Australian Shepherd – Character and care

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australian shepherd dog

Despite his name, the Shepherd TOustralian also called Australian Shepherd Shepherd, Australian Shepherd Or simply Aussie, It is a breed of dog originally from the Basque Country. It was developedada later on the west coast of the United States some 150 years ago, by the hand of Basque emigrants from Australia.

They were used in their originss to graze cattle sheep, although their work capacity and versatility allow them to perform the most varied tasks.

True to his original essence, today the Australian Shepherd is still a born worker, always active and awake, happy to have many tasks in his charge. Dstake in sports and dog competitions. Loving and intelligent, usually be a wonderful partner For the whole family.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Australian Shepherd’s Temperance
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
  • 3 How to educate an Australian Shepherd?
  • 4 Recommended care

Tempreament of the Australian pastor

As is often the case with sheepdog breeds, the character of the Australian Shepherd is by nature loyal to his family, but distant and suspicious with strangers. For that reason our dog will need be socialized at an age early. Ideally, they should have contact with people, images, sounds and different environments from puppies.

It’s a dog brave and balanced, very smart, vigorous and attentive. Above all, it’s about a hard working dog and eager to please its owner. With children he is a loving companion and protectivevery playful and funny.

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Does not like anything happen too long alone or to be many hours locked inside the house. Si he gets bored, seeks his own entertainment, which often involves the occasional damage or inappropriate behavior.

  • How to detect if a dog is bored

The other great virtue of the Australian Shepherd, toIn addition to his ability to work, it is his intelligence. Not surprisingly, this breed is often used in such important tasks as guide dogs for blind people, search and rescue dogs and even police dogs integrated into specialized units to detect illegal substances.

australian sheepdog

Physical characteristics of the breed

The Adult Australian Shepherd achieves between 50 and 58 cm height at the withers and a weight of around 28 kg, somewhat less in the case of females. As the Yorkshire terrier and other races, there is also a variety of reduced size, called “miniature”, whose weight ranges from 10 to 18 kg.

The structure of his body is compact and solid. The tail is very short, giving the appearance of having been amputated. On its wide and long head stand out raised triangular ears and especially very expressive almond eyes that can be of various colors, mainly brown, blue and amber.

The Australian Shepherd’s coat is not too long except on the hind legs and chest. It is smooth and often wavy. The usual colors of its coat are blue blackbird (or blue merle), black, red blackbird and red, often combined with each other or with other colors.

How to educate an Australian Shepherd?

Having been educated in its early days to be aggressive with cattle, the Australian Shepherd has a very strong and dominant character, so we must exercise on him firm and confident leadership.

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ANDn this breed there is a natural tendency to nibble, pinch and chase, very suitable for the work of shepherding sheep, but less when it comes to interacting with humans and other animals. However, these impulses can be controlled with correct training based on positive stimuli and rewards.

Training is not difficult as the Australian Shepherd just wants to know who gives the orders and will try to do his job to the best of his ability. power please us.

australian shepherd dog

Recommended care

Yes We live in ahome with garden, we must make sureorrarnos of what the fence is secure enough that our dear Aussie not can jump over it or cavar a tunnel to es
cape through.
The independent and adventurous character of this dog It is too strong to hold with a simple order, so it is a good idea to carry it on a leash when we go for a walk with it.

Australian Shepherd need between thirty sixty minutes a day of exercise, including races, jumps and any kind of obedience or agility exercises. Obviously lPuppies don’t need as much physical exercise as adults, in fact it is very important to watch that their movements are not exceeded until their bone structure has finished forming completely.

ANDhe Australian Shepherd, always active and dynamic, burns a lot of calories at the end of the day, so it is necessary to provide him with a good diet with plenty of protein and several meals throughout the day.

ANDIn general, this breed of dog is strong and very healthy, although it can be affected by a series of typical pathologies such as hip dysplasia or retina problems. What we do have to pay special attention to is the care of its coat, with daily brushing and more or less frequent baths (once or twice a month) to maintain its good condition and hygiene.

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With proper care and healthy eating, the Australian Shepherd can live up to 15 years.