Griffon of Korthals, an off-road dog

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The Korthals Griffon, also called the Hardhaired Pointer Griffon, is a breed that gained popularity thanks to its qualities as a hunting dog. However, it is currently integrated into family environments as a companion dog.

The breed was created only in the late 19th century by Eduard Korthals, from whom it takes its name. Are you interested in adopting a dog of this breed? From Dogsis we show you everything you need to know about its characteristics, personality and care. Let’s go there!

Index of contents

  • 1 Origin of the Griffon breed of Korthals
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Korthals Griffon
  • 3 Korthals Griffon Character and Personality
  • 4 Care needed for a Korthals Griffon
  • 5 How is the health of a Korthlas Griffon?

Origin of the Griffon breed of Korthals

During the 19th century, hunting dogs became an indispensable companion for man. German Eduard Korthlas was interested in developing a new variety, so he dedicated himself to crossing different races to obtain the characteristics of a pointer (ideal for hunting on land) and a retriever terrier (dogs that rescue prey from the water).

Korthlas’s work was considered ready in France, a country that today appears as the place of origin of the griffon.

Physical characteristics of the Korthals Griffon

At a glance, the Korthals Griffon looks like a scruffy dog ​​for its thick fur ; however, he has excellent physical condition and good character.

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The International Cynological Federation (FCI) establishes in its breed standard than it is a medium-sized rustic dog. It has an elongated body and head, with long and straight limbs, while the hindquarters are generally very muscular.

The eyes are large and round, they show an intelligent look. The color of the iris is yellow or brown, just like the truffle. The ears are of medium insertion and medium size, in addition to flattened falls and with little fur. The tail is of medium thickness and very thick with hair; Despite wrong beliefs, it does not need to be amputated.

Regarding the coat, it is hard and rough, but without curls, although it does have a messy appearance. It has a double coat: the exterior is hard and the interior very thin. As for the color, it presents a combination of color background with various spots, for example: gray with reddish brown, white and brown or white and red. The dog’s eyebrows and beard are thick and matted.


Height between 55 and 60 cm in males and between 50 and 55 cm in females


Weight between 22 and 31 kg in males and between 15 and 22 kg in females


Hard, straight, solid colored hair with spots


Friendly and faithful character


Strong health although predisposed to some congenital diseases


Estimated life expectancy between 12 and 15 years



Korthals Griffon Character and Personality

You are facing an off-road dog capable of adapting to the most unimaginable environments. Family life is his thing, he gets along excellently with the children and expresses much devotion to his masters.

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Meek, good-natured and faithful are three characteristics that perfectly describe to the Griffon. In addition, his great intelligence and his extraordinary smell predominate, peculiarities that have served him as a hunting dog. This activity is carried out quickly and skillfully, as it is a great tracker, although it can be stubborn when it wants to find prey.

In domestic settings, he acts as a good watchdog thanks to his diligent and protective disposition, nothing escapes the Griffon. Further, his beard and mustaches give him a funny and elegant look to its rustic appearance, perfect if you are looking for a beautiful dog.

Care needed for a Korthals Griffon

The Korthlas Griffon not a flat or apartment dogYou need to live with a family that owns a large house, space and the outdoors are your thing.

A garden or a good piece of land in a rural setting will make you very happy, since it thus has space to run, play and feel free. Even Korthals Griffon puppies are quite active Keep this in mind before adopting one.

This dog is ideal to include in the home routine. If the family goes for a run, exercises, takes children to school on foot, or rolls a bike, the Griffon wants to be present at those activities. Being a part of this helps keep you fit and draining your awesome energy.

To these activities it is necessary to add games that challenge your intelligence. Searching for the ball or discovering prizes are great ways to do this. Stimuli of this type are necessary to avoid boredom or developing destructive behaviors.

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Regarding training, puppy socialization recommended. He learns easily and stands out for wanting to please his masters. Thanks to his sweet personality, positive reinforcement and loving training are the way to get the best out of him.

Regarding the coat, it is not difficult to care for. Two brushings per week are recommended, along with a periodic trimming to allow the coat to grow beautifully. As with ot
her breeds, bathing depends on the dog’s physical activity.

Since the breed has droopy ears, it is recommended to check them frequently to stop infections. If you don’t know how to clean the ears, go to the dog groomer for this.


How is the health of a Korthlas Griffon?

Unfortunately, the breed suffers from a predisposition to some genetic diseases. It is possible to prevent them with care, but still be aware of the symptoms of the following ailments:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Hypothyroidism

Surely now that you already know all its characteristics, you are thinking of sharing your life with one of them. Remember that it is a breed that requires a lot of space and exercise, not suitable for living in the city.