Positive reinforcement by training an Andalusian Bodeguero

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The positive reinforcement technique It is essential if we want our Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser to learn correctly the tricks or exercises that we try to teach you. It is the most widely used technique in the world by professional trainers.

If for a moment you thought that scolding your dog he will understand that he did it wrong, you are really wrong. Dogs do not have the ability to reason, however they have a splendid memory.

Index of contents

  • 1 What does positive reinforcement consist of?
  • 2 How to apply the positive reinforcement in our Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser?
  • 3 How long does it take for a winemaker to learn with this technique?

What does positive reinforcement consist of?

How its name indicates this technique consists of positively stimulating our Andalusian Winemaker when he does something right, giving him a prize such as a biscuit or chuche for dogs and congratulating him vigorously.

By cons, when our Winemaker Mouser does something wrong, we should not scold or punish him, just ignore it. Punishment, screaming or physical damage will only create trauma in our dog, we must avoid them completely.

The dog will understand that when he does something well he receives a prize, and that when he does something bad we go from it. He will quickly try to do well to get a prize, because we all know that his weakness is food.

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How to apply the positive reinforcement in our Andalusian Bodeguero Mouser?

It is very simple and we can also apply it in all areas of the dog, not only when we are training our warehouse dog but also when you relieve yourself away from home or behave well.


Suppose we are teaching our dog to sit, when he does the exercise well we will give him a prize (food) and we will congratulate him with a lot of energy, he must understand that we are very happy.

If, on the other hand, you do not obey our order and do not sit down, we will simply ignore you, wait a bit and repeat the exercise again. It is all a matter of being patient and encouraging the dog when it does well.

How long does it take for a winemaker to learn with this technique?

It all depends on the capabilities of the dog and your own as a trainer, not everyone is used to train dogs. At general levels, dogs take between five and ten days to memorize an exercise well.

Obviously we must work in education on a daily basis repeating the exercises every day, several times every day. They learn by repetition So we have to be very patient and take it as a game.

If your Mouser does not learn well, do not blame him because it is probably you who is not teaching him correctly, the gift of knowing how to train a dog is not something that everyone has.

And obviously, the more complex the exercise to perform, the longer it will take our Mouser to learn it, it is pure logic.

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