NFNatcane – Interview with the dog food company

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You have probably already heard of NFNatcane and its high-quality products at very competitive prices, to feed our furry four-legged companions.

NFNatcane is an established dog food company, with high quality products, fair prices and good customer service, which has become a benchmark company.

And it is that not only selling a good quality product is enough today, it is necessary to know the nutritional needs of each dog / breed and correctly advise clients to obtain the most suitable feed for their pet.

Many years of study and work with dogs from different areas encompassed in the canine world and nutrition have led NFNatcane to obtain more than enough experience to determine what is the best diet for each dog.

That is why NFNatcane offers on its website to all visitors a form where they can enter the data of our dog, and their technical experts in canine nutrition and very knowledgeable of their formulas, will answer us. The NFNatcane team will evaluate the data and recommend the most suitable food for your dog.

Each dog is different, even if it is of the same breed, the climate of the area where it lives, the physical wear due to work, age, exercise or walks and even the character of the dog itself can determine its nutritional needs.


From dog food with all the nutrients they may need to Senior dog food with condoprotectors for their joints, not to mention the more specific food for working dogs, including dogs with intolerances, puppies, etc., NFNatcane offers a wide range of animal feed. that you can see on their website.

We have conducted a personalized interview with NFNatcane with many questions that are surely of interest to you and that you can see below. A company that responds to the queries of its clients without hesitation, is a trusted company.


How and when was the idea of ​​creating NFNatcane born?

We have been working as professionals in the canine world for more than 16 years, in the professional training sector and official courses in different fields, all of them included in the canine area, in addition to dog training, working groups, competition and training of useful dogs in matter of security, detection and assistance, and 6 years already with our brand.

We are also technicians in veterinary nutrition and veterinary dietitians.
We have always been very demanding with the feeding of our dogs, and we chose to make a strong investment in our own formulas, adjusted to what we were looking for and, consequently, a large number of dog owners.

We have a rule, which is that we do not put on the market any product that has not been tested by our trusted dogs for at least 6 months (more than 50 dogs of different characteristics, always including more delicate dogs at the digestive level and dogs with intolerances ). Period in which we carefully keep track of all factors.

If we are not sure that a product meets the percentages of success that we propose in these studies, that product does not go on the market and we work to develop another with which we achieve the specific objective that we seek.

We consider that one part is the formulation, in which we have the same philosophy and another is the practical part, in which the product must work. There are many factors that can make a product with an interesting formulation not work, which is why all our products go through the complete testing phase.

The objective we set for ourselves at NFNatcane is to ask ourselves what formulation we would need if we had a dog with an allergy to wheat or corn, another dog with bacterial proliferation in the intestinal flora, another that is difficult to eat, another that is difficult to gain weight, another that is gaining weight too fast, another that needs to strengthen the immune system for having undergone a pathology, another with hip dysplasia, another with malabsorption syndrome, another with intolerance to any cereal, another as a working dog, etc …

Our high number of students has allowed us, in fact, to meet dogs with these disparate characteristics in a very close and accessible way. And as a result, as I say, we started to do, little by little and taking care of the details, what is necessary for this whole process.

The first phase is the elaboration of the formula, together with the expert nutritionist veterinaryns and with great experience in the sector. The second is manufacturing that allows the testing phase. The third, as I say, seeing that the product is functional in a very high percentage, exceeding 85% in susceptible dogs (assimilable, digestive, palatable, health aspect, hair shine, correct stools, low risk of allergies, etc. ).

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We would be out of reality if we wanted a single product to work in 100% of dogs, because that is impossible, and that is why we look for different products within the same base.


What experience and training do you have in the field of pets?

Exactly both are essential and being united, since separately is usually not enough. Experience and training. As for the training, a lot and very varied, I summarize a little

Dietetics and Veterinary Nutrition, accreditation by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police for the training of canine guides, canine instructor FCI, professional canine trainer, trainer of trainers, canine behaviorist, technician in advanced training, accredited professor of anacp, evaluating judge cce, and many specialized training in different areas of dog training (therapy, security, OCI, mondioring and other sports fields).

