What to do if a dog bites me? Reasons why they attack

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aggressive dog

Respecting the distances and paying attention to the warnings that a dog gives us, can avoid us more than a disappointment. In fact, there are several reasons why a dog can be aggressive towards us and it is important that you get to know and prevent them.

Similarly, you should know what to do when you bite a person or another animal. So we are going to explain everything step by step.

Index of contents

  • 1 Who can a dog bite?
  • 2 Reasons why a dog bites
  • 3 What happens when there is already an injured person or if you have been bitten by your own meat?

Who can a dog bite?

Dogs usually bite animals or people who are strange to them and with whom they have not previously socialized. However, also they can attack another member of the family nucleus, for example another dog, a child or even their own owner.

In Spain, thousands of accidents of this type occur every year, although most fortunately end in a scare or minor injuries.

aggressive dog

Reasons why a dog bites

A dog can bite a person or another animal for various reasons. Among the most frequent we find:

  • Canine possessiveness: In these cases the dog bites to preserve or “protect” something it wants. It can be a toy, food, its territory or a human being.

Guard and herding dogs are those that have a higher trend to develop this type of behavior. Therefore, it is important that they are well trained to minimize the risk of aggression and to teach children not to disturb them when they are eating.

  • The fear: If a dog is afraid, it can react by biting as a defense mechanism against what it fears; usually a stranger, unknown or surprising situations.
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For this reason, a dog should not be disturbed when sleeping, or sneak up on it to scare it. The most effective for reduce the risk of attack it is an early socialization. This will prevent you from developing any phobia.

  • Pain in the dog: Even the friendliest dog can bite when in severe pain. Severe otitis, hip dysplasia, or chronic injuries can make you aggressive.

So it is important that if we see signs of pain In it, we take you to the specialist so that he can treat you properly. We must also touch it gently, especially if it is diagnosed with a disease that makes it feel bad.

  • Maternal instinct: If a dog has just had puppies, she respects her space more than ever.

Educate children so they don’t get close to newborns or mother and make sure the litter has a safe and distraction-free place to be.

  • Hunting instinct: This can make a furry guy, if he sees you running or cycling, suddenly start chasing you. Therefore, you should always be vigilant when practicing sports in the neighborhood.

If a stray dog ​​intends to attack you, avoid eye contact so as not to challenge it and try not to move so that it loses interest in you.

As you can see, it is best to prevent certain situations, know the reasons that can make a dog appear violent and learn to interpret its warnings. Growling or raising the upper lip It is his way of telling us to keep our distance, something that we must always respect.

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If the dog is part of the family, try to reinforce the human-animal bond from a young age and avoid games that can encourage aggressiveness. If you see that he is prone to bite other people or animals, seek the help of a professional.

dog attacking

What happens when there is already an injured person or if you have been bitten by your own meat?

The first thing, without a doubt, is to receive adequate medical attention and, if it is serious, to call 112.
After a dog bite, you may want to file a complaint.

Especially if it has occurred on public roads and has no relationship with the furry or his caretakers.

In this case, in addition to medical services, You must call the Local Police or the Civil Guard. The procedure, from that moment, will be as follows:

1/ When the agents appear at the indicated place, they will question the parties and write a report on what happened. They will also check in what circumstances it has been, if it has occurred on the street or in a private place, if the dog complies with the regulations of the municipality and with the required vaccines. It will also be taken into account if it is a breed classified as potentially dangerous and, in such case, if you have civil liability insurance.

2/ With the police report and the medical report, the interested party can file the corresponding complaint and request compensation from the person responsible for the dog for any damages it may have caused. In fact, you can do it even if the dog is lost or escaped.

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So you already know. He tries to avoid as much as possible canine bites and, if an accident of this type occurs, he knows well the procedure to follow. In this way you can make the decision that you consider most correct in each case.