What is the best dog food? Find out!

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Surely you have already read some websites about dogs or canine forums where it insists on recommending the feed of the brand “xxx” (note for clueless: xxx is an example | I think = balanced in some countries), or the feed / balanced “xxx ”Because it contains only natural products and blah blah blah…. The truth is that there is a great lack of knowledge about how to know if the feed / balanced you have chosen is of good quality or not.

The best feed for dogs or balanced for dogs, does not have to be the most well-known brand nor the most expensive economically speaking, it simply must contain the appropriate components and in the right average. dog food in feeder

Although before starting to explain in detail the details of the feed in dry or wet format, we must remember that there are also other options when it comes to feeding our dogs correctly. A good option is natural dog food, which is made with fresh ingredients and does not go through high temperature processes, such as extruded ones that use conventional feed. This type of natural food is called BARF Diet, you can get more information in the web search engine.

However, if we prefer to feed our dog with feed, these are the indications that we must always follow in order to assess its quality. Remembering that each dog has different needs, young dogs need more energy, for example, than very old dogs.

The first thing we should know is that manufacturers are bound by law to put on their labels the products they have used in order from highest to lowest quantity. So if the label of a feed begins with “Ingredients: Corn, potatoes, sin … ..” what it is indicating is that most of the feed is simply Corn and Potatoes, something that already indicates that it is of low quality .

As we all know, dogs descend from the wolf so they are carnivores. This means that most of their diet must be made up of meat (or failing that fish, which also contains a large quantity of high-quality proteins) and a little vegetables and fruit, very healthy for dogs as long as it is administered in a suitable measure.

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Some races how dogs with Pitbull genetics, the race Labrador wave Boxer dog breed They are very active from puppies and need to be fed with high quality protein sources to develop their muscles well.

On the other hand, some cereals are of no use in the diet of a dog, they do not take advantage of their properties or nutrients … so they are simply filler or to cut down on other products or to shape the kibble of the feed itself, by the extruded.

However, rice is a highly digestible cereal for dogs and a great source of carbohydrates, this means that if a feed contains rice, it does not mean that it is of poor quality because it contains cereal. But if you use corn or wheat … that already changes, that is of poor quality.

In addition, to be able to trust a feed we must see that the manufacturer has included in the product description the percentages of the main ingredients. An example of a good feed would be the one that details its label like this: “Ingredients: Fresh chicken meat (20%), dehydrated chicken meat (15%), fresh fish (6%), etc …”

And be very careful because the most “rogue” manufacturers often use misleading labels such as “Chicken 30%, corn 15% …”, if it is not specified that it is chicken meat, in reality that 30% chicken can be offal such as heads, legs, etc … The world of marketing is elevated to supernatural levels in order to sell us what they offer.

Dog food

It is very, very important not to be fooled by the huge advertising campaigns that many dog ​​food companies offer. We must be aware that behind these advertising campaigns there is a complete team that is dedicated day and night to design Marketing strategies. Which means that they work to sell you the product through the eyes and convince you that it is of high quality (even if it is of very poor quality).

Other feed brands in addition to investing in misleading Marketing, offer large sales commissions to companies or veterinaryns who sell their products, that is, they offer large commissions for them to recommend their dog food even if it is of questionable quality.

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But we should never trust this type of advertising campaign, what we should do is to review for ourselves the ingredients (composition) of the feed and evaluate whether it is a quality feed or not.

For this, what we must do is analyze in depth the label where the ingredients are indicated (and do not trust the labels that some companies expose on the Internet because sometimes they are different from those that they expose in their feed bags).


This is the label of a good quality feed, it is actually very high quality. If you look at its composition, the main ingredients are meat and fish, rich in protein. It is also a cereal-free feed, since neither corn nor rice are necessary in a feed.


  • Fresh chicken meat (boneless) (22%) : It is important that the feed contains some fresh meat as it provides top quality proteins. This feed clearly specifies that it is fresh chicken meat.
  • Dried chicken meat (15%) : In addition to fresh meat, they have added dehydrated chicken meat (without water). It is specified that it is dehydrated meat and also that it is chicken. Perfect.
  • Fresh chicken liver (4%) : Like fresh chicken meat, it provides top quality protein
  • Fresh whole herring (4%) : It is specified that it is whole, that it is herring and that it is fresh, perfect.
  • Fresh turkey meat (boneless) : Super important, boneless. Fresh meat that provides good animal protein.
  • Dried turkey meat (4%) : Specifies the animal and that it is meat and not carcasses or bones.
  • Fresh turkey liver (3%) : rich in protein and vitamin A
  • Fresh whole eggs (3%) : Super important to specify that they are fresh and whole (since many manufacturers use waste).
  • Fresh pike perch without thorns (3% ): perfectly specified
  • Whole fresh salmon (3%) : perfectly specified
  • Fresh poultry hearts (3%) : Perfectly specified
  • Bird cartilage (3%) : Cartilage in its proper measure provide essential calcium for our dogs (like egg shells)
  • Dried herring (3%) : we continue with more protein-rich fish
  • Dehydrated salmon (3%) : more protein
  • Other components….

As you can see, it is a feed whose main ingredients are meat and fish, fresh and dehydrated. All perfectly specified so as not to confuse people and with their corresponding percentages. They do not contain cereals, totally unnecessary in dog food (except for rice, highly recommended). Definitely a great candidate to be the best dog food.

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Unquestionably the best food for your dog is the one that is completely natural, such as the Barf Diet based on raw and natural food. But if you don’t have the time or the means to elaborate it, you will undoubtedly have to take a prudent time to decide what I think you give to your dog. Since 85% of the dog feeds that exist in the market … are of highly debatable quality.

Surely you are very interested to know which are those brands that offer high quality feed. Those companies that have not earned a reputation for false marketing or gigantic advertising campaigns, but those that have earned a reputation for making good quality dog ​​food.

Our recommendation is that the values ​​for yourself, enter its pages and inform yourself in depth. Look at its composition, if it contains a good percentage of meat and if the price is fair and reasonable.

It is totally natural and dehydrated food, we just have to add a little water to your daily ration to hydrate it and it will be ready to serve. An excellent natural alternative to traditional feed.

They also have fresh meat products, widely used in the recipes of the well-known Barf Diet.


It is a dog food company that stands out for its great quality-price ratio, offering ranges rich in meat and / or fish and even grain-free. Very to consider for those who use the classic feed.


Happy dog

You already know that a good diet is a fundamental basis to have a healthy and happy dog. Do not ask what is the best diet, decide for yourself by evaluating its composition and the interest of your dog at mealtime.

On the other hand, remember that just like people … dogs also get bored of always eating the same thing. It is advisable to change feed (or composition / chicken / veal / fish / etc …) every four or six months. Rotate to offer a balance in both flavors and ingredients.