As for experience, 16 years teaching official and professional courses, all of them in areas of the canine world, in different fields (substance detection, search, security, obedience, sports disciplines, behavior modifications, etc.), training more than 3,000 students, and more than 500 in a professional field (State Forces, VS and professional trainers), with more than 6,000 hours taught. As well as a collaborator in media such as RTVE as an expert in canine behavior.

That is, we know both sides, both nutrition and pet food, as well as the real needs for each dog at all times.

What is the philosophy of NFnatcane?

At a commercial level we think, as we said that an attractive formulation can make the customer try it, but let’s not kid ourselves, if the product does not work with great success there will logically be no continuity. As we said, that the product works can only be achieved with studies in different dogs with different characteristics.

At the level of dog food, our goal is short and long-term health. For this long-term care, we consider it essential to use the highest quality and natural ingredients available, and to avoid artificial preservatives and artificial colors or flavors.

For this long-term care, it is also essential to include top-quality ingredients, with more expensive raw materials economically but that undoubtedly offer a much greater benefit in the short and long term. Proteins of medium or low quality and carbohydrates in an excessive percentage can cause in our dogs, in the long term, serious pathologies, increasingly common.

For these short-term results, we consider it essential to include ingredients and processes that facilitate digestibility and assimilation along with the quality of these ingredients.

For this we also include in our formulas ingredients that come from companies that only manufacture food for humans.


What benefits for the final consumer and your pet are obtained by preparing this feed in Spain?

It is obvious that every consumer, of any product in any sector, is the one who bears the cost of the product and all the direct and indirect expenses that this product involves. In the sector that concerns us without a doubt, transportation is one of the main aspects that marks the pvp. The main one after the product itself, but not the only one.

Expensive advertising, very attractive packaging for the customer (not for the dog), network of distributors and storage at many points are other factors that also affect the PVP. Our objective is to invest in quality, which is what will allow continuity along with that the client does not pay “inflated” quantities that are very happy (temporarily) with the intermediaries but not the consumer.

In our brand, a very functional packaging that maintains the product and its properties, direct sale or through large quantities at points of sale that share our philosophy of quality + price = continuity and centralized logistics, with direct sales allow us to focus our efforts in the quality of the product.

Expensive advertising will get many people to try the product, but as we were saying, if this means reducing investment in quality or inflating the price, it will not allow continuity, our main objective. We prefer slower but in our opinion more reliable means, such as word of mouth, nowadays streamlined by the Internet and social networks.

The response has been excellent and that has allowed us to improve further and develop new and improved formulas. In summary, indicate that our motto is “what you and your dog were looking for”, referring to everything discussed in this section.

And of course, today we are very happy with the result, and this allows us to access better rates in supply and transport and in turn improve and create new formulas without impacting the customer’s pocket.

At a general level, what do NFNatcane products have in common?

Often our clients refer to the decrease in quantity and sometimes of the stools in their dog. The assimilation of the product is essential, since if it is not correct the dog will not obtain the benefits sought in that product. Undoubtedly the quality of the raw materials, the balance in their formulas and specific elements for this task intervene in it.

At a general level, we take care of digestibility as the main aspect. In this aspect, it is necessary to use highly digestible starting raw materials and combine them in such a way that as many synergies as possible are produced. And of course probiotics, prebiotics and other nutraceuticals that maintain a correct ecology in the intestine. All this is perhaps less visible in terms of formulation, but we consider essential in product functionality.

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On the other hand, we take care of the intolerance factor. The products included and their way of processing reduce the risks in this area. We also consider that NFNatcane in general is high in palatability, due to its ingredients, its quality, the way of application, the combination of these and the always natural aromas included.


NFNatcane offers diversity in its range. What do you want in each product?

