How to tire a dog easily

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The mental balance of a dog depends to a great extent on the exercise he performs daily, dogs need to expend their excess energy to feel fulfilled and be able to rest peacefully.

However, tiring a dog is not always an easy task, many people do not do physical exercise where the dog can accompany them and wonder what they can do to tire their dog.

From Dogsis we will explain the best techniques to exhaust a dog both on the street and inside the home. So that both you and your dog can feel fulfilled.

Index of contents

  • 1 What does exhausting a dog consist of?
  • 2 Games to tire a dog at home
  • 3 How to tire a dog on the street
  • 4 How to tire a small puppy
  • 5 Special care to take into account

What does exhausting a dog consist of?

Dogs are animals that love to sleep, they can spend many hours throughout the day sleeping and that has two important aspects. The first is that by sleeping a lot, they recharge their energy a lot and then they will need to spend it.

The second is that in order to sleep comfortably and be calm at home, they must have used up their excess energy, so in some way it is like the whiting that bites its tail.

Tiring a dog consists of play games, walks and / or exercise with it to release your energy and feel fulfilled. Depending on the dog’s age, breed and physical condition, it will need to expend more or less energy on a daily basis.

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We should not make the mistake of thinking that exhausting a dog consists of throwing the ball over and over again for twenty minutes until the tongue reaches the ground … that is not even healthy since it could suffer a heatstroke.

We must tire our dog calmly and gradually, without excesses and much less, without haste.

dog playing at home

Games to tire a dog at home

There are a lot of exercises to tire a dog inside the home, which we will call games. Taking advantage of the fact that we must tire him out … Why not do it while playing?

  • Play hide It is still one of the best games to tire a dog indoors, we just have to order him to sit down and go hide. When we are hidden, we will call you to find us.
  • The game of the pilla pilla It is also excellent both for tiring the dog and for us to do some exercise. Running around the house we will see how our dog constantly chases us to try to catch us.
  • Dog toys Like teethers, they are excellent to play tug of war or to throw them and to go pick them up and bring them back. In addition, they help improve their education with the “bring” or “let go.”
  • The stairs They are also an excellent option to tire them out, especially if we have a hyperactive dog that needs extra exercise. Going up and down stairs is one of the most exhausting exercises.

How to tire a dog on the street

Now that we know how to tire a dog at home, how about we see how to tire him out of the home? On the street we have many quality alternatives to exhaust our dog.

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The walks are the most widespread practice among those of us who have a dog, although they are not always given correctly. A good walk is to go with our dog to new places where he can enjoy new smells and even greet new dogs.

A good walk should be at least an hour long and let the dog linger wherever he wants. A fifteen minute walk at full speed is not useful … that does not tire, stress.

Play with other dogs it is possibly the best way to tire our dog while he has a great time. Playing with another dog for half an hour will make our dog more tired than walking with us for an hour and a half.

Also playing with other dogs will help you to be more social and prevent canine stress, it will drain your energy and you will enjoy it a lot. What more can we ask for?

Join us for sports It is one of the best ways to keep our dog in shape and use up his energy. We can take it to run with us, to skate or it can even accompany us if we go by bike.

Sport is especially indicated to tire hyperactive dogs, since canine hyperactivity requires extra wear for the dog to be satisfied. Not all dogs have the same energy level.

play with dog on the street

How to tire a small puppy

We must be very careful when trying to tire a puppy, since they they are very delicate and we should not practice hard or intense exercises. Far from it, forcing them to exercise.

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The only way to tire a puppy is by playing with it, either with its toys or walking with our puppy to a dog park where he can play with other dogs.

We should never force a puppy to play, run, or even walk. They are the ones who must always set the pace, without exception.

Special care to take into account

We must be especially careful with sick dogs, old dogs and puppies. With them we must not be insistent since they must not exercise in a forced way. In these cases, it is they who must always set the pace.

We should never force a sick puppy, elder, or dog to play, run, walk, or exercise. They are the exception.

One point to keep in mind with other dogs is size and breed, each type of dog has its limits when it comes to exercising and getting tired. A mini dog is not the same as a medium dog or a large dog.

Small or mini breed dogs should also not be required. As with extremely large (giant) breed dogs or obese dogs.

We should never exercise a dog when it is too hot or in the hot sun, because they can suffer from heat stroke and even die. So go ahead and tire your dog out, but always with common sense.