Should I hug my dog? Watch out!!

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I embrace a dog

Despite what we believe, dogs do not like to be hugged, for them it is an uncomfortable and annoying situation, which often generates stress and even in the worst case activates their warning signals and they can attack.

It is not a joke, humans show our love to other humans through hugs and kisses but dogs are not human, and they hate being hugged. You may think your dog is an exception, so let us show you how confused you are.

In this Dogsis article we are going to show the obvious signs of why dogs should not be hugged, how to interpret canine language and how to show our love without using the hug.

Index of contents

  • 1 Signs that a dog does not like to be hugged
  • 2 Can hugging a dog be dangerous?
  • 3 How to show affection to a dog without hugs

Signs that a dog does not like to be hugged

Dogs are not people and therefore we should not humanize them with customs that can even bother them, such as hugging them. They use their own canine body language to indicate that they are not comfortable, however we tend to ignore it.

hugged dog

These are the most obvious signs that a dog is not at ease when hugged:

  • Bend your ears, in submission mode.
  • Turn your head the other way.
  • He puts his eyes in the “half moon” position.
  • Raise your leg or move it.
  • Try sneaking away.
  • Slightly lift your side lip or show your teeth.
  • Stick out your tongue or lick your lips or muzzle.
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Perhaps you are not aware of these gestures because you are hugging him and you cannot appreciate them, but without a doubt your dog will show one or more signs of those indicated.

Can hugging a dog be dangerous?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dog or a stranger’s dog, hugging a dog can be very dangerous. Dogs feel very uncomfortable being hugged, surrounded by our arms and even more so when we bring our heads closer to theirs. In canine language it is a show of challenge, actually.

If the dog is ours, it probably won’t do anything to us because it will respect us as a family or be afraid of being scolded if it does something. But if a stranger hugs you, chances are he’ll show his teeth or even bite you.

dog showing stress

Children are the most unconscious in this regard, mainly due to a bad education by their parents. They innocently try to hug the dogs as if they were stuffed animals, without knowing the great risk they are running.

Most dog attacks on children, occurs precisely because children approach them abruptly or try to hug, catch, etc … Something that should never be done. If you want to love a dog, you must do it the right way.

How to show affection to a dog without hugs

The simple fact of not hugging a dog is already very positive for him, because you will avoid putting him in a committed situation that generates anxiety and stress. Starting with understanding that dogs are not human, we are going to follow these steps so that your dog knows that you love him.

  • Approach your dog calmly, slowly and so that he sees you.
  • If your dog is not aggressive, sit next to him and wait a few minutes quietly.
  • Let him smell you, get close to you, or even lie on top of you.
  • Slowly and gently caress her back or the bottom of her neck (chest-neck).
  • Encourage him verbally with congratulations, without exciting him, in a soft, calm voice.
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It is very easy to show a dog that you appreciate him, although petting is just that, petting. If the dog sees that you take him out for a walk every day, to exercise, that you feed him when he is due and that you treat him with respect, he will know that you love him.