7 breeds of dog with better temperament

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We all know that a dog is largely a reflection of the education it receives. Therefore, many dogs without a breed have an excellent character when it comes to being in family environments or with children.

However, breed dogs do have a somewhat predefined character, due to the selection of specimens for breeding and reproduction. Yes, it can be affirmed that each race has its own character, so let’s review which are the most tolerant. Shall we start?

Index of contents

  • 1 What influences a dog’s temperament?
  • 2 The San Bernardo
  • 3 The Boxer
  • 4 The golden retriever
  • 5 Border Collie
  • 6 The Aztec dog
  • 7 The Maltese Bichon
  • 8 Pug dog

What influences a dog’s temperament?

Genetic predisposition in the case of purebred dogs is a very important factor to consider. While there are dogs with little patience, there are also dogs with a very mild temperament, more suitable for family environments.

Whether or not a dog is a breed, education and socialization from puppy is the key factor that will forever mark his character. Hence the importance of always educating with positive reinforcement and properly socialize.

In dogs without a breed, education and socialization is key. In dogs with breed, we must also look at their characteristics. Since many breeds are prey or game, little indicated by their strong temperament. Let’s see in detail which are the most recommended and why.

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The San Bernardo

Surely its size scares you and it is not for less, since it is a colossus within the canine world. But you should know, that the Saint Bernard It is characterized by having a heart just as big as him.

It is a very tolerant breed with children, playful and affectionate. His temperament makes him an excellent candidate as long as you have a large home or a large garden, as it requires a lot of space.

Saint Bernard

The Boxer

We continue in the line of large breeds although decreasing. The boxer It is a very energetic and active dog, but also super affectionate and playful, so much so that even in adulthood it is known as the eternal puppy.

Its character is very sociable and tolerant, making it an ideal breed for living with children or family environments. That if it is not sedentary, you will need large doses of exercise daily.


The golden retriever

Within the large races we also find the Golden retriever, famous worldwide for his kind and loving temperament. It is a super social and playful breed, capable of spending hours and hours at the mercy of the little ones at home.

Among the breeds with the best temperament in the world, the Golden occupies one of the highest positions. It is certainly an excellent choice if size is not an issue for you.

Golden Retriever puppy

Border Collie

We go to a lower step in terms of size, reaching the medium-sized breeds with the well-known Border collie. It is characterized by being a very active and playful breed, having a good temperament and being kind and respectful with children.

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Games are her passion, just like going for a walk or enjoying the outdoors. Let’s not forget that it is a herding breed, so it is not sedentary at all. Without a doubt, an excellent option if we are looking for a medium-sized dog with good character.

Border collie

The Aztec dog

This impressive breed is characterized by its absence of hair, something ideal for allergy sufferers. It is a breed with a distrustful character towards strangers but extremely affectionate, loyal and playful with the members of their family.

His good temperament has made him the ideal dog for many homes with children, where the aztec dog you will feel comfortable and happy. It does not require great care although we must be cautious in cold climates.

Aztec dog

The Maltese Bichon

Among the breeds of small size and with good temperament, we find the well-known maltese bichon, which is characterized by being very loving, playful, patient and respectful.

This small breed will captivate our hearts with their affection, always familiar and with winning to receive pampering and play. Ideal for families with children due to its balanced and submissive character. A breed that will surprise you a lot.

BIt Maltese

Pug dog

These little ones that were so famous for their appearance in “Men in Black”, stand out for their good temperament and balance. They are super playful and funny, always fun, loving and respectful. No one gets bored with a pug, not even the smallest.

It does not require great care and thanks to its small size it adapts to any type of home and environment. If you are looking for a good adventure companion, do not hesitate, the pug is an excellent option.

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