Can dogs see spirits or ghosts?

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scared dog

Although it seems an unprofessional topic, the truth is that there are many people who wonder if their dog is capable of seeing or witnessing in some way, some type of supernatural force such as spirits or ghosts.

There are many documented cases of dogs barking at nothing or perceiving a danger long before it happens. But… .what is true in all this and what about urban legend?

From Dogsis we want to clarify everything related to the perception of the supernatural by our dear friends the dogs, you will be very surprised.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs and the prediction of dangers
  • 2 Can a dog detect spirits or ghosts?
  • 3 And how is it that they can detect diseases?

Dogs and the prediction of dangers

Like many other animals present in nature, dogs, thanks to their developed senses, are able to detect events such as earthquakes long before we can feel them.

In the same way they are also capable of detecting whether a person is dangerous to us or not. When someone sees our dog and gets nervous, his heart speeds up and his sweat glands give off very specific hormones that dogs can smell, dogs smell fear.

They know perfectly well that the person coming towards us is upset and can pose a danger, because they smell their fear and also listen to their fast heart rate. Something they can also do thanks to their highly developed senses.

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So on the one hand, yes, dogs can obviously predict things much earlier than us and things that we cannot detect simply because of our natural limitations in our senses.

dog and ghost

Can a dog detect spirits or ghosts?

Starting with common sense itself that makes us think coldly but correctly that ghosts and / or spirits do not exist, the most common answer would be no, a dog cannot see ghosts because they simply do not exist.

However, we have all seen our dog on some occasion with a strange behavior, well staring at the wall or barking at the wall or something meaningless. On these occasions we tend to think that our eyes see or appreciate something that we do not see or feel.

This is where fear of the unknown enters, how we do not know what it is, we think about what our mind presents as an alternative, that the dog can see spirits. Something meaningless and irrational, but that feeds our fear.

No, dogs do not see spirits or ghosts or supernatural beings, that is the correct answer. However, because they have excellent hearing and smell, they may hear some noise on the wall (a neighbor or insect) that makes them bark.

Often the simplest answer is the correct one, without having to think about the supernatural.

And how is it that they can detect diseases?

Due precisely to its excellent smell, they can know if we have, for example, a cancer tumor or if we have a sugar problem if we are diabetic. Some do it naturally, although most are trained to do it.

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This never means that they can predict that we are going to get sick, but that when we do, they can smell it and know that we are sick, before knowing it ourselves.

For these, more and more dogs are being trained to sniff and detect cancer, so that a simple pass in front of the dog would make us leave doubts without having to wait for medical appointments or perform tests.

For the rest, as we have already said, it is not a serious topic to deal with, since they are simply urban legends. Dogs don’t see things that don’t exist, neither spirits nor ghosts. Even if…. You know Why do the dogs howl ?