3.2 Cons of having a German Shepherd
  • 4 conclusion
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What is a German Shepherd really like?

We all know what it is like physically, but what is it like to take care of one? These are large dogs, which will require a lot of space where they can be, play and run. Furthermore, they are extremely active, which means that they require long daily walks, exercise and mental stimulation.

The right home for a German Shepherd

Yes, a German Shepherd can live in a small flat, but he will not be happy. Due to its size and activity, the ideal is to have a large house with a garden or land, where you can feel free all day.

Is it a suitable breed for sedentary people?

Not at all, a German Shepherd is a herding dog, that is, very active and energetic. It requires long walks and daily physical exercise, to eliminate excess energy and feel fulfilled.

If you work all day, or if you just don’t exercise, this breed may not be right for you. If you are an active person, athlete and with free time every day to dedicate, it can be an excellent option for you.

Do I need dog experience to have a German Shepherd?

So as not to go through the branches, yes. Previous experience with dogs is necessary to properly educate a German Shepherd. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, they require constant education by someone experienced.

Due to their intelligence, it is necessary to mentally stimulate them with games designed for this purpose. Set goals and meet them, so that they feel useful and fulfilled. If you have never had a dog, try to adopt a calmer breed.

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Are German Shepherds dangerous?

Definitely yes. A German Shepherd in good hands will be a faithful, respectful and even playful dog. But in the hands of an inexperienced person or a person with bad intentions, it can be a very dangerous dog due to its strength and size.

German Shepherd-Tracking

Necessary care for a German Shepherd

In addition to needing an owner with experience in dog education and with time to walk and exercise, the German Shepherd will require other essential care that will affect our pocket.

As it is a large dog, its expenses will also be great.

How much does a German Shepherd eat?

Depending on your age and size, you can gobble up even 400/500 grams of food daily. I always think of high quality because due to its activity we must focus on a diet rich in energy and highly assimilable proteins.

So not only will you eat enough feed (pre-made dog food), but that feed will also need to be of high quality. Which means, an even bigger expense.

Obligatory veterinary expenses

This breed is prone to dysplasias, so it will be totally necessary to complete its diet with chondroprotectors. In addition, we must keep your immunization and deworming schedule up to date.

Other possible expenses

In addition to dysplasias, this breed is prone to being delicate in the stomach or suffering from pancreatic problems. If this happens, veterinary cats will be greatly increased due to treatments.

Straps, harnesses and beds

Everything you buy for your German Shepherd must be extra large due to its size. Thus, a normal bed can cost an average of € 30 – € 50, to which you must add the harness, strap, etc….

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Benefits and drawbacks of having a German Shepherd

These are the pros and cons of having a dog as a companion German Shepherd, rate them and decide if it can be your idea dog.

Pros of having a German Shepherd

  • He is very active and playful
  • Will accompany us to run or exercise
  • He is a very intelligent dog, he will learn anything quickly
  • It can be a great protector with your family, home
  • He is affectionate and affectionate with his family
  • Well socialized, will get along great with other dogs

Cons of having a German Shepherd

  • It is large
  • Requires great walks and daily exercise
  • It requires a good education, time and dedication
  • Its maintenance involves large cats
  • Poorly educated and socialized can be very dangerous


We all like this breed, they are beautiful, majestic, very intelligent and active. But having a German Shepherd carries great responsibilities that not everyone can accept. I understand that you love the breed, but if you cannot meet its demands, it will not be a happy dog.

We each hav
e our own lifestyle, housing, physical activity, financial means and free time. Looking for a breed that suits what you can offer should take precedence over what you want to have.