Dog Health

Knowing the main diseases and health problems that our dog may have, will help us identify the symptoms in the event that it suffers from them and carry out early treatment with the help of your veterinaryn. Thus preventing your illness or problem from being more serious. Here you will find many informative articles where you can see everything related to the health and care of a dog.

But remember, in case of illness, it should always be your vet who makes a diagnosis and prescribes appropriate treatment, since each dog is different.

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

There are many people who ask us daily what foods are beneficial or harmful for their dogs, including of course the famous yogurt. Since veterinary holistic medicine began, based mainly on the administration and supervision of foods with beneficial properties for our dogs … dog food has changed a lot. All this added to new …

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Symptoms of boredom in dogs

Disconsolate barking, wrecking or inattention. Are these behaviors familiar to you? Then your dog companion may have mood problems. In fact, these attitudes correspond to some of the main symptoms of boredom in dogs. Therefore, it is essential that we are able to identify them as soon as possible in order to provide them with …

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Dog Insurance Are They Worth It?

Those of us who are fortunate enough to share our life with a dog also have at our disposal two types of insurance for dogs, compulsory liability insurance for PPPs (potentially dangerous dogs) and veterinary assistance insurance, known as health insurance for dogs. But despite having both options in a large number of insurance companies, …

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How dogs drink water?

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen your dog drink water from its drinking trough, they bring their snouts closer to the water and with the help of their tongues collect the water they want to bring to their mouths. What you may not have seen is that their tongue acquires a spoon …

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My dog ​​doesn’t love me

Although we have evolved together, humans and dogs cannot always understand each other. This allows us, at times, to doubt the affection that our dog feels for us. However, it is possible that despite our suspicions, our dog loves us but we do not know how to interpret his way of showing it. Do you …

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