TOP quiet dog breeds at home

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If we are thinking of sharing a home with a dog, the most important thing is that our way of life and its needs coincide to avoid problems. Whether we opt for a mestizo or a breed, we have to inform ourselves.

Thus, if we lead a quiet life, it is recommended that we opt for an adult animal with a calm and balanced character. Below we collect the calmest breeds from which we can choose.

Index of contents

  • 1 What do we understand by a calm dog?
  • 2 Podenco, a very calm dog
  • 3 Labrador, a super calm breed
  • 4 Golden, calmer than a pot
  • 5 English Bulldog, the calmest of all
  • 6 San Bernardo, big but relaxed
  • 7 Shih tzu, small and cuddly
  • 8 French Bulldog, earthquake on the street, quiet at home

What do we understand by a calm dog?

A quiet specimen will be one with a peaceful character, easy to keep at home. In addition, you will have a good coexistence with other animals, whether of their kind or another. They will not be dominant or aggressive dogs nor will they seek to fight with congeners.

Just because a dog is calm doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exercise. Physical activity is essential for all dogs, regardless of their character. The advantage of this type of dog is that they can develop intense activity outdoors and remain relaxed at home.

The tranquility in the character of a dog does not depend on its size, that’s why in this list we will find both large and small breeds. In addition, we must always add to the crossbreed dogsThey are a great option to consider. In the protectors they can give us all the information about their character.

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Podenco, a very calm dog

There are different types of hounds that share similar characteristics. We speak of hounds, in general, as a representation of hunting dogs. At this point, therefore, we could also include greyhounds. And we highlight this type of dog in the first place because of the myths that surround them.

The idea is widespread that, as they are hunting, they cannot live inside homes. The truth is that, in general, both podencos like greyhounds, no matter how much activity they need, the usual thing is that en the interior of the house they are very calm and relaxed. Therefore, there is no fear of adopting them.

We can find hounds of different sizes and cloaks. They have an average life expectancy of about 12 years. They are usually intelligent and loving, although some, at first, can be scary. Also contrary to popular belief, many can live perfectly with animals like cats.


Labrador, a super calm breed

This breed of British origin began as a hunting dog, but today it is an excellent family dog ​​that can also be trained to perform assistance tasks. It is large and robust, with short hair and a coat in yellow, chocolate or black.

It adapts to life in the city and in the country and it gets along well with both dogs and other animals. The Labrador dog He is especially good with children and easy to educate. Their weight ranges from 25-34 kg and we must take care of their diet because they tend to be overweight. It measures, on average, about 54-57 cm and lives about 12-14 years.

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Golden, calmer than a pot

The golden retriever is another breed of English origin with characteristics similar to those of the labrador, but with some physical differences, such as a coat of semi-long hair and cream or gold. Is an excellent companion pet It can also carry out assistance tasks.

The dogs of Golden Retriever breed they weigh on average about 27-36 kg and measure between 51 and 61 cm. Their life expectancy ranges from 13 to 15 years. Like the labrador, he is very good with children and with other animals. You can live both outdoors and in a flat in the city. It has good resistance to adverse weather conditions and is easy to educate.

English bulldog

English Bulldog, the calmest of all

The English bulldog It is a relatively small dog, about 31-36 cm tall, but with the builds of a large one. Wide chest and neck and brachycephalic head, weighs between 23 and 25 kg. As its name suggests, its origins are British. It was used for bullfights, although it is currently a companion dog.

Their life expectancy is between 9-11 years. Are dogs friendly with others and very tolerant with children. They can live perfectly in the city, since their exercise needs are low. It is important to avoid high temperatures, because, due to their anatomy, they can have respiratory difficulties and dangerous heat strokes.


San Bernardo, big but relaxed

This breed of giant-sized dogs has become very well-known thanks to the cinema, but precisely because of its large size and its difficulties in staying in flats, it is not widely used as a companion dog. Can reach 91 kg of weight and up to 71 cm in height.

Despite its size, or perhaps because of it, it is a very calm and peaceful dog, also with children. Formerly it was used when Saint Bernard for the transport of goods in Switzerland, the country where it originates. It is used to withstanding low temperatures. That yes, by the conformation of his lips, he drooled enough.

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Shih Tzu

Shih tzu, small and cuddly

Among the small breeds, which tend to be restless and barking, it stands out, for its tranquility, the Shih Tzu, which makes it a very manageable dog. Its origins are in China, where it was part of the Emperor’s court. These dogs weigh between 5-7 kg and measure about 25-27 cm, with a life expectancy of 13-14 years.

They are very good with children and can live perfectly in a flat. They adapt to any climate and coexist without problems with other animals. They have a long and beautiful coat that will require daily care and regular visits to the hairdresser to maintain
their spectacular appearance.


French Bulldog, earthquake on the street, quiet at home

This breed has been some of the most popular in homes for a few years and in this case it is due to its good character. This dog from France, as its name indicates, in its beginnings was dedicated to fighting bulls, nothing to do with his current life as a companion dog. It is very good with children and other animals.

It weighs between 10-13 kg and measures about 30-31 cm. Their life expectancy ranges from 11-12 years. It adapts perfectly to urban life and does not require excessive care, as it has a short hair coat. Of course, he is prone to suffering from various health problems, such as respiratory problems due to his brachycephaly, and dermatological ones.

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