How to take care of a dog in summer? Practical tips

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Knowing the care for dogs in summer is essential to protect it from high temperatures. Dehydration, paws burned from the asphalt or heat stroke are some of the problems that can arise if you do not pay attention during this season.

Discover ways to cool your dog from the heat and other recommendations to spend this summer without incident. Let’s go there!

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Index of contents

  • 1 Hydration
  • 2 Feeding
  • 3 Walking schedule
  • 4 Dog Cooling Pad
  • 5 Deworming
  • 6 Coat care
  • 7 Sunscreen
  • 8 How to keep your dog cool in summer?


Hydration is an essential part of your dog’s care, but in summer it becomes even more important. The container of water should always be available and it is recommended that you change it daily or a few times a day, so that it stays fresh.

Remember to place the container in an area away from the sun, to prevent it from getting warmer. You don’t need to give your dog cold water from the refrigerator, at room temperature it’s more than enough.

Other options are to offer you a delicious ice cream for dogs and use ice as a toy. They will help refresh it by providing extra hydration.


Many dogs tend to eat less during the summer, as rising temperatures can lead to behavioral changes and irritability. To counter them, you must stimulate your dog to eat with a change of routine.

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Offer food during the cooler hours of the day, either early in the morning or late afternoon. This will also aid digestion.

A good option is to give wet foodIn this way, you will provide more hydration and a different texture. If your dog is not used to eating canned food, you can moisten his usual feed with water.

Fruits such as watermelon and melon are recommended during the summer, but in small portions and occasionally, as they contain a lot of sugar.


Walking schedule

One of the main care for dogs in summer is to pay attention to the time of the walks. Just like for lunch, schedule the walks for the morning or the late afternoon, in this way you avoid the hours of greatest sun.

The exercise should be moderate Because your dog could suffocate or dehydrate quickly. Another good option is to buy shoes for your dog or a protective gel for pads, this way you will avoid that his paws can be hurt by the hot asphalt if you must go out with him at critical hours of the day. However, it is recommended that you stay indoors until the sun is less strong.

During walks and playtime, remember to take a container of water with you for your dog.

Dog Cooling Pad

If you plan to go on a trip or enjoy a day in the park with your pet, you can purchase a dog cooling pad. These cooling blankets contain a gel able to absorb heat from your pet, helping a hot dog cool off quickly.

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This type of blankets are sold at different prices and you can use them outdoors or indoors.

Inside your house, your dog’s bed should be located in a cool place, with enough ventilation and away from the sun. Under no circumstances should you leave it tied up in the garden or unprotected against the sun’s rays.



Summer is not just a season for taking vacations. While you rest, certain insects proliferate that will become a nuisance to your dog: fleas and ticks.

Just before summer begins, check with your vet for the best time to administer internal and external deworming products. This will depend on the immunization schedule and deworming that your dog has had before.

Coat care

It is not recommended to cut your dog’s hair in summer unless the vet has recommended it. Why? The cloak works as a heat insulator and prevents skin burns. By cutting it, you only expose your dog.

Naturally, dead hair will fall out to make the coat less dense and fresher during the summer. However, it is recommended that you brush your dog frequently to contribute to this process. Incidentally, this will serve to untie knots and detect the early presence of external parasites.



All dogs like to sunbathe, but in summer it is so intense that it can end up causing burns to the most sensitive parts of our dog. Like for example on your nose / truffle.

To avoid this type of burns, it is recommended to use a sunscreen for dogs good quality to protect you well, generally it is recommended to use factor 50.

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How to keep your dog cool in summer?

It is advisable to increase the frequency of the baths if the temperatures rise too high, but taking into account that, if you have applied a pipette against parasites, you should wait a few days before doing so.

A visit to the pool is a fun way to take heat away from your dog. Keep an eye on your pet at all times, as he could drown if he is afraid of the water or there are no steps to get out of the pool.

Walks to rivers or natural spaces can be dangerous if you do not pay attention to what your dog does. A stream, rocks at the bottom or muddy areas could endanger you, keep it close to you at all times. Similarly, it prevents you from eating plants or fruits found in the place.

A homemade alternative is to use a spray to spray the coat, it is good to wet the dogs when it is hot, as this helps them to cool off (as long as they remain in the shade afterwards).

Following this list of care for dogs in summer, you can enjoy with your pet without worries.