Spanish Breton – Complete guide to the breed

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In its origins, the Breton Spaniel was an excellent hunting dog, although nowadays it is considered an ideal companion for homes, given its excellent qualities for living with humans.

This breed of Spaniel is one of the oldest and began to breed in France. Are you interested in adopting one of these beautiful canine specimens? We show you its main characteristics, the details about its personality and the care it needs.

Index of contents

  • 1 History of the Breton Spaniel
  • 2 What is a Breton Spaniel like?
  • 3 Character and personality of the Spanish Breton
  • 4 Necessary care for a Spanish Breton
  • 5 Common Breton Spaniel diseases

History of the Breton Spaniel

Brittany, in central France, is the hometown of the Breton Spaniel. It is considered the oldest and most versatile spaniel breed, because several centuries ago they were used for hunting multiple species of birds.

During the 17th century it was popular in various countries in Europe, as evidenced by paintings of the time. Only in 1931 did he arrive in the United States, where he quickly gained popularity as a field dog.

What is a Breton Spaniel like?

The Breton Spaniel is the smallest of the sample dogs, according to the International Cynological Federation (FCI) standard.

It has a robust body and a little rustic, although without losing elegance, as it does not look heavy. Its head is slightly rounded with a slightly elongated snout, ending in a wide truffle. The eyes are oblique, they have a very attractive sweet and sharp expression; the color of the iris corresponds to the mantle, although it is usually dark.

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The Breton Spaniel’s ears are triangular in shape, furry, and fall to the sides of the head. The tail, for its part, is high insertion and the Breton usually shakes it non-stop. Some breeders tend to cut the tail, but this is not necessary.

The breed’s coat is fine and smooth, undulating in some areas and becoming a slight fringe on the chest and back of the legs.. The color of the coat presents a combination of two colors, with white as the background tone, with orange, black or chestnut spots. The spots appear on the back, neck, face and ears; In addition, some dogs have mottled areas.


Height between 48 and 51 cm in males and between 47 and 50 cm in females


Weight between 13 and 18 kg in males and females


Fine and straight hair, combination of white with spots


Active and friendly character


Strong health


Estimated life expectancy between 12 and 14 years


Character and personality of the Spanish Breton

Looking at any Breton specimen you will realize that it is a noble, friendly and curious race, but above all active and energetic.

It is a family dog ​​that gets along well with all members of the family including the smallest. However, for this it is important that you are socialized as a puppy for this.

The Breton is multifaceted, loves adventures and adapts very well to challenges. Alert and intelligent, his developed sense of smell makes him a curious and spontaneous dog, a friend to explore new things and socialize with everyone.

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In many cases, he is aware of how adorable he is to his masters, thanks to his great intelligence, so he can use this to get more pampering. Of rest, it is an excellent dog as a pet, although it is not recommended as a guard dog, as it lacks a protective instinct.

Necessary care for a Spanish Breton

The Breton Spaniel is an energetic dog that need daily exercise. It does not adapt well to small floors, because it needs a lot of space to entertain itself, it is an essential country dog.

If your family enjoys outdoor activities, this breed is the perfect dog for you. Running, cycling, or even skating with you are activities that you will enjoy a lot, as well as a way to give you the daily exercise you need.

These activities can be complemented with games at home or participation in canine sports, such as Agility.

As with other races, it is recommended to educate and socialize it from puppy. Her friendly personality and tendency to please her masters contributes to making training easy. Also, it is very smart, so it will obey all the commands that you teach it very quickly.

Experiment with different workouts and offer different activities, you won’t say no to new things!

Common Breton Spaniel diseases

The Breton Spaniel is a healthy dog ​​if you go to the vet regularly for check-ups and follow the vaccination schedule. Despite this, the breed can suffer from some diseases, such as the following:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye diseases