Nutritional supplements for dogs

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Among the natural products that humans have at our disposal, there are certain foods such as oils, spices and yeasts that can be highly recommended in certain cases for our dogs.

Although we must know in what amount to administer them and when to do it, since an excess of these nutritional supplements can be harmful. Like everything in this life, everything in its correct measure. Let’s review what are the best supplements, how to manage them and what benefits they offer.

Nutritional supplements for dogs: Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is well known among professionals in the canine sector, as it is widely used in beauty dogs and as a natural supplement. It can be purchased at any pet store, in capsule or liquid format.

Although it also serves the oil of any other type of fish, this is the most widely used for its beneficial properties. Salmon oil is very rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, highly recommended for optimal health and to protect your heart.

It provides a very noticeable shine to the hair of our dogs, in addition to being very beneficial also for their skin. The dogs that appear in beauty contests, usually take this oil for several months before the competition, to improve the quality of their hair.

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The recommended dose for a healthy dog weighing about 30 kilos is one tablespoon a day, mixed with its usual food. If we observe that our dog’s feces begin to be much brighter than normal, such as oily, we will lower this dose to half a tablespoon daily.

canned sardines

Nutritional supplements for dogs: Canned sardines

Sardines are an exceptional source of food, very complete and highly beneficial for the health of our dog. We should take sardines canned in oil, since other formats such as “pickled” for example are not recommended.

They offer high doses of fatty acids beneficial to our dog, in addition to a large amount of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Vitamins of type B, A and D, in summary…. a very nutritious and healthy food.

They are widely used as a supplement, in dogs that perform strong physical activities, athletes or dogs a little low on a nutritional level. It provides a very remarkable extra energy, in addition to being very healthy for your body at a nutritional level.

The recommended dose for a healthy dog weighing 30 kilos is half a can of sardines per week. It is best to administer it only once in conjunction with your usual food, instead of distributing it daily.


Nutritional supplements for dogs: Oregano

Oregano is a very common spice in human food, but also an excellent supplement for our dogs. It has many beneficial properties, although perhaps the most notable is its fungicidal property.

Oregano helps our dog repel fungal attacks on its skin, ears, intestines or any part of its body. Administered in adequate doses it can even be used as a natural preventive in times of increased fungal activity, such as in spring and winter.

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It also has digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for organs such as the liver or pancreas. It is undoubtedly a great ally of the dog, although how everything … in its correct measure.

The recommended dose for a healthy dog of 30 kilos of but, is 1/4 of spoon of coffee (the little one) a day, three or four days a week.

Spirulina for dogs

Nutritional supplements for dogs: Seaweed

Seaweed is not only healthy for our dogs, but also for us. They are somewhat complex to obtain, although in some herbalists they are available we must pay attention very well since they are not always of good quality. Don’t give them a cat for a hare.

Seaweeds, like the famous spirulina for example, offer a large amount of essential minerals to our dogs. Natural minerals, we should not confuse them with the chemicals that some feed uses as a supplement.

In addition to minerals, they contain trace elements, vitamins and proteins highly recommended for the feeding of any living being. They are without a doubt the food of the future … although for the moment, they are only a complement 🙂

The recommended dose of algae for a healthy dog weighing about 30 kilos is one teaspoon per week. We can give you the dried (crushed) or previously hydrated algae. We recommend buying them dehydrated, but each with their hobbies….

kefir for dogs

Nutritional supplements for dogs: Kefir

Kefir is a totally natural product that is obtained from milk or sugar water. It is a set of bacteria highly beneficial for both dogs and humans, which has been used as natural medicine throughout the centuries.

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Its properties are simply surprising, it destroys the bad bacteria found in our dog’s body (digestive system) and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. It is also recommended in dogs with digestive diseases such as E. Coli or Salmonella, given its properties.

As if this were not enough, it contains a great variety of vitamins of group B, vitamins A, D and K. In addition to different highly nutritious minerals.

The recommended dose of kefir for a healthy dog of about 30 kilos in weight, is two or three small tablespoons of coffee a day. At the beginning it is better to start with smaller doses to avoid disorders, and gradually increase.

lying boxer

Although there are obviously many other nutritional supplements, which can bring great benefits to our dog … such as cinnamon, Among many. These that we have mentioned are the ones that we use on a personal level and on a regular basis, with good results.

If you know of any other natural supplement that you have tried and offers good benefits, you can recommend it in the comments or by email and we will add it to the list.