All our products have the same line in terms of philosophy, but they effectively differ to meet the needs of each dog. Fortunately, consumers nowadays have much more information when feeding their dog, and they are aware that each dog requires variable nutritional characteristics.

We have products without cereal or meat for dogs with intolerances. Specific products to unite digestibility and energy, for that profile of dogs that need to regain weight without ingesting large amounts that would affect digestibility or pose risks such as stomach twisting.

Products in which the percentage of carbohydrates is minimal, which together with being made without cereals, is recommended by numerous veterinaryns in cases where it affects a disease closely linked to the state of the immune system. Products in which the balance in percentages, ingredients and calories stand out, with proteins from combined sources and that take care of health. Products with 100% of the hydrolyzed meat and fish proteins to reduce intolerances and gain digestibility.

Products lower in calories for dogs that due to their metabolism, surgeries or other aspects have a tendency to gain weight. Products that take special care of hair and skin, for ring dogs or dogs with poorer hair quality or continuous problems with molting.

Very energetic products for dogs that live in conditions of greater wear due to being outdoors or due to their dedication. And of course several products for the specific care of puppies, in which feeding and proper development go hand in hand.

Another aspect that we take care of in each product is the shape and size of kibble based on the average of the dogs for which this reference is intended.

What can you tell us about the proteins in NFNatcane?

Proteins are of vital importance in the dog. They are essential for the immune system, body structure, growth, development, bones, muscles, organs, etc.

In our formulas, protein of animal origin always occupies the main place. We ensure that these are of high biological value and highly digestible.
Salmon, tuna, melva, chicken meat, turkey, lamb, beef, and egg in significant percentages appear in our formulas for their biological value and digestibility, with processes that facilitate digestion and reduce risks of intolerances.

In the gourmet range, 100% of meat and fish proteins are hydrolyzed, which means a decrease in intolerances and in turn promote digestibility.

What about carbohydrates?

For this purpose we use legumes and potatoes in the formulas without cereal and brown rice as cereal together with legumes in the others. We avoid decompensated ingredients and cereal forms with a high glycemic index or that affect the digestibility of the product..

On the other hand, we seek balance, both potatoes and rice are highly digestible ingredients, but we do not include products in which that percentage of a single ingredient is disproportionate to the global one, because in our opinion that would harm rather than favor.

We do not include high percentages of carbohydrates in any formula, taking into account, among many other factors, that diabetes is today one of the diseases that unfortunately is growing the most in dogs.


What feeding table do you recommend?

If we were guided only by the dog’s body weight to establish recommended amounts, we would be forgetting the most important factors when establishing the correct feeding guide.

To give an example, among a quiet farmer, who lives at home, with little activity, castrated, weighing 30 kg. And on the other hand a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, who lives in a garden, with low temperatures, always alert and active and barking at external stimuli, and also at 30 kg, the caloric needs of both could triple from one to the other. Therefore, simply guiding ourselves by weight means making mistakes or giving margins so wide that they would not make sense or confuse the owner.

We usually associate the word “exercise” with the time of the walk, and we associate that time with the only factor that intervenes in the caloric needs.

In our opinion, this vision differs from rea
lity. Energy needs may vary due to external factors, metabolism, stress, level and type of exercise, whether the place where you sleep is calm or alert, race, ambient temperature, how you assimilate this product , of operations, of anxiety, of dogs with phobias, etc … even being able to vary in the same animal in different seasons.

An adaptation to each case is necessary if we want to control its weight and its good physical condition, making appropriate changes in the daily contribution of its food ration. To cover a moderate supplement need for its energy needs, it will only be necessary to increase the animal’s daily ration, and conversely if it is necessary to decrease the energy supply.

In the case in which the energy needs of the dog require a high and not moderate variation, both low and high, in that case we should change the product we are giving him for another with more appropriate characteristics for him. The metabolizable energy of each product, which NFNatcane always indicates, is a key aspect in establishing the appropriate amount.

