11 advantages of adopting an adult dog Discover them!

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More and more informed people are encouraged to adopt their canine companion, instead of buying it. But many of them still think that the best option is to get a puppy.

Of course, the smallest dogs are irresistible. That charm that they give off manages to hide the older dogs. Although adult dogs also have their advantages, do you want to know them?

Index of contents

  • 1 We will know your exact size
  • 2 Know your character and needs
  • 3 Moderate energy
  • 4 Quieter outings
  • 5 They already know how to relieve themselves
  • 6 Simpler education
  • 7 Good health
  • 8 They need fewer vaccines
  • 9 We will save on sterilization
  • 10 We will save on your food
  • 11 Personal satisfaction

We will know your exact size

Many of the dogs that are for adoption are mixed breed. This means that they come from the crossing of different races, sometimes very different. Therefore, these dogs do not have an established standard that defines their physical characteristics and marks their maximum height or their recommended weight.

This means that, if we adopt a puppy, although its appearance may give us clues, we will not know for sure what size it will reach as an adult, which could be an unpleasant surprise in just a few months.

To solve this, we have the option of adopting an adult dog that has already completed its physical development and reached maturity. So, we will know with certainty what is its final size.

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Know your character and needs

A puppy is almost a blank book, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Before adopting it is a good idea that Let’s examine our living conditions, the space we have and the time we are going to be able to dedicate to the dog..

Taking care of our living conditions, we can design the profile of the dog that fits them, so that coexistence is successful and happy for everyone. For example, if we have sedentary habits, we need a calm, low-energy dog. Compliance with this condition can only be guaranteed by an adult dog that has already defined its character.


Moderate energy

Puppies, in their eagerness to explore, usually present high doses of energy. In addition, the curiosity aroused by their environment can lead them to destroy all kinds of objects that are within their reach such as footwear, furniture, clothing or carpets.

This implies the need to spend time with them, educate them, play games or, in other words, tire them. Adult dogs, although it will depend on their characteristics, are usually more balanced in this regard.. It is not strange that many spend the day lying down and only activate during their hours of walking.

Quieter outings

An adult dog can accompany us almost everywhere, making it easy to spend time together. There are more and more places that are allowed to access with a dog. They may even accompany us at some jobs. Puppies, to get out of the house, have to have laying all vaccines, which can mean several months of waiting.

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They already know how to relieve themselves

In general, adopted adult dogs engage in family life. So, they get used to our schedules and the hours set aside for their walks. Adult dogs will generally evacuate outside the home, contrary to what happens with puppies.

These still do not control their sphincters, so it will be necessary to give them more opportunities to make their stools abroad, at the very least, until they are 6-9 months old. Even so, it is very normal that I can not hold it and that we find urine or feces at home, with the consequent cleaning work that we will save by adopting an adult dog.


Simpler education

We must teach dogs to behave in society. The smaller they are, the more rules they need to learn, which implies that more time must be invested in their education. Instead, adults already have a base, so it will be easier to work with them.

Of course, we speak in general, as some adult dogs have suffered abuse and trauma that can complicate, but not prevent, their integration into the adopting family. In this regard it is essential to know that dogs can learn throughout their lives.

Good health

Unless we specifically opt for a sick dog or a very old one, which will run the risk of suffering pathologies related to aging, adult dogs can be in good health for long years.

Although it is common for adopters to opt for a puppy to try to ensure more years of life with the dog, the truth is that the growth stage is also conducive to contracting serious diseases, much more frequent in puppies, with an immature immune system. Distemper or parvovirosis are examples of this.

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They need fewer vaccines

Adult dogs will need just one annual visit to the vet for revaccination. Contrary to what happens with puppies, which, in their first months of life, must be vaccinated and revaccinated more frequently.


We will save on sterilization

If we adopt an adult dog in a shelter, it is normal that they deliver it to us already sterilized, with which we save a considerable amount. In contrast, very young puppies have not yet been able to undergo surgery.

A sterilization commitment is usually signed and, although some protectors bear this post-adoption expense, in others it will have to come out of our pocket, since it is a compulsory operation by contract.

We will save on your food

It depends on the feeding that we choose for our new dog, but, in general, adult products are cheaper than those for growing puppies. In addition, the amount to be administered may be greater in children due, precisely, to their increased nutritional needs.

Personal satisfaction

Last but not least, adopting an adult dog is especially comforting on a personal level. Much of the dog adoptions are puppies. Adult dogs that have been abandoned are therefore much less likely to be adopted.

This is why offering a home to one of them is so important. We can b
e proud to adopt an adult dog. On the other hand, dogs that have suffered in their past are often grateful that they are finally cared for. With them a truly special bond is achieved.