How to face the death of our dog

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Those who have not had the fortune to share their life with a puppy cannot understand the pain that comes when they die, when they stop being by our side, cheering us on for the day and bringing out the best of our smiles.

A dog is not an animal, it is not a pet, it is not even a dog… .. When he shares our life with us, he is simply one more member of the family, one more member whom we love with all our hearts.

The nobility, loyalty and good heart of these life partners makes us love them even more, if possible. Facing the death of our dog is not easy, since it is the death of a very, very dear family member. Let’s see what are the steps that we must follow in order to overcome this tremendous loss.

dog enjoying life

Coping with the death of a dog: His life

A dog’s life is not measured by the day of its death, but by each and every day of its life. If your dog has had a happy life with you, if you took him for a walk, to play, to exercise… If you talked to him and pampered him, how would you do it with your own children…. So your dog has had a fantastic life, believe me.

Dogs have a shorter life than humans, so we should not be saddened by his death, but be happy for all the days that we could enjoy him, his love, his games….

It is hard, you have to cry obviously … But you also have to smile, because if our dog has been happy and has made us happy, what more can you ask of life?

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Remember your puppy with pride and love, because as long as his memory is alive in your heart, he will never die. And he will always be watching you from the sky of the dogs.

when a dog goes to heaven

Coping with the death of a dog: Tips for moving on

Try to change your routines a little, do not try to recreate your life with a dog and go one step further. Do new things, go to the movies, go shopping, stroll through the mountains…. Just let time heal this deep wound and take things patiently.

Perhaps with the passage of time, perhaps the years…. Another new life partner cheers your days and makes you get the most sincere of your smiles again. Give yourself a chance and try to be happy.

Always remember it, never remember death but each and every one of the fantastic days you shared. A happy life is the maximum that any living being can aspire to.