At NFNatcane, the quality of the raw materials together with the digestibility and assimilation of their food means that, under normal conditions, they need less quantity than the current market average.

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Taking into account the average characteristics of the profile of the dog to which each product is destined, we recommend for each reference a quantity with which to start, having later, as we say, to adjust the quantity to each dog looking for the ideal weight for him.

They have on their website a free test available to the client, tell us about this service.

Indeed, it is a test in which the client explains the characteristics of his dog, routines, activity, preferences, intolerances, weak points, etc …

It allows us to make a personalized assessment, as experts in veterinary nutrition, to adjust the reference to the dog, assessing intolerances, digestibility, calories, nutritional needs, etc …

It is a service that we consider very practical so as not to choose a product that perhaps, even being of quality, might not fit with your dog. As we explained, our products have the same line, but there are very notable differences in each reference, and the test allows us to obtain a very high percentage of the success of each product in each dog.

And apparently the idea must have liked other companies in the sector, because they have incorporated it into their web pages with the same description.


… As a result of this last comment, we were going to ask you, are you aware that more than one company is wanting to look like you in similar names… very similar visibility, web, etc.?

Well, trying to look alike always means you’re on the right line. But in reality we continue to focus on our own, and we take advantage of our experience in the sector, and we continue to carry out our own formulas, our studies, our investments and improving in all aspects. That is what we spend all our time on.

As previously indicated, to have continuity it is not enough to include the same descriptions, nor to resemble the image among other things. For this continuity, it is only valid that the products are of quality, specific and functional at all levels, apart of course from good management and attention, strong investments and not accommodating in order to continue improving, as well as a lot of experience and differentiate from others. brands.

How does NFNatcane stand out compared to other brands?

Although it is true that fortunately today there are high quality brands on the market, we consider that NFNatcane stands out for the quality and diversity and specialization of its products.

We do not stay in an attractive formulation or a commercial product, but we delve, first hand, as Experts in the Dog World, into the functionality of the product. We are very demanding with each of the products. We know perfectly the results of each of the products in each profile of each dog, which allows us to advise our clients in a very reliable way.

On the other hand, our objective is the final customer, and on this is based our policy explained here, personalized service through the choice of recommended product test, as experts in veterinary nutrition, and the priority of investing in the product itself , avoiding other expenses that would affect our clients, thus reaching an unbeatable value for money.

As I explained before, being on both sides, knowing deeply all the aspects of pets, as well as nutrition and the preparation of pet food, and the day-to-day results in all types of dogs, allows us make no mistake.

Another aspect is that we do not accommodate, we keep doing studies and including new formulas, and improving in many ways. Also in other issues not belonging to the formulation itself, we continue to improve. For example, we have changed the web to a more intuitive, fast and comfortable one, and soon we will have an app for even more customer comfort.

Is there a possibility to test NFNatcane feed without having to buy a full bag of a large format?

That’s right, they have a 4 kg format.

Do you have a new product in mind?

That’s right, we always continue to research and study the products to be added, which in many cases, our own clients request from us. We are currently studying the formulation for dogs with kidney problems, and another new formula in the gourmet range of fish beneficial for several aspects.

And on the other hand we are also studying another formula of cats. Currently we already have our formula for cats “cats health”, which is giving an excellent result.

For those who are not using NFNatcane Any advice / comment?

For those who use a quality product, that takes care of their dog’s health in the short and long term, that the result in their dogs is positive and that they consider that they pay for what is included in the feed bag, I just have to tell them that stick with that product.

For those who are still looking for a product that meets all these characteristics, I invite you to carry out our free test on the web to advise you on the NFNatcane reference that we consider could best be adjusted to the needs of your dog.

  • NFNatcane Official Website

From we want to thank the entire NFNatcane team for their time and dedication with us, as well as their willingness to collaborate with the interview and clarify all our doubts. Without forgetting the samples they sent us to be able to check the quality of their feed with our dogs. A great job that will surely be of great help to many readers.