What should a Pitbull dog eat? Nutritional advice

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Each type of dog breed needs a special diet adapted to its physiological and nutritional needs, so we must pay special attention when feeding a Pitbull dog.

The Pitbull breed is characterized by being strong and very muscular, so it needs to a diet rich in high-quality proteins and unsaturated fats that provide all the necessary energy.

From Dogsis we will explain how we should feed our Pitbull puppy and our adult Pitbull in the most appropriate way. Are you willing to invest the next few minutes in improving your dog’s diet? Let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 Types of food for Pitbull dogs
  • 2 The best feeding for a Pitbull puppy
  • 3 The best food for an adult Pitbull dog
  • 4 How should I manage my Pitbull’s food?

Types of food for Pitbull dogs

There are many types of dog food, from typical dry dog ​​kibbles called feed, balanced, etc … to cans of wet food made from animal meat or even the novel dehydrated food suitable for human consumption.

Nor should we forget the natural diet based on feeding our Pitbull dog with raw meat, bones and other fresh products, known as the Barf diet for dogs.

adult pit bull dog

All are an excellent option to feed our Pitbull, although some how the BARF Diet is par excellence the most natural and healthy, the most recommended. Although not everyone has the time to prepare it, so the choice of the type of food you give it is your personal decision.

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However, it is very important that we look at the ingredients, especially if we opt for the classic kibble for dogs or cans of wet food. In the label we must verify that the main ingredients are meat and not of vegetable origin, such as cereals (wheat, corn, barley …).

Try to avoid any type of diet that indicates that it contains “meat by-products” or “meat meal” and focus on the diet that contains “fresh meat” or “dehydrated meat” as the main ingredients.

pitbull puppy eating

The best feeding for a Pitbull puppy

The puppies of pitbull dog they are very energetic and have a relatively fast growth, reaching a medium-large understanding, they must be fed with high quality products specially designed for puppies.

There are brands of dog food such as NFNatcane, which contain high-quality ingredients in their composition and also in the right proportions so that our Pitbull puppy has all the necessary nutrients.

If we opt for kibbles, they must be specific for large breed puppies. If we choose to feed our puppy with pfresh produce like meat and meaty bones We must wait at least until four or five months of life. Until they have developed their final teeth, we must feed them with kibble for puppies.

Do not try to feed your puppy kibble for adult dogs, as they do not contain the levels of calcium or other nutrients necessary for developing dogs.From the age of four or five months, you can choose to continue with kibbles to puppies or with the BARF Diet for dogs.

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Adult pit bull eating

The best food for an adult Pitbull dog

From the year or year and a half of life, we can say that our puppy has already become an adult dog, better said teenager. It is from now on that instead of growing, it will begin to widen, developing muscle.

Feeding for an adult Pitbull dog must contain a high level of high-quality protein, proteins that come from the meat of animals and not from viscera or tendons.

We must choose a feed that guarantees a high percentage of high-quality protein or, failing that, feed our Pitbull with the well-known BARF diet. If we exercise our dog on a daily basis we will see how quickly it begins to build muscle.

If you opt for commercial food, avoid the one that contains cereals such as wheat or corn, since they have no nutritional value for the dog. They are just filler ingredients.

puppy dog ​​food

How should I manage my Pitbull’s food?

Although there is no written guideline feeding line, at general levels the daily ration of a puppy is usually divided into four feedings. Making our Pitbull puppy eat breakfast, lunch, snack and dine.

When it reaches one year of age, we can reduce feedings to three, leaving only breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when the dog is old, it is possible that the dog simply demands two meals, breakfast and dinner.

Depending on the manufacturer’s brand or the type of food we use, the daily amounts will vary greatly. Each manufacturer shows on its labels the percentages of daily food that we must administer to our dog, based on its age and weight.

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Remember that they only expose it for guidance, if you appreciate that your dog is skinny, you must increase its ration. Whereas if you see him overweight, you should reduce it. There is the false myth about Pitbull dogs which says that if we feed it with fresh meat it will want to bite humans, but they are just that … false myths.

Remember that your Pitbull must not exercise before or after meals, it must rest to avoid digestive problems such as stomach twisting.