Tips before having a Pitbull

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There are many people who want to adopt a Pitbull dog but are unaware of the enormous responsibility that this entails. So it is important to read these tips before having a Pit Bull.

We know it, they are beautiful and really wonderful dogs, sure they are ideal for you but are you ready to have one? We will explain what are the pros and cons of having a dog of this breed.

Since I’m a dog We know how important it is to know this information before buying or adopting a Pit Bull, so we insist that you take a few minutes to read and understand it.

Index of contents

  • 1 A special license is required for the possession of dangerous dogs
  • 2 Pitbull dogs are very strong and energetic
  • 3 Coexistence between children and Pitbulls
  • 4 The cost of the maintenance of a Pitbull terrier
  • 5 Dog experience and common sense

A special license is required for the possession of dangerous dogs

We all know that the dangerous ones are not the dogs, but the owners who do not know how to educate their dogs or educate them on purpose improperly so that they are more aggressive. However, the government does not care and will force you to have a PPP license.

The PPP license means license to Potentially Dangerous DogsIt is compulsory and it is necessary to pass an exam to obtain it, in addition to passing a psychological test that determines that you are fit.

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But it does not end everything with the license, which allows the Pitbull to be walked only by those who own it, that is, only you. If your partner or family members want to walk your dog, They must also have their own PPP license.

You will also have to take out compulsory civil liability insurance without excess, which will mean an extra annual cost in your dog’s maintenance expenses. The PPP license only allows you to have one Pitbull dog per person, you cannot have two.

American Pitbull Terrier

Pitbull dogs are very strong and energetic

Sion dare to belittle, if you are weak or have little strength … completely forget about having a Pitbull dog because you will not be able to master it if necessary. We all know that you will educate him very well and all that … but forget it.

Imagine for a moment that you are immersed in a critical situation and you must retain your dog. Pitbulls are dogs of about twenty-five or thirty kilos in weight with an enormous force. If you don’t have enough strength to hold it on the leash…. Imagine what can happen.

On the other hand, Pitbull dogs are somewhat stubborn and sometimes they will try to be dominant, if you are a person with a weak personality it will be the Pitbull who becomes the alpha of the pack … assuming that is a danger for everyone.

  • How to be the Alpha Male of the Pack

Pitbulls need to do intense exercise on a daily basis (except for puppies obviously), you will need to have time to spend their energy and an acceptable physical understanding to exercise them.

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Coexistence between children and Pitbulls

Although respect for children resides in dog education, we all know what children are like … the treatment they can do to our dogs and the little patience some dogs have.

It is no longer because it is a Pitbull terrier, but because it will be a very big and strong dog. If you have young children who do not know how to respect the dog and its space, it is better that you seriously rethink adopting a Pitbull dog.

American Pit Bulls are well known as nanny dogs for their good habits with children, but we insist, the education of the dog and children is essential to avoid major scares.

Pitbull dog puppy

The cost of the maintenance of a Pitbull terrier

Having a dog is not cheap, no matter how you look at it. You must have a solvent financial situation that allows you to pay for the many vaccines that your Pitbull will need. Also if you get sick, you will have to pay for veterinary consultations and medicines.

To this we must add the amount of monthly food that an adult Pitbull can eat, the cost of his bed, leash, muzzle and compulsory insurance. Feeding a Pitbull terrier dog requires a high budget, since we must always use top quality products due to their nutritional needs.

The toys or the house if you plan to sleep outside the house, are also important expenses to take into account. All this counting on your dog being healthy, if unfortunately he is one of those who often has allergies or health problems … his cost will skyrocket in veterinary expenses.

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Dog experience and common sense

We highly recommend that you do not have a Pit Bull if you have not had other dogs before. If you lack experience in educating or socializing a dog, don’t make the serious mistake of having a Pit Bull as the first dog.

Extensive experience with dogs is necessary to properly educate a pit bull, it is also super important to socialize it correctly as a puppy, daily. Poorly educated or socialized Pitbull dogs can be very dangerous due to their size and strength.

Common sense is also extremely important to have a Pit Bull, if you are thinking about:

  • I’m going to have a pit bull to be scary
  • I’m going to have a Pitbull dog to scare people or nobody to mess with me
  • I’m going to have a Pitbull to use in dogfights
  • I am going to have a Pit Bull because I am fearful or insecure and I need protection
  • I’m going to have a Pitbull terrier to watch my land and bite whoever enters

Honestly, don’t you think of adopting or buying a Pit Bull. Because you are not the right type of person to have a dog of these characteristics.

Having a Pit Bull as a life partner it’s a huge responsibility, not only for you, but for him and for everyone around you. Before having a Pitbull, seriously reflect on the advice we have given you. Don’t be in a hurry to adopt, you must first be prepared.