Galgo Español – Characteristics and care

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spanish greyhound

Known for being one of the fastest running dogs on the run, the Spanish Greyhound has been a favorite dog for hunters for decades. Although today, it has become an excellent companion dog.

Thanks to its physical characteristics and its kind and loving character, the Greyhound is an excellent choice as a family dog. From puppies to adult specimens, this breed always falls in love.

From Dogsis we want to show you all its quality, behavior and care necessary to make it a healthy and happy dog.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Spanish Greyhound Behavior
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the breed
  • 3 Training tips
  • 4 Recommended care for the Spanish Greyhound

Behavior of the Spanish Greyhound

The temperament of the Spanish Greyhound is the ideal companion dog, it is a companion friendly, never aggressive. It is true thatsome Greyhounds they can show up sometimes distant with strangers, but no hostile. In any case, a gesture or a simple approach is enough to break the ice and win her affection.

It’s a dog smart and independent, with some aspects of his character that remind us ofl of the felines. The Spanish Greyhound tIt has a sensitive side and reacts quickly to stresses in the home. Can become shy and dodge if you feel mistreated or rejected.

Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds do not spend the day running here and there: they are docile, calm and great lovers of naps.

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ANDn el temperament so special greyhound step in a number of factors, since genetic inheritance until training and socialization. Greyhound cubs they are usually curious and playful, forever willing to get closer to people and bask. They also have no problems living with other dogs.

Greyhound in the garden

Physical characteristics of the breed

The Spanish Greyhound breed presents tall and slim dogs, with a height at the withers between 60 at 70 cm and a weight of around 25 kg in adults, a figure that may even be lower in the case of racing greyhounds.

its Body is fine and very athletic with a chest not too wide but with a wide lung capacity. Have the arched back and the belly very raised, with a long and narrow tail. Its legs are long and thin, but very muscular. its head is long and narrow. Above her stand out some ears triangular with rounded tip, very raised.

It is very common to confuse the Spanish Greyhound with the English, although by observing both breeds well we realize that the latter has the widest head, the lowest thorax and generally a more robust appearance.

exist three varieties of Spanish Greyhound that can be distinguished by the type of coat: the variety of straight hair, the one with hard hair and the long-haired one, this last very rare. The coat color features a huge variety of colors and patterns. Color hair blanco, toasted, white with dark spots, cinnamon, black and black are lors most common.

Training tips

The training of a Spanish Greyhound, whether it is a puppy or we adopt it as an adult, should start as soon as it gets home. At first they are usually very reluctant to learn, but end up adapting to the pace of education after a few days.

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Unfortunately, it is common for many to have been mistreated or abandoned by their owners when they are no longer suitable for hunting or racing. If we are going to adopt a dog with these characteristics, we will be surprised to see that its ability to adapt to its new environment and training is even greater than that of other greyhounds that have not had to go through such difficult circumstances.

The sensitive side of the Galgo Español character makes him feel a deep rejection of the training techniques hardest. It is essential to treat these dogs with patience, perseverance and positive encouragement.


Recommended care for the Spanish Greyhound

Holders of an innate instinct to chase prey, we will need dispose of a well-fenced garden or space to prevent let our greyhound jump to chase after anything that moves. For the same reason it is advisable to take it with strap when we go for a walk with him.

Nor you need long exercise sessions, despite their running nature. A
couple of daily one-hour walks may suffice. Although obviously you will enjoy much more, playing with other dogs.

Despite its physical appearance, the Spanish Greyhound tends to being overweight, which can very negatively affect your Health. Normally, racing greyhounds gain 2-3 kg after they stop competing, why is It is very important to control their diet, especially in the case of mature dogs.

  • What to do if my dog ​​is overweight

The short smooth coat Greyhounds are relatively easy to care for. Although it may not seem like it, they also lose hair, so daily brushing is necessary. It is important keep ears all right clean using a wet cotton ball. Never we must insertar nothing in the ear canal, only cleanar around the outer ear.

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The teeth ofl Spanish Greyhound they need plus Attention, since this breed is characterized by its delicate dental health. ANDl regular brushing denture is, so, highly recommended.

With proper care and adequate nutrition, the Spanish Greyhound can live for 15 years or more.