Apoquel for dogs What is it and what are its side effects?

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Apoquel is a drug for veterinary use intended for dogs. It has started to be commercialized only a few years ago. It comes in tablets and is available in various formats that easily adapt to dogs of all weights.

Apoquel is used to relieve intense itching caused by different dermatitis. It is not a medication that we can administer to the dog on our own. It acts on the immune system, so strict veterinary control is necessary. Do you want to know more details about Apoquel? Let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is Apoquel?
  • 2 What is Apoquel used for in dogs?
  • 3 What dose of Apoquel does a dog need?
  • 4 Side effects of Apoquel in dogs
  • 5 Apoquel contraindications
  • 6 How much does Apoquel cost?

What is Apoquel?

Apoquel is a medicine for veterinary use whose active ingredient is oclacitinib. Is about an immunomodulator that therefore has effects on the immune system. This discourages your prescription in some cases where it may be compromised.

It acts quickly, in particular, on certain enzymes that play a prominent role in inflammatory and itchy processes. By blocking them, therefore, reduce both inflammation and itching.

Apoquel comes as film-coated tablets. It has an elongated shape and a whitish color. It is possible to divide them into two halves, which facilitates the adaptation of the dose to the weight of the dog.

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What is Apoquel used for in dogs?

Apoquel is thought to treat itching in dogs. Specifically, it can be prescribed for dogs that feel itchy associated with problems such as allergic dermatitis. An example is its use in dogs suffering from atopic dermatitis, flea bite allergy dermatitis or DAPP, contact dermatitis or food allergies.

It is very important that we are clear that Apoquel is used to treat a symptom of these conditions, such as itching. This greatly improves the quality of life of the dog, since the intense itching causes great discomfort and stress. But it will not cure the allergy or have any effect on its causes.

In other words, a dog that scratches due to flea allergies, with Apoquel will relieve itching, but it is essential to eliminate fleas with another product, as well as any symptoms such as infections. In short, Apoquel is part of a comprehensive treatment and is prescribed so that the dog does not suffer from itching while recovering from the cause that has triggered it.


What dose of Apoquel does a dog need?

Apoquel dose can only be prescribed by the veterinaryn. The effectiveness of the drug has been demonstrated for different doses, so it will be the professional who must choose which one our dog needs. In addition, you have to adapt it to your weight.

Apoquel it is administered orally twice a day for a couple of weeks, although the duration of the treatment is conditioned by the evolution of the dog. The tablets can be offered interchangeably alone or with food.

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After two weeks of treatment, Apoquel can be continued as maintenance. In this case instead of two it is administered only once a day, always following strict veterinary control.

Side effects of Apoquel in dogs

The immune system is in charge of defending the body against pathogens. As Apoquel has effects on him, his operation may be impaired. In this way, the dog will be more sensitive to any infection. For the same reason, in those specimens with tumors their growth may be favored.

All these data should help us to be clear that we should never medicate our dog without consulting the vet. Dogs treated with Apoquel should be periodically checked and controlled by this professional. In addition to precautions regarding the immune system, Apoquel can have side effects such as the following:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, loss or increase of appetite, increased water intake
  • Cutaneous and subcutaneous lumps, interdigital cysts and pododermatitis
  • Lethargy
  • Pyoderma, Otitis, Cystitis, yeast skin infections

Apoquel contraindications

Apoquel not recommended for administration to dogs less than one year of age or weighing less than 3 kg. Nor is it prescribed for those specimens that are immunosuppressed.

It is also not recommended for dogs with hyperadrenocorticism or those suffering from a malignant tumor. Its safety has not been demonstrated for use in pregnant or lactating females. Therefore, it is not appropriate to administer Apoquel in these cases.

How much does Apoquel cost?

Apoquel’s Price varies depending on the size we need. Thus, we find different compositions such as Apoquel of 3.6 mg, 5.4 and 16 for larger dogs. Prices may vary. On average, they are as follows:

  • Apoquel 3.6 mg: 24-35 euros the box of 20 tablets.
  • Apoquel 5.4 mg: 24-29 euros the box of 20 tablets.
  • Apoquel 16 mg: 45-48 euros the box of 20 tablets.