How to take care of a Pitbull puppy in 4 steps

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From Dogsis we want to share some simple tips so that those who have a Pitbull puppy strictly follow, or at least try. Thanks to them we will be able to take care of a Pitbull puppy so that it is healthy, balanced and above all, it is happy.

If you really love your Amercian Pitbull and want the best for him, spend the next few minutes of your life informing yourself about the best ways to educate him, feed him, exercise him and above all, make him feel happy and fulfilled.

Index of contents

  • 1 Educate and socialize your Pitbull puppy from day one
  • 2 Feeding your Pitbull puppy is essential
  • 3 Exercise your American Pitbull Terrier puppy and play with him
  • 4 Love and respect your Pitbull puppy

Educate and socialize your Pitbull puppy from day one

It is not a joke, although it is recommended to wait at least up to three or four months to start educating dogs of other breeds, Pitbulls are somewhat stubborn dogs and it is advisable to start their education from the first moment.

Simple orders like “Come Here”, “Sit down” or “Let go” they are very easy to teach if we use a little food, such as a sausage cut into pieces as prizes, what is known as positive reinforcement.

  • How to use positive reinforcement in dogs
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pit bull puppy yawning

Teach your Pitbull puppy to control his bite from a young age, this way he will easily learn and avoid problems when he is an adult dog: How to Teach a Pit Bull to Bite Control.

Socialize your APBT puppy (American PitBull Terrier) is essential from the moment you have your mandatory vaccinations and can go outside. Socializing him doesn’t mean showing him the park, but letting him interact with other dogs of different breeds and ages, other people and other animals.

The socialization of a dog consists of adapting it to its environment, so that it respects the different forms of life that surround it. In this way you will prevent him from becoming a scary or aggressive dog as an adult.

American pitbull puppy eating

Feeding your Pitbull puppy is essential

Even if you don’t give it the importance it deserves, the feeding your puppy it is essential for it to grow healthy and strong. Poorly fed dogs not only have a shorter life expectancy, but they develop many more diseases that will make you spend a lot of money on vets.

Imagine one human eating low-quality food like junk food for years and another eating healthy, balanced food for years. Which will live the longest? Which one has better health? Which will have fewer diseases throughout his life? Well the same thing happens with dogs.

There are many people who think that any type of kibble for dogs is enough, this being the biggest mistake. Finding quality puppy food is difficult, but not impossible.

Look at its ingredients And you will understand why your dog needs something similar, because in the quality of its food is our investment in its health. All of their labels start with meat products and none contain harmful cereals like wheat or corn.

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pitbull terrier puppy walking

Exercise your American Pitbull Terrier puppy and play with him

Interacting with your puppy is essential for two important reasons, the first of which is that a special bond is created between the human and the dog. Something similar to that created between a mother and her baby.

The second is because playing with your puppy not only makes him happier, but also helps him exercise, thus developing his muscles and body better. Puppies, like adults, although to a lesser extent obviously, they need to spend their energy on a daily basis to feel fulfilled.

Up to four or five months you can play with your puppy throwing the ball or with teethers, you can even play with him while you educate him with basic orders and prizes. Starting at five or six months, you can start taking it out for great walks in the park, mountain or city.

Remember that the best way for a Pitbull puppy to exercise is playing with other dogs In addition to socializing, they will expend their energy much faster with the longest of rides.

pitbull puppy sleeping

Love and respect your Pitbull puppy

Respect is essential to have a good relationship with your dog in the short, medium and long term. Because despite what many people think wrongly, dogs can remember lived events even during their first days of life.

Never punish your puppy with assaults or violence Because you will become more aggressive in the future. Love him and respect him as he deserves and he will do the same to you. Give him a good place in your house where he can put his bed and always leave clean and fresh water at his disposal.

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With these simple steps you can take care of a Pitbull puppy in the most effective and correct way known. Enjoy your Pitbull!