Recommended breeds for living in small flats

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small dog supported by its owner

After thinking it over carefully you have made a decision: you want a dog in your life. However, you live in an apartment and the doubt assails you: which race will be the most suitable? It is clear that, if you do not have many square meters, size does matter.

Learn what other factors to consider and make a note of which are the best dog breeds for small floors.

Index of contents

  • 1 Why is a small dog better than a big one?
  • 2 Breeds that adapt well to coexistence in small flats
    • 2.1 West Highland White Terrier
    • 2.2 Yorkshire terrier
    • 2.3 Chihuahua
    • 2.4 English bulldog
    • 2.5 Shih Tzu

Why is a small dog better than a big one?

When deciding which dog is best for your home, logic must prevail. If you live in an apartment of 30 square meters, live with a Great dane – As much as you love the breed and take care of your furry-, it will not be a good option. Not for you, not for him.

Dogs, just like people, they need enough space to feel comfortable and happy.

In addition to size, there are other factors that you must take into account when choosing a canine companion:

  • The energy level. Don’t forget that there are calmer dogs, while others need to run and have much more intense physical activity. So dogs like him greyhound, the Dalmatian or the border collie are more suitable for a rural than an urban environment.
  • Make it quiet and sociable. Both characteristics are always important, but they become essential for living in a flat with a neighborhood and young children.
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All these considerations should guide you in your choice, because the furry you bring home must fit well with the lifestyle of an apartment. Remember: it is an important decision and you cannot take it lightly.

Breeds that adapt well to coexistence in small flats

There are many dogs that adapt well to this type of coexistence. Taking into account our own experience, we present to you the following top 5 of best breeds of dogs for floors.

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

The westy it has an ideal size: it is neither too small nor too big. He also loves to sleep and, in adulthood, his character is calm and independent.

It is not a dog that will be following you all the time. Despite this, he is affectionate, friendly and balanced. In fact, it sure fits very well with the kids in the house.

Of course, you should not leave it alone with small animals, due to its hunting instinct. You’ll also need to walk him daily so he can socialize well with his doggy friends.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier

Another Terrier who sure doesn’t mind living in an apartment. The Yorkshire It is a dog that weighs very little, no more than three kilos; He is also affectionate and sociable.

This dog really likes the interiors, although he is active and loves being the center of attention. A possible drawback is that tends to bark a lot So they are good watchers.

To avoid it, you must train it properly. The good thing is that it is an easy breed to train.

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Chihuahua lying on the sofa


Its small size and medium energy level make it a good roommate. He may be somewhat suspicious of strangers, but he is very faithful to his primary caretaker.

Thats why he Chihuahua It is an ideal dog for people who live alone or for the elderly. Although it is very intelligent and adaptable, it is not recommended for living with young children.

It is also very sensitive to cold and has a tendency to suffer from elbow dislocations and other health problems typical of the miniature breeds.

English bulldog sitting on bench in park

English bulldog

Although it is a medium-sized dog (between 23 and 25 kilos), it is perfect for a flat because, if you don’t get tired of something, it is lying down. It has low resistance, so its exercise needs are not too high.

Also, the English Bulldog is sweet, predictable and reliable, which makes it an excellent dog to live with children. If you don’t care about his slime and snoring, you will be more than happy to have him with you.

Shih Tzu with the tongue out

Shih Tzu

He weighs no more than 10 kilos and is a dog known for his lively temperament. The Shih Tzu are very playful and they tend to get along with everyone, including animals of other species.

They love human companionship and pampering, making it a good dog to be around with kids. Another advantage is that your energy is not excessive, although you must walk often to stay in shape.

It is a dog that needs a lot of personal attention and a daily grooming. Especially if you decide to leave your precious coat long.

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This list of best flooring dogs could still be expanded, listing the many advantages of the Dachshund, the Cavalier, the Carlino, the Pekingese, the Poodle…

The truth is that there are many small and miniature dog breeds they don’t need a lot of space to be happy and they can be good candidates to live in an apartment.

As long as, of course, they have all our love and the right care. Well, after reading our recommendations, what breed of dog do you think would best suit your lifestyle?