Four ways to feed a dog

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puppies eating cheap feed

For centuries, dogs have been fed with the leftovers of human food, in fact even today in many towns of the Spanish and Mexican geography they continue to feed like this.

Not so many years ago what we know how to think or balance for dogs was invented, the classic croquettes made from meat or fish and which include cereals, fruits, tubers, etc…. a complete feeding in croquette format.

However, there are many other ways to feed our dogs, many of them unknown to most people who have dogs. We can use these forms of feeding exclusively or vary between them so that our dogs do not get bored with their food. Let’s go over them 🙂

dehydrated food

Feeding a dog from dehydrated food

There are many companies that have emerged offering natural products in a dehydrated format to feed our dogs. They are normally products suitable for human consumption but formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the dog.

As an example, it is usually dehydrated meat or fish, accompanied by some assimilable cereal such as rice, also in dehydrated format, and fruits, vegetables and other supplements.

Using this type of dog food is very simple, just add a little water to dehydrated food, wait a few minutes for it to hydrate and give it to the dog to eat it. Normally, they love them.

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Naku is recommended for the high quality of its ingredients and ease of use.

can of dog food

Feeding a dog from pre-cooked canned food

Dog food cans have also become an excellent option for feeding a dog, they come ready to be opened and served, saving us from having to heat or cook food.

There are two types of cans of dog food, those that include a kind of broth with cooked animal meat or fish, and those that come in a pate or puree format. The latter are the most recommended for their digestibility, although they are mainly used in cases of illness and not as a form of continued feeding.

The problem with this type of diet is that it has a low nutritional value, a very low calorie intake that does not even cover the nutritional needs of a dog. However they love it, so we either give them double what the manufacturer indicates or we use them as a prize to feed them once a week with them, for example.

Many people feed dehydrated products or dry feed to their dogs, and use a can to treat their dog from time to time. Some of these cans, mainly those that come in a pate format, are indicated for dogs that suffer from digestive disorders.

puppies eating cheap feed

Feed a dog dry feed (kibble)

Without a doubt, this is the most widely used option today due to its simplicity and comfort, although that does not mean that it is the best option since there are many manufacturers that do not offer quality products.

We must look for a manufacturer that uses quality ingredients and that offers a balanced diet at a reasonable price. Many companies invest large sums of money in advertising but very little in quality, making people believe that they feed their dogs with healthy products when they are practically poisoning them.

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Therefore, it is extremely important to know what we are really giving our dog, since its health and life expectancy depend largely on the quality of its food. From our own experience we can recommend a manufacturer that offers high quality products at a fair price, although obviously each person is free to buy what they want and where they want for their dog.


Feeding a dog from fresh products (BARF Diet – ACBA)

This modality consists of feeding dogs based on natural products that we can find in butchers and markets, using meat and animal organs as well as tender bones and highly assimilable cereals such as rice.

It is an increasingly widespread practice that requires some dedication for the selection, preparation and preservation of food for our dogs. Meats and fish, as well as organs and viscera can be raw or lightly cooked.

However, the tender bones for dogs They must be given raw to avoid hardening and splintering, avoiding damage to your digestive system. This technique is not shared by everyone, however those who use it are highly satisfied with its results.

On a personal level we have used it for years in one of our dogs, which for unknown reasons did not tolerate any other type of feeding and the results were highly welcome. However, we must admit that time must be spent preparing them and learning about the different menus.