12 Great Dog Breeds Discover them!

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The next step to medium-sized dogs are large dog breeds, which have a special charm that makes them adorable. Although there are dozens and dozens of races of this size, these are the most popular and widespread on our planet.

We show you the twelve large-sized breeds you should know, with their characteristics, temperament, family behavior and care they need to be healthy and happy. Which one will you like the most?

Index of contents

  • 1 About the big races
  • 2 The Siberian Husky
  • 3 The American Staffordshire Terrier
  • 4 The Cane Corso
  • 5 The German Shepherd
  • 6 The Boxer
  • 7 The Doberman
  • 8 The American Pitbull terrier
  • 9 The Chow Chow
  • 10 Belgian Shepherd Malinois
  • 11 The Samoyed
  • 12 The Alaskan Malamute
  • 13 The Swiss Shepherd

About the big races

It never hurts to remember that if you are thinking of adopting one of these breeds, you should have a large garden or land where you can run and play at ease. Due to their size, they are not recommended races to live in small flats or places where they can take long walks.

A big dog is a big expense. The amount of food to buy, their vaccinations, check-ups and anything related to the dog, will have a cat equivalent to its size, large. Let’s see which are the best known breeds.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky

This breed of Asian origin is very athletic and energetic, possibly one of the smartest breeds in the world which combined with being somewhat independent makes it sometimes difficult to educate.

In the family environment it is a sociable and loving breed. In his adulthood he is around thirty kilos and a height at the withers of about fifty-five centimeters. This breed is only recommended for people with previous experience with dogs.

  • Discover the Siberian Husky
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American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier

Also known as Amstaff, this breed comes from the crossbreeding of ancient English breeds. The adult specimens are around thirty kilos in weight and a height at the withers of about forty-five centimeters.

His character is very loving and playful with his family environment, but harsh and even aggressive with other dogs. In Spain it is considered a potentially dangerous breed, so it is necessary to have a PPP license to have it.

  • All about the American Staffordshire Terrier

cane Corso

The Cane Corso

Also called the Italian Mastiff, it is an intelligent and majestic breed that presents a great bearing. He is very balanced, respectful and even loving with his family, but not with other dogs.

It is an excellent watchdog, as it is always alert and does not know fear. In antiquity it was the race most used in war, for its aggressiveness and resistance. Currently it has become an excellent companion dog, not recommended for people with no experience in dog education.

  • Characteristics and character of the Cane Corso

German shepherd

German shepherd

The German Shepherd

Also known as a German Sheepdog for its use as a sheepdog in its country of origin, this breed stands out above all others for its impressive intelligence and ease of learning.

The German Shepherd reaches an average weight of about forty kilos in his adulthood, with a height at the withers of up to sixty centimeters. It is a very active breed that requires high doses of daily exercise, recommended only for very active people with space.

  • German Shepherd dog character


The Boxer

Known throughout the world as “the eternal puppy” for his tireless desire to play, even in adulthood, this breed is an example to follow in terms of character and behavior.

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Due to his high energy level, he needs to exercise a lot on a daily basis, play games and interact with other dogs and all the members of his family. He is very familiar, respectful and faithful, one of our favorite breeds par excellence.

  • All about the Boxer breed


The Doberman

Unfairly classified as a dangerous dog by society, the truth is that in Spain it is not included in the PPP breed list. It is a very intelligent, active and affectionate breed in their family environment.

She is very prone to games, loves to exercise outdoors and enjoy the company of other dogs. At forty-five kilos in adulthood, it is one of the most widespread large breeds in the world.

  • Complete guide to the Doberman breed


American pitbull terrier

The American Pitbull terrier

Considered by many people to be the breed par excellence, the Pit
bull stands out for its high energy, qualities to learn, affectionate character with its family and skills as a guard dog. It is a very complete breed that is also considered potentially dangerous in Spain, so it is necessary get a PPP license.

In their adulthood they are around a weight of twenty-five kilos and a height of forty centimeters at the withers. They need large doses of daily exercise and it is not recommended for inexperienced people.

  • How is a Pitbull dog?


Chow chow

The Chow Chow

Also called Panda dog due to its impressive mane, this breed of Chinese origin stands out among the majority for its peculiar and characteristic bluetongue. The adult specimens weigh around thirty kilos and have a height at the withers of about fifty centimeters.

Although it is a very intelligent breed, it is also very stubborn so its education can be complicated. It is also very suspicious of strangers, making it a good watchdog.

  • Character and care of a Chow Chow

Belgian shepherd malinois

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Slightly smaller than the German Shepherd, this breed stands out for being extremely intelligent and easy to learn, it is one of the best breeds of working dogs in the world.

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He is a workaholic so he has an enormous energy level, which we must reduce with high doses of exercise and daily work. In the family environment, he is loving and respectful, provided he receives an adequate education. It is one of the most widespread large size breeds.

  • Complete Guide to the Belgian Shepherd Malinois breed

The Samoyed

This breed stands out for its beautiful white or cream hair and its well-known smile. It’s just a facial expression that makes it look like you’re smiling, but we all love it.

At thirty kilos in adulthood and fifty centimeters tall at the withers, it is one of the most sought-after large breeds today. His character is calm and loving in his family environment, playful and very active.

  • Discover the Samoyed breed

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute

Although it is a very reserved wolf-looking breed, with its family and acquaintances it will be very playful, active and affectionate. It is without a doubt one of the most resistant races on the planet, also one of the smartest.

With its forty kilos of weight on average in adult specimens, it is one of the heaviest large breeds that exist, without being considered a giant.

  • Everything about the Alaskan Malamute

Swiss Shepherd

Swiss shepherd

The Swiss Shepherd

We are facing another large breed that stands out for its beautiful hair color, white or cream. This breed is super sociable, intelligent and affectionate, making it highly recommended for virtually any family environment.

It is very simple to train and will always be attentive to our needs. With an average weight of about thirty-five kilos and a height at the withers of about fifty-five centimeters, it is possibly your ideal race.

  • Know everything about the Swiss Shepherd

Now that you know the main breeds of large dogs, what is your ideal breed?