Can I give Ibuprofen to a dog? Watch out!

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dog takes ibuprofen

Many people who when they see their dog a little sick, choose to self-exercise as vets and administer human medicine to their dogs, such as the well-known but lethal Ibuprofen.

Although everything does not end here, not content with doing with your guinea pig dog, there are those who apart from giving Ibuprofen to your dog, also try other highly toxic medications such as Paracetamol, Aspirin, Nolotil….

We will never understand how someone who loves his dog can put his life at risk as long as he does not go to the vet so that they can prescribe the correct and appropriate medication for his needs.

Index of contents

  • 1 Can a dog take Ibuprofen?
  • 2 What other medications are toxic to dogs?
  • 3 Can I medicate my dog ​​without going to the vet?

Can a dog take Ibuprofen?

Yes, a dog can take Ibuprofen but in a very tight amount, always prescribed by a veterinaryn and under his strict supervision. The problem with Ibuprofen is that dogs only tolerate really small amounts, and that is based on their weight.

A person without veterinary studies will never hit the right dose, seriously endangering the health of your dog. Ibuprofen can kill your dog in a matter of days if it is mismanaged, you can even produce a coma with the first dose.

dog taking ibuprofen

There are many equally effective alternatives to treating pain and inflammation as ibuprofen, which are not harmful to dogs. We are not going to give names because we do not want anyone to “experiment” with your dog, it should be the vet who prescribes them and indicates the amount to take.

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We insist, we know that some people do it with good intention to heal their dog, others because their financial resources are limited, but seriously…. You can kill your dog, think about it, we would never experiment with these things and our dog.

What other medications are toxic to dogs?

Without going any further, most drugs prescribed for humans are toxic to a greater or lesser extent to dogs. This means that you may not kill your dog in a day, but you can damage his kidney system or induce a coma.

Never get carried away with the advice you have read written in a forum or web about animals, indicating that there is no problem if you give them a little of this medicine or the other, because you can simply kill your dog.

The Paracetamol is just as toxic to dogs as for example Aspirin, the Nolotil It is also harmful and in general, any type of anti-inflammatory, which can damage the dog’s internal organs in the short term, if it does not die first from overdose.

dog at the vet

Can I medicate my dog ​​without going to the vet?

No, no and absolutely not. Having a dog implies a responsibility towards it, an enormous responsibility, the same as having a child. Would you give your son the first thing that goes through his head if he gets sick? Well the same with dogs.

If you see your dog sick, you may think that giving this or that can help him, but actually more than helping him, you can make him worse. Veterinarians diagnose the dog after an intensive examination, they are medical professionals, let them and only they, who prescribe medications for your dog.

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what if…. We all have a friend who gave Ibuprofen to his dog and nothing happened to him. We also know people who gave their dog a quarter of an Ibuprofen pill and died. Are you going to play it? We do not recommend it.