How to remove a tick from a dog – With photos and video

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Ticks are possibly one of the most feared parasites for those of us who live with dogs. Since not only can they infect a large number of diseases to the dog, which is horrible, but they can also establish themselves in humans and infect us.

These parasites are very smart since they do not cause itching or irritation like fleas, in this way they avoid being detected. Ticks even use a little anesthesia that they generate natively when they bite us, so that we do not feel any pain or discomfort, while they feed on our blood or that of our dog.

Spend the next thirty seconds of your life reading this information and both you and your dog will always be well protected, and you will also learn how to remove a tick correctly.

Index of contents

  • 1 How do I know if my dog ​​or I have ticks?
  • 2 How to remove a tick from the dog in one step
  • 3 How to protect my dog ​​against ticks?

How do I know if my dog ​​or I have ticks?

Ticks are parasites that spread very easily, if our dog has been playing with other infected dogs it is possible that it has become infected. Although you can also get infected simply by walking in the park, or the garden.

The same happens with us, we can get a tick simply by walking through the forest, or through the city. These parasites prefer to stay in furry animals to avoid detection, which is why they generally prefer to live in a dog than in a human.

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To know if our dog has ticks we must do a thorough eye inspection. Ticks are the size of a lentil, when young they can be as small as the tip of a pencil, and when they are adult they can even look like a chickpea.

The ears inside and outside, the face, the armpits, the groins and the hollows between the fingers of our dog’s parts are the places where they normally stay. However it is possible to find ticks anywhere. So we must raise our dog’s hair with the help of the hand (very carefully and without damaging it, move the hand against the grain) to visualize its skin in search of possible ticks.

We must check his entire body, from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. Some ticks stay in the area near the eyes, so we should not confuse them with pimples, warts or the like.

tick on dog's back

How to remove a tick from the dog in one step

If we finally detect a tick in our dog, we must remove it by following these instructions to the letter. We should never pull the tick by simply waiting for it to release, because surely its head will be inside the skin of our dog and will cause infections.

The correct way to eliminate a tick is by observing it, you have to see where it has its legs to see in which sense it has entered the dog’s skin. Once we have seen the direction in which he was walking when he has inserted his head into the skin of our dog, we simply must take it with tweezers (as close as possible to his head) and pull gently but constantly in the opposite direction, so that it comes out in the same angle at which it entered.

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If we pull up, or to the wrong side, its head will split leaving the skin of our dog, which will cause infections. If we manage to remove the tick alive and whole, we must put it in a bottle with alcohol so that it drowns. We must not trample on it, because if it is a pregnant tick, we could make all its eggs disperse…. producing a future invasion of ticks.

Once we have removed the tick from our dog, we will wash the area with warm soapy water, then rinse again. Then we would apply a little iodine to avoid infections in the small wound that the tick left open (where it had inserted its head).

tick caught

We must review our dog in depth, since it is possible that there are more ticks even if they are of different sizes (more complicated to detect).

How to protect my dog ​​against ticks?

There are many anti-parasite products on the canine market, although the most recommended is to protect our dog naturally. With these flea and tick home remedies And also, following these simple tips that will hardly rob us of a little time and dedication:

  • Bathe the dog once or twice a month with an anti-parasite shampoo
  • Use a natural anti-parasite repellent to prevent infections / infections
  • Examine our dog in depth once a week
  • Brush our dog regularly with a special dog comb

Hard? They are obligatory routines if we have a dog, we must monitor its health well so that it is well and incidentally, we also.

If you are afraid of trying to remove the tick by yourself, or you just feel a little disgusted or you fear doing it wrong, you can go to your vet. He will remove it and can teach you how to do it easily.