Temperament of the Bichón Habanero breed – Characteristics

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bichon from havana

Thanks to its characteristics such as long and silky hair, its expressive gaze and its affectionate character, the Bichón Habanero has earned the affection of many people around the planet.

Within the breed we can also find specimens with short hair, with colors ranging from black or brown to combinations with white. Even somewhat smaller sizes, considered mini or toy.

From Dogsis we want to show you all the information and recommended care for this small breed, show you the most curious photos and advise you on their education.

Index of contents

  • 1 Havanese Bichon Behavior
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
  • 3 Education tips
  • 4 How to care for a Havanese Bichon

Cbehavior of Havanese Bichon

The character of the Bichón Habanero is cheerful and playful. Enjoy in the company of people, sharing all kinds of games and snuggling up on our knees for naps. All this closeness and familiaritywhich in itself is not negativeto, can cause the dog to tend to develop an excessive dependence on its owner.

This breed does not He has problems living with humans and other dogs, and he even perfectly tolerates the presence of cats, although he can be suspicious and shy with strangers.

Can’t bear to pass long periods of time alone. When this happens too often he feels bored and unhappy, coming to vent his frustration and anxiety in the form of annoying and endless barking and of destructive behaviors inside the house.

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havanese bichon

Physical characteristics of the breed

The characteristics of the Havanese Bichon include it within the category of small dogs. Its height at the withers ranges from 21 to 30 cm, while the weight of a peradult ro is around 5 kg.

Its body, longer than it is tall, has good proportions and straight and firm limbs, with small and collected legs. In its head, covered with long hair like the rest of the body, its large eyes dark color shining through behind the bangs and a fine snout with a black nose. Her ears, also covered with long fringes of hair, fall on either side of her face. Its tail coils on the back of a shape very funny

The precious pelo short or longl Havanese Bichon consists of a single and thick mantle, even if silky and light. It can be smooth, wavy and even curly, usually very long. The range of colors is wide: black White, reddish, bluish gray, ash gray, etc.

Education tips

With an independent but not dominant temperament, the Bichón Habanero rsponge well any training system with positive reinforcement what includedto rewards fit of food. It is agile and very good to learn every kind of tricks . Also pcan stand out in competitive obedience.

Where we can find more problems when it comes to educating our Havanese Bichon is in terms of their habits inside the house. Get our dog to control his impulses, especially barking and his mania for nibbling and gnawing on our furniture, rugs, slippers, etc. it is not accomplished without effort.

  • Tips to prevent a dog from barking
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CoAs with all small and adorable dog breeds, the Bichon Habanero can sometimes be an expert handler with its owner. No matter how much you beg or whine, we must be inflexible and rebuke them for their antics and bad habits. It is also important avoid pampering him and giving him treats and foods that, as much as he likes them, will harm his health.

white-haired havanese bichon

How to care for a Havanese Bichon

Despite being a jovial and energetic dog, it’s still a small dog, so their daily need for exercise is less than that of other breeds. The optimal physical activity for the Bichón Habanero consists of a short daily walk, a play time and a not very heavy session of obedience training. In summary, moderate and adequate exercise for your size.

The coat of the Havanese Bichon requires a lot of care if we want to keep it healthy and in a Right hygienic state. The daily brushing is essential to avoid the tangles in the hair, which occur very easily. Many owners they opt for cut outr the hair of its Havanese Bichon for what su care is easier. With a little skill and dexterity you don’t need to resort to the services of a dog groomer.

Just have to bathar to our Havanese Bichon when the dog isis really dirty. On the other hand, since this breed hardly changes its hair during its life, both the owners and those who visit themiso in their houses they are safe from suffering possible allergies.

Watery eyes and tear stains are relatively frequent in the Bichón Habanero and may be the symptom of a bigger problem. When we detect these signs, we must immediately go to the vet.

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Finally we must remember that we should not fall into the mistake of confusing this funny and awake dog with a toy. Due to its size it is fragile and vulnerable, which means that its behavior, its feeding and its education must be constantly watched.