Simple and delicious recipes for homemade dog food

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dog with food

It’s really amazing to see what some people feed their dogs, expired products, leftovers from family food, foods that are toxic to them, and even strange homemade dog food recipes obtained from websites without any nutritional knowledge.

To think that nothing is wrong or that it is doing him no harm is to deceive ourselves. Dogs must have a healthy and balanced diet to have normal development and good health. Their immune system depends heavily on their diet, so spending a few minutes informing us about what they can and cannot eat is investing in their health.

From we are going to review what are the foods that a dog can eat and which should never eat. We will also see how to prepare some very healthy homemade recipes for our dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Are there prohibited foods for dogs?
  • 2 Common ingredients for a homemade dog recipe
  • 3 Homemade recipes to feed a dog
      • 3.0.1 Ingredients of the meat recipe
      • 3.0.2 Preparation
      • 3.0.3 Fish recipe ingredients
      • 3.0.4 Preparation

Are There Prohibited Foods For Dogs?

Of course there are toxic and dangerous food for our dogs, which we must avoid at all times. These foods can cause digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea or even poisoning in our dog, leading to death in many cases.

Some of the foods that we should avoid due to their toxicity or because of the danger that eating them for our dogs is:

  • Cooked bones / cooked bone remains: The bones must always be fleshy and raw to avoid getting stuck in your digestive system.
  • Raw egg shells: We should never give raw eggshell to our dogs, they can contract salmonellosis.
  • Grapes and / or raisins: They are very toxic to our dogs, only some fruits are healthy for dogs and always seedless.
  • Mushrooms and fungi: Most of these have very toxic substances for our dogs, we must avoid them completely.
  • Milk and derivatives: Be very careful with products that have lactose, such as milk. Lactose causes intolerance problems in most dogs.
  • Sauces and fritangas: Dogs do not tolerate sauces or frits well, excess fat and many of the products used are harmful to them.
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Although there are obviously many more harmful ingredients for dogs, these are the most common in our kitchens (the ones that we must avoid eating).

ingredients of the homemade recipe

Common ingredients for a homemade dog recipe

Although we think that there are many ingredients that our dogs should not eat, the truth is that there are many more than if they can eat, even being highly recommended for them due to their quality in nutrients.

Homemade dog food is called the Barf Diet, and here you can find much more detailed information on the quantities and ingredients suitable for a homemade diet: Homemade recipes for BARF diet dogs.

Some of the most common and healthy ingredients for our dogs are:

  • Meats: Beef, chicken, duck, lamb, pork, horse, poultry.
  • Milky bones: Chicken carcasses, ribs.
  • Fermented dairy: Natural unsweetened yogurts, aged cheese.
  • Probiotics: Beer yeast
  • Canned: Tuna, sardines.
  • Fish: Small raw herrings / anchovies
  • Fruits: Apple, pear, banana, melon, watermelon … all without seeds.
  • Vegetables: always cooked and crushed

As you may have appreciated we have not included rice or potatoes, since in our opinion dogs do not need to eat carbohydrates. Although how about this there are many opinions, we are going to incorporate them in small quantities, in the recipes that we mention below.

If, like us, you think that a dog does not need cereals or carbohydrates, simply omit these ingredients in the following recipes. It goes without saying that if our patient has any health problem or is allergic to any of these ingredients, we should consult a vet beforehand.

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cooking dog

Homemade recipes to feed a dog

Fresh meat and / or fresh fish can be given completely raw, although it is recommended to freeze them for three or four days beforehand, to avoid / eliminate possible parasites. If we do not want to freeze meat or fish, we can always cook them a little (previously removing any bone or bone rasp).

These are some simple recipes to prepare at home, although we can create new more elaborate recipes following the advice of the Barf Diet.

Ingredients of the meat recipe

  • 1/2 kilo minced meat
  • 1/2 kilo minced chicken meat
  • 1/2 kilo minced meat
  • 1 can of tuna in oil
  • Apple 1 unit
  • Carrot 2 units
  • Rice (optional) 200 grams dry
  • Cured cheese 100 grams
  • Lettuce, just a couple of leaves
  • Egg (optional)


We will cook all the meat mixed with a little forget oil, without salt or any other seasoning. The meat should not be toasted or overcooked, we will simply give it a few turns so that it is to the point.

On the other hand, we will cook the carrots, lettuce leaves and rice with water. The rice must be well cooked to avoid that it strains our dog. If we do not want to use cereal in the recipe we will simply omit the rice.

We will cut the apple and cheese into very small pieces, we will add the content of the can of tuna, the cooked and very chopped carrot and lettuce, the meat and the rice. We will make a puree or stir with all this and let it stay at room temperature.

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We already have a delicious dish prepared for our dog, which in addition to being healthy and healthy is very economical. Obviously we will give him only the amount of food he needs. We can put the rest in small individual ration bags and freeze them. However, we will add the egg always fresh and without shell on the dog’s ration, we will not freeze it.

dog meat recipe

Fish recipe ingredients

  • Tuna preserved in oil 4 cans
  • Sardines (also in oil) 1 can
  • Clean fresh anchovies (with water, we can leave the viscera and scrape) 1/4 kilo
  • Diverse minced meat (chicken, beef, lamb… ..) 1 kilo
  • Apple 1 unit
  • Carrot 2 units
  • Cured cheese 100 grams
  • Potato 1/4 kilo


We will cook all the meat with a little olive oil and without salt or other seasonings. Just until it takes on color, you don’t need to cook it much. We will cook the potatoes and carrots to crush them later. We will cut the apple into very small pieces and mix everything together with the content of the cans of tuna (without oil), sardines, fresh anchovies and cheese.

It is recommended to freeze fresh anchovies for three days to eliminate any possible parasites. If our dog is small breed, we must crush them too, healthy dogs of medium and large breeds can eat them whole. We can make individual servings in bags and freeze the rest.

How you see, making a homemade food for your dog is really simple, and surely he will thank you very much. Surprise him with a homemade meal just for him and you will see how he goes crazy with joy.