Dog Cupcakes recipe do you dare?

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dog cupcakes

We all know the enormous fame that these delicious cupcake-shaped cupcakes filled with fruits, jam, chocolate, cream or any other ingredient that give them an extra flavor have acquired.

However, our dogs cannot eat, or rather they should not eat many of these ingredients because they are harmful to their health. So we decided to show you how to make dog cupcakes with a simple recipe.

You can use them to celebrate your dog’s birthday, for a special day or just to surprise him and enjoy eating his delicious cupcake just like you do. Ready @? Let’s go there!!

Index of contents

  • 1 How to Make Dog Meat Cupcakes
    • 1.1 Optional ingredients
  • 2 How should I give cupcakes to my dog?

How to Make Dog Meat Cupcakes

With this simple recipe we can make a good batch of cupcakes for dogs with meat, chosen chicken or beef at our whim and based on what our dog likes the most.

Let’s see step by step how to make these delicious doggy cupcakes, the necessary ingredients and how we should give them to our dogs. The first thing we must do is verify that we have all the necessary ingredients:

  • 100 grams of chicken or beef meat (without skin or bones)
  • 150 grams of wholemeal flour
  • Peanut butter without additives (without salt)
  • A pair of fresh chicken eggs
  • A thimble of olive or sunflower oil
  • Half plain yogurt (optional)

    dog looking at a cupcake

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Once we have all the ingredients we will begin to prepare the dough, so we will need a deep container such as a bowl or pot. In the chosen container we will introduce the eggs without shell and beat them, then we will add the oil while we continue mixing.

When we have prepared the mixture of the eggs and the oil, we will add the whole flour little by little while we continue stirring. To avoid lumps, it is best to sift the flour (put it in a pan and tap it so that it falls slowly and very crumbled). With this we will get a thick dough that we will use as a base.

Optional ingredients

Yogurt is an optional ingredient, dogs can eat plain yogurt without problems because it does not contain lactose, however some have a slightly loose stomach. So yogurt will be added only if we know that our dog does not feel bad.

On the other hand, we must boil the chicken or beef meat in salt-free water until it acquires a little color (the color of the meat usually turns whiter when boiled). Then we remove the water and chop the meat a lot, making it into many fine pieces.

Mix the pieces of minced meat with the dough that we had prepared and reserved previously, so that they are well mixed. Take the cupcake molds and smear them with the peanut butter, so when they are baked the dough will not stick to the molds.

dog cupcakes in the oven

Depending on the mold we are using, we will get cupcakes with a classic cupcake shape or a dog’s foot shape or even a bone shape. Choose the mold that you like the most.

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Heat the oven to two hundred degrees, fill the cupcake molds with the dough that we have prepared and put them in the oven for thirty or forty minutes. To know when they are ready, prick a cupcake with a fork and if it comes out clean (without any remnants of dough), they are already prepared.

How should I give cupcakes to my dog?

We must wait until the dog cupcakes have completely cooled down, never give your dog one when you take them out of the oven since they are very impatient and can burn to eat it right away.

Cupcakes are simply a complement, a prize. In no case should you feed your dog only cupcakes. Obviously if you give them two or three, you don’t need to give them the appropriate feed or croquettes … but don’t use the cupcakes on a continuous / daily basis.

dog waiting for a cukcape

As with humans, dogs can also be allergic to any of the ingredients used. If you notice an adverse reaction in your dog, remove the cupcake remains and consult your vet. Most dogs eat them without problems, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

And remember, cupcakes contain carbohydrates and fats from the flour and butter used, that is, it is a fattening product. If you abuse it, your dog may become overweight, so we should simply use them on special occasions. Another option to surprise your puppy is to make it delicious ice cream for dogs